We were up at 6 and on the road by 8 this morning. Temp was about 71.  We drove north on UT-130; then UT-21 to the Nevada border where it became NV-487.  The time zone changes to Pacific time at the NV border. We arrived at Great Basin National Park at 9:30am (PDT).  We dropped by the visitors center for a few minutes and then headed up the mountain.  We again stopped at the Lehman Caves visitor center; purchased tickets for the 3pm 90 minute tour; then took the 12 mile drive up Wheeler Peak.  We then took a 2.8 mile hike on the Bristlecone Pine trail.  This trail started at 9,800 feet and ended at 10,400 (equivalent to a 60 story building).  Apparently we are becoming accustomed to the altitude because the walk didn't seem that bad.  On the way down to the car we stopped at Teresa Lake and it was a very nice view.  Overall we enjoyed the hike, but were a little disappointed in the Bristlecone Pines.  It should be noted that several years ago we visited the Ancient Bristlecone Forest, and this just doesn't compare. After the hike we drove down to the Lehman Caves and took the 90 minute tour there.  The temp in the cave is 50 year around so we wore jackets.  We enjoyed the cave tour (even though most of our photos didn't turn out). After the tour we headed for Ely, NV and the BW there.  We arrived here about 6pm. Western Utah was very barren and dry and we crossed several mountain ranges and wide (15-20 miles) valleys. Below are some photos from today.