The Jennings Family (about 1908)
Back (L to R): Jonah Haynes*, John Blackburn*, Carey Wesley Jennings, David Sylvester Jennings, Arthur Mason Jennings(D), Ewing McDonald Jennings*
Middle (L to R): Wesley Gibson Jennings(E), Stephen David Jennings(E), Otto Cecil Jennings(C), Ewing Golden Jennings(E), Maude Myrtle Jennings(E)*
Seated (L to R): Laura Palmer Manning(M)*, Mary Frances Jennings*, Frances Jane Manning(M)*, Maggie Baird, Susan Cope, Hilda Cook*
In Lap(L to R): Edmond Calvin Haynes(M), Mary Jane Haynes(M), Henry Francis Cash(M)*, Terry Peyton Jennings(C), Ethel Miriam Jennings(E), Estella Minnie Jennings(E), Eva May Jennings(E)
*=certain of these names, others are best guess.
(E)=from Ewing; (C)=from Carey; (D)=from David; (M)=from Mary