Elizabeth Cuts

F, #35793, b. 1821, d. 1860
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited7 Sep 2017
Birth*1821 Elizabeth Cuts was born in 1821 at GA, United StatesG
Married Name1837  As of 1837,her married name was Hughes. 
Marriage*1837 She married Nathaniel C Hughes, son of Thomas Hughes Jr and Nancy Kincaid, in 1837 at GA, United StatesG
Death*1860 Elizabeth Cuts died in 1860 at Covington Co, AL, United StatesG


Nathaniel C Hughes b. 1813, d. 1864

Jeanne d'Yseulx

F, #34390, b. 1425
Relationship13th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited16 Jun 2017
Birth*1425 Jeanne d'Yseulx was born in 1425. 
Marriage*circa 1442 She married Gauthier DeCroix circa 1442 at FranceG
Married Namecirca 1442  As of circa 1442,her married name was DeCroix. 


Gauthier DeCroix b. 1420, d. 1478

Fred E Dabney Sr

M, #41510, b. 19 November 1909, d. 19 January 2002
ChartsShepherd Family
Foster Family
Last Edited30 Apr 2019
Birth*19 November 1909 Fred E Dabney Sr was born on 19 November 1909 at Anderson Co, TN, United States
Marriage* He married Ferna A Raley, daughter of Noah Raley and Lela (--?--)
Death*19 January 2002 Fred E Dabney Sr died on 19 January 2002 at Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI, United States, at age 92. 


Ferna A Raley b. 29 Apr 1920, d. 2 Feb 2012

Mary L Jones Dabney

F, #14759, b. 1840, d. 1929
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited14 May 2010
Married Name Her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage* Mary L Jones Dabney married John Felix Eddings, son of James Bird Eddings and Rhoda Ann West
Birth*1840 Mary L Jones Dabney was born in 1840. 
Death*1929 She died in 1929. 


John Felix Eddings b. 22 Feb 1843, d. 8 May 1941

Daniel Daggett

M, #10668, b. 1805
Last Edited26 Jan 1999
Birth*1805 Daniel Daggett was born in 1805 at VT, United States
Marriage* He married Amanda (--?--)
Census*1860 Daniel Daggett appeared on the census of 1860 at Bond Co, IL, United StatesG


Amanda (--?--) b. 1809

Elizabeth Daggett

F, #35659, b. 22 February 1889, d. 3 November 1912
Last Edited6 Sep 2017
Birth*22 February 1889 Elizabeth Daggett was born on 22 February 1889 at Luka, Marion Co, IL, United States
Married Name1905  As of 1905,her married name was Meador. 
Marriage*1905 She married Lela Alpheus Meador, son of William Franklin Simmons and Perlyna Meador, in 1905 at Marion Co, IL, United StatesG
Death*3 November 1912 Elizabeth Daggett died on 3 November 1912 at Luka, Marion Co, IL, United States, at age 23. 


Lela Alpheus Meador b. 20 Apr 1885, d. 23 Aug 1959

Nathaniel Daggett

M, #975, b. 1842
FatherDaniel Daggett b. 1805
MotherAmanda (--?--) b. 1809
Born inCanada
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*1842 Nathaniel Daggett was born in 1842 at Canada
 He was the son of Daniel Daggett and Amanda (--?--)
Marriage*1 March 1864 Nathaniel Daggett married Malinda Cornelius, daughter of Zachariah Cornelius and Jane Matlock, on 1 March 1864 at Bond Co, IL, United StatesG


Malinda Cornelius b. 1844, d. b 19 Feb 1866

Velda Dahlin

F, #724, b. 1914
Last Edited13 Dec 2010
Birth*1914 Velda Dahlin was born in 1914 at Lane Co, OR, United States
Married Namebetween 1930 and 1937  As of between 1930 and 1937,her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage*between 1930 and 1937 She married John Wallace Moffett, son of John Henry Moffett and Katie Hays, between 1930 and 1937. 
Census*23 April 1930 Velda Dahlin appeared on the census of 23 April 1930 at Elmira Precinct, Lane Co, OR, United States


John Wallace Moffett b. 8 Apr 1907, d. 1 Feb 1974

Ada Dale

F, #13605
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited11 Mar 2000
Marriage* Ada Dale married Calvin L Mayberry, son of Jesse Henderson Mayberry and Eliza Lenora Blackburn
Married Name Her married name was Mayberry. 


Calvin L Mayberry b. 1 Oct 1883, d. 1946

Joseph Daley

M, #30157, b. 1924, d. 1988
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited22 Nov 2016
Birth*1924 Joseph Daley was born in 1924 at PA, United StatesG
Marriage*7 September 1946 He married Evelyn Anglessea Muth, daughter of Everett Frank Muth and Ethel R Parker, on 7 September 1946 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co, UT, United States
Death*1988 Joseph Daley died in 1988 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, United States


Evelyn Anglessea Muth b. 8 Feb 1925, d. Jan 1981

Elizabeth Dalrymple

F, #36145, b. 9 October 1653, d. 21 March 1733
Relationship8th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited14 Nov 2017
Birth*9 October 1653 Elizabeth Dalrymple was born on 9 October 1653 at Stair, Ayrshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Married Namecirca 1676  As of circa 1676,her married name was Anderson. 
Marriage*circa 1676 She married George Anderson circa 1676 at Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Death*21 March 1733 Elizabeth Dalrymple died on 21 March 1733 at Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, United KingdomG, at age 79. 


George Anderson b. 1652

Bob Dalton

M, #4492
ChartsManning Family
Bell Family
Jennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited8 Jul 2006
Marriage* Bob Dalton married Clara June (Cindy) Haynes, daughter of Jonah Blain Haynes and Laura Palmer Manning


Clara June (Cindy) Haynes b. 15 Oct 1924, d. Dec 1981

Martha Dandridge

F, #36634, b. 13 June 1731, d. 22 May 1802
Martha (Dandridge) Washington
First Lady of the United States
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited10 Jun 2019
Birth*13 June 1731 Martha Dandridge was born on 13 June 1731 at Chestnut Grove, Albemarle Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name1759  As of 1759,her married name was Washington. 
Marriage*1759 She married President George Washington, son of Captain Augustine Washington and Mary Ball, in 1759 at British Colonial America
Death*22 May 1802 Martha Dandridge died on 22 May 1802 at Mount Vernon, Fairfax Co, VA, United StatesG, at age 70. 
Memo*  Martha Washington was the wife of George Washington, the first President of the United States. Although the title was not coined until after her death, Martha Washington served as the first First Lady of the United States. During her lifetime she was often referred to as "Lady Washington".

She had first married Daniel Parke Custis, with whom she had four children, and was widowed by the age of 25. Two of her children by Custis survived to young adulthood. She brought great wealth to her marriage to Washington, which enabled him to buy land to add to his personal estate. She also brought nearly 100 dower slaves for her use during her lifetime. They and their descendants reverted to her first husband's estate at her death and were inherited by his heirs. She and Washington did not have children together but they did rear her two children by Daniel Parke Custis, including son John "Jacky" Parke Custis. They also helped both of their extended families. 


President George Washington b. 22 Feb 1732, d. 14 Dec 1799

Hazel Joyce Daniel

F, #37877, b. 30 October 1928, d. 19 March 2018
Last Edited6 Jun 2018
Birth*30 October 1928 Hazel Joyce Daniel was born on 30 October 1928 at Rocky Mount, Nash Co, NC, United States
Married Name Her married name was Horne. 
Marriage* She married Albert Sidney Horne Jr, son of Albert Sidney Horne Sr and Prudence Womble
Death*19 March 2018 Hazel Joyce Daniel died on 19 March 2018 at Canon City, Fremont Co, CO, United States, at age 89. 


Albert Sidney Horne Jr b. 7 Oct 1927, d. 15 Apr 2016

Catherine Daniels

F, #33731, b. 1777, d. 1 January 1852
Last Edited27 May 2017
Birth*1777 Catherine Daniels was born in 1777. 
Married Name Her married name was Miller. 
Marriage* She married Elias Miller, son of David Brainard Miller and Adah Coe
Death*1 January 1852 Catherine Daniels died on 1 January 1852 at Leyden, Lewis Co, NY, United States


Elias Miller b. 6 Nov 1778, d. 1855

Charles Daniels

M, #21273
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited16 Oct 2005
Marriage*circa 1911 Charles Daniels married Tessie Strong, daughter of Charles L Strong and Judith (Judy) Cornelius, circa 1911.


Tessie Strong b. 28 Jan 1891

Charles Smith Daniels

M, #32072, b. 11 December 1890, d. 24 April 1963
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited9 Feb 2017
Birth*11 December 1890 Charles Smith Daniels was born on 11 December 1890 at Cisco, Eastland Co, TX, United States
Marriage* He married Amber Mae Sanders, daughter of William Lindsay Sanders and Ollie Mae Wells
Death*24 April 1963 Charles Smith Daniels died on 24 April 1963 at Cisco, Eastland Co, TX, United States, at age 72. 


Amber Mae Sanders b. 9 Jan 1903, d. 2 Jul 1986

Charlotte Thelma Daniels

F, #21274, b. 11 January 1912, d. December 1980
FatherCharles Daniels
MotherTessie Strong b. 28 Jan 1891
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited25 Oct 2005
Birth*11 January 1912 Charlotte Thelma Daniels was born on 11 January 1912 at St Louis, St Louis City, MO, United States
 She was the daughter of Charles Daniels and Tessie Strong
Married Name26 June 1938  As of 26 June 1938,her married name was Mahoney. 
Marriage*26 June 1938 Charlotte Thelma Daniels married Bernard John Mahoney on 26 June 1938. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 490-05-1037; issued before 1951 at MO, United States
Death*December 1980 Charlotte Thelma Daniels died in December 1980 at Collinsville, Madison Co, IL, United States, at age 68. 


Bernard John Mahoney b. 27 Dec 1910, d. Jul 1969

Nancy J Daniels

F, #19307, b. May 1837
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 May 2010
Birth*May 1837 Nancy J Daniels was born in May 1837 at IL, United StatesG
Married Name14 September 1884  As of 14 September 1884,her married name was Middleton. 
Marriage*14 September 1884 She married Charles Cephas Middleton, son of William Harris Middleton and Nancy Elizabeth Eddings, on 14 September 1884 at Aurora, Wise Co, TX, United States


Charles Cephas Middleton b. 12 Jun 1841, d. 30 Jun 1897

Shirley Mae Dannels

F, #34232, b. 3 August 1931, d. 19 February 2014
Last Edited10 Jun 2017
Birth*3 August 1931 Shirley Mae Dannels was born on 3 August 1931 at Altoona, Wilson Co, KS, United States
Married Name4 June 1949  As of 4 June 1949,her married name was Ashby. 
Marriage*4 June 1949 She married Raymond Clyde Ashby, son of Lindsey Allen Ashby and Cora Maye Pelton, on 4 June 1949 at Fayetteville, Washington Co, AR, United StatesG
Death*19 February 2014 Shirley Mae Dannels died on 19 February 2014 at Altoona, Wilson Co, KS, United States, at age 82. 


Raymond Clyde Ashby b. 15 May 1924, d. 9 Dec 1981

Hannah Darby

F, #20160, b. circa 1774, d. 9 August 1849
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth*circa 1774 Hannah Darby was born circa 1774 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY, British Colonial America
Married Name1800  As of 1800,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*1800 She married John Cornelius, son of Moses Cornelius and Mary Ann Carman, in 1800 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY, United States
Death*9 August 1849 Hannah Darby died on 9 August 1849 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY, United States
Burial* She was buried at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY, United States


John Cornelius b. 25 Aug 1773, d. 27 Jul 1830

Ruth Darby

F, #20298, b. 22 January 1791
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited8 Oct 2005
Birth*22 January 1791 Ruth Darby was born on 22 January 1791 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY, United States
Married Namecirca 1813  As of circa 1813,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*circa 1813 She married Benjamin Cornelius, son of Moses Cornelius and Mary Ann Carman, circa 1813. 


Benjamin Cornelius b. c 1788, d. 31 May 1874

Doug Darnell

M, #22070
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited20 Mar 2007
Marriage* Doug Darnell married Jennette Bronson, daughter of James (?) King and Jessie Strong


Jennette Bronson

Sarah Isabella Darrough

F, #38019, b. 28 September 1845, d. 8 February 1921
Last Edited27 Jun 2018
Birth*28 September 1845 Sarah Isabella Darrough was born on 28 September 1845 at WI, United States
Married Name9 April 1868  As of 9 April 1868,her married name was Brown. 
Marriage*9 April 1868 She married David Chalmer Brown, son of Hugh Mean Brown and Nancy Agnes Clark, on 9 April 1868 at Pickneville, Perry Co, IL, United States
Death*8 February 1921 Sarah Isabella Darrough died on 8 February 1921 at Harper, Harper Co, KS, United States, at age 75. 


David Chalmer Brown b. 5 Nov 1847, d. 1 Apr 1934

Ada Orlene Darsey

F, #33169, b. 14 February 1881, d. 11 December 1965
FatherDouglas Jalone Darsey b. Jan 1849
MotherAda O Cole b. Aug 1859, d. 25 Feb 1924
Relationship4th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 May 2017
Birth*14 February 1881 Ada Orlene Darsey was born on 14 February 1881 at Beauregard, Copiah Co, MS, United States
 She was the daughter of Douglas Jalone Darsey and Ada O Cole
Married Name13 June 1900  As of 13 June 1900,her married name was Furr. 
Marriage*13 June 1900 Ada Orlene Darsey married William Henry Furr on 13 June 1900. 
Death*11 December 1965 Ada Orlene Darsey died on 11 December 1965 at Jackson, Hinds Co, MS, United States, at age 84. 


William Henry Furr b. 31 Dec 1875, d. 17 Jun 1960