Manerva Eveline Evans

F, #4540, b. 1831
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Birth*1831 Manerva Eveline Evans was born in 1831. 
Marriage* She married Clayborn Boyd
Married Name Her married name was Boyd. 


Clayborn Boyd b. 1829

Mary Margaret Evans

F, #42743, b. 10 August 1857, d. 4 May 1944
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Birth*10 August 1857 Mary Margaret Evans was born on 10 August 1857 at Casey Co, KY
Married Name28 September 1879  As of 28 September 1879,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*28 September 1879 She married James T Blackburn, son of John Blackburn and Margaret Simpson, on 28 September 1879 at Scott Co, IL
Death*4 May 1944 Mary Margaret Evans died on 4 May 1944 at Winchester, Scott Co, IL, at age 86. 


James T Blackburn b. 5 Jul 1853, d. 3 Feb 1934

Myrtle Mae Evans

F, #29955, b. circa 1881, d. 13 December 1921
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*circa 1881 Myrtle Mae Evans was born circa 1881 at MO
Married Name Her married name was Manning. 
Marriage* She married Levi Akard Manning, son of Edward Newton Manning and Mary Elizabeth Martin
Death*13 December 1921 Myrtle Mae Evans died on 13 December 1921. 


Levi Akard Manning b. 28 Mar 1883, d. 14 Apr 1944

Opheila Virginia Evans

F, #31672, b. 7 March 1849, d. 17 January 1932
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Birth*7 March 1849 Opheila Virginia Evans was born on 7 March 1849 at ALG
Married Name15 July 1879  As of 15 July 1879,her married name was Weaver. 
Marriage*15 July 1879 She married David Crockett Weaver Sr, son of David Weaver and Nancy Cecile Weatherford, on 15 July 1879 at Washington Co, AL
Death*17 January 1932 Opheila Virginia Evans died on 17 January 1932 at Mobile Co, AL, at age 82. 


David Crockett Weaver Sr b. 3 Feb 1840, d. 14 Oct 1922

Pauline A (Polly) Evans

F, #38458, b. August 1858, d. 1922
FatherTarlton Jackson Evans Jr b. 22 Jan 1821, d. 20 Jul 1906
MotherNancy Lewis Via b. 6 Aug 1831, d. 6 Jun 1921
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*August 1858 Pauline A (Polly) Evans was born in August 1858 at Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA
 She was the daughter of Tarlton Jackson Evans Jr and Nancy Lewis Via
Married Name29 September 1881  As of 29 September 1881,her married name was Gibson. 
Marriage*29 September 1881 Pauline A (Polly) Evans married Garette M Gibson on 29 September 1881 at Nelson Co, VA
Death*1922 Pauline A (Polly) Evans died in 1922 at Massies Mill, Nelson Co, VA


Garette M Gibson b. 13 Jul 1845, d. 25 Feb 1923

Solomon Evans

M, #38134, d. before 1850
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Marriage* Solomon Evans married Rebecca Blackburn, daughter of John Blackburn
Death*before 1850 Solomon Evans died before 1850. 


Rebecca Blackburn b. c 1794

Tarlton Jackson Evans

M, #38454, b. 1794, d. 6 July 1864
FatherGeorge William Evans b. 1769, d. 18 Jan 1836
MotherMartha Pattey Gatewood b. 1769, d. 9 Mar 1821
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*1794 Tarlton Jackson Evans was born in 1794 at Amherst, Amherst Co, VA
 He was the son of George William Evans and Martha Pattey Gatewood
Marriage*15 January 1816 Tarlton Jackson Evans married Susannah Hudson on 15 January 1816 at Amherst, Amherst Co, VA
Death*6 July 1864 Tarlton Jackson Evans died on 6 July 1864 at Nelson Co, VA


Susannah Hudson b. 1792, d. 2 Mar 1873

Tarlton Jackson Evans Jr

M, #38456, b. 22 January 1821, d. 20 July 1906
FatherTarlton Jackson Evans b. 1794, d. 6 Jul 1864
MotherSusannah Hudson b. 1792, d. 2 Mar 1873
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*22 January 1821 Tarlton Jackson Evans Jr was born on 22 January 1821 at Amherst Co, VA
 He was the son of Tarlton Jackson Evans and Susannah Hudson
Marriage*14 April 1856 Tarlton Jackson Evans Jr married Nancy Lewis Via on 14 April 1856 at Amherst, Amherst Co, VA
Death*20 July 1906 Tarlton Jackson Evans Jr died on 20 July 1906 at Nelson Co, VA, at age 85. 


Nancy Lewis Via b. 6 Aug 1831, d. 6 Jun 1921

Susan Lavenia Everett

F, #40830, b. 2 October 1847, d. 21 September 1907
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Birth*2 October 1847 Susan Lavenia Everett was born on 2 October 1847 at Drew Co, AR
Married Name8 August 1866  As of 8 August 1866,her married name was Andrews. 
Marriage*8 August 1866 She married Mark Edwin Andrews, son of Robert Samuel Andrews and Martha M White, on 8 August 1866 at TX
Death*21 September 1907 Susan Lavenia Everett died on 21 September 1907 at Warren, Bradley Co, AR, at age 59. 


Mark Edwin Andrews b. 4 Oct 1844, d. 20 Sep 1904

Claire Evers

F, #21091, b. 2 April 1890, d. 17 June 1978
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*2 April 1890 Claire Evers was born on 2 April 1890. 
Married Name7 August 1923  As of 7 August 1923,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*7 August 1923 She married Raymond Scott Cornelius, son of Steele Alexander Cornelius and Ellen Faulkner, on 7 August 1923 at Freeport, Stephenson Co, IL
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 349-14-8076; issued before 1951 at ILG
Death*17 June 1978 Claire Evers died on 17 June 1978 at age 88. 


Raymond Scott Cornelius b. 29 Mar 1881, d. 31 Jul 1963

Neeltje Evertse

F, #38573, b. 1528, d. 1570
Relationship11th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inNetherlands
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1528 Neeltje Evertse was born in 1528 at Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Married Name1547  As of 1547,her married name was Hendrickson. 
Marriage*1547 She married Barent Rutgerson Hendrickson in 1547 at Woerden, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Death*1570 Neeltje Evertse died in 1570 at Woerden, Utrecht, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands


Barent Rutgerson Hendrickson b. c 1520, d. 1570

Mary Susan Ewing

F, #35827, b. 2 February 1893, d. 13 February 1992
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Birth*2 February 1893 Mary Susan Ewing was born on 2 February 1893 at New Bridge, Baker Co, OR
Married Name24 October 1912  As of 24 October 1912,her married name was Ashby. 
Marriage*24 October 1912 She married Frank Ashby, son of William Henry Ashby and Charlotte Ann Hewitt, on 24 October 1912 at Union, Union Co, OR
Death*13 February 1992 Mary Susan Ewing died on 13 February 1992 at Baker Co, OR, at age 99. 


Frank Ashby b. 1 Apr 1883, d. 17 Aug 1962

Neeltje Ewout

F, #19542, b. 1570
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inNetherlands
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Cornelius Family
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Birth*1570 Neeltje Ewout was born in 1570 at Streefkerk, Liesveld, Zuid-Holland, NetherlandsG
Marriage* She married Adriaan Cornelius Sr
Married Name Her married name was Cornelius. 


Adriaan Cornelius Sr b. 1565

Katherine Exley

F, #30056, b. 14 October 1834, d. 11 April 1917
ChartsJennings Family
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Birth*14 October 1834 Katherine Exley was born on 14 October 1834 at NJ
Married Name5 November 1856  As of 5 November 1856,her married name was Havens. 
Marriage*5 November 1856 She married Egbert H Havens, son of Nicholl Havens and Adaline Jennings, on 5 November 1856. 
Death*11 April 1917 Katherine Exley died on 11 April 1917 at age 82. 


Egbert H Havens b. 5 Jul 1834

Kenneth Hinman Ezell

M, #33293, b. 24 June 1918, d. 13 December 2007
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*24 June 1918 Kenneth Hinman Ezell was born on 24 June 1918 at Trenton, Williams Co, ND
Marriage*28 December 1945 He married Florence V (Flossie) Cates, daughter of William Evertt Cates and Rhoda Velma Duckett, on 28 December 1945 at Multnomah Co, OR
Death*13 December 2007 Kenneth Hinman Ezell died on 13 December 2007 at Hermiston, Umatilla Co, OR, at age 89. 


Florence V (Flossie) Cates b. 11 Aug 1922, d. 8 Jun 2008

Sarah Josephine Fain

F, #36600, b. 13 April 1821, d. 15 February 1903
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Birth*13 April 1821 Sarah Josephine Fain was born on 13 April 1821 at TN
Married Name1837  As of 1837,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*1837 She married Robert Rankin Blackburn, son of Samuel Blackburn and Margaret Agnes Patterson, in 1837. 
Death*15 February 1903 Sarah Josephine Fain died on 15 February 1903 at Stephens Co, TX, at age 81. 


Robert Rankin Blackburn b. 1801, d. 26 Jul 1878

Daniel Fair

M, #43293, b. 9 March 1825, d. 7 January 1877
ChartsShepherd Family
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Birth*9 March 1825 Daniel Fair was born on 9 March 1825 at Greenville, Somerset Co, PA
Marriage*21 May 1860 He married Malinda Ward, daughter of Joseph Ward and Elizabeth Shepherd, on 21 May 1860 at Pike Co, IN
Death*7 January 1877 Daniel Fair died on 7 January 1877 at Pike Co, IN, at age 51. 


Malinda Ward b. 11 Aug 1835, d. 11 Sep 1906

Edward Ordell Fair

M, #43294, b. August 1869, d. 14 February 1917
FatherDaniel Fair b. 9 Mar 1825, d. 7 Jan 1877
MotherMalinda Ward b. 11 Aug 1835, d. 11 Sep 1906
Relationship2nd cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsShepherd Family
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Birth*August 1869 Edward Ordell Fair was born in August 1869 at Pike Co, IN
 He was the son of Daniel Fair and Malinda Ward
Marriage*1 June 1905 Edward Ordell Fair married Laura Etta Miley on 1 June 1905 at Pike Co, IN
Death*14 February 1917 Edward Ordell Fair died on 14 February 1917 at Madison, Pike Co, IN, at age 47. 


Laura Etta Miley b. 10 Jun 1880, d. 8 Jan 1909

Edward Ordell Fair

M, #43298, b. 26 December 1926, d. 6 December 1976
FatherJesse Franklin Fair Sr b. 3 Sep 1901, d. 15 Feb 1993
MotherGladys Ora Gregory b. 2 Mar 1906, d. 1 May 1965
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsShepherd Family
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Birth*26 December 1926 Edward Ordell Fair was born on 26 December 1926 at Madison, Grant Co, SD
 He was the son of Jesse Franklin Fair Sr and Gladys Ora Gregory
Marriage* Edward Ordell Fair married Giuseppina Tencich
Death*6 December 1976 Edward Ordell Fair died on 6 December 1976 at Pontiac, Oakland Co, MI, at age 49. 


Giuseppina Tencich b. 25 Feb 1926, d. 2 Feb 1964

Jesse Franklin Fair Sr

M, #43296, b. 3 September 1901, d. 15 February 1993
FatherEdward Ordell Fair b. Aug 1869, d. 14 Feb 1917
MotherLaura Etta Miley b. 10 Jun 1880, d. 8 Jan 1909
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsShepherd Family
Last Edited28 Sep 2019
Birth*3 September 1901 Jesse Franklin Fair Sr was born on 3 September 1901 at Petersburg, Pike Co, IN
 He was the son of Edward Ordell Fair and Laura Etta Miley
Marriage*16 August 1925 Jesse Franklin Fair Sr married Gladys Ora Gregory on 16 August 1925 at Lake Co, SD
Death*15 February 1993 Jesse Franklin Fair Sr died on 15 February 1993 at Altoona, Eau Claire Co, WI, at age 91. 


Gladys Ora Gregory b. 2 Mar 1906, d. 1 May 1965

Eleanor Ruth Fairbanks

F, #25627, b. 22 September 1947, d. 4 September 1992
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Birth*22 September 1947 Eleanor Ruth Fairbanks was born on 22 September 1947 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CAG
Married Namebetween 1975 and 1992  As of between 1975 and 1992,her married name was Fiscus. 
Death*4 September 1992 She died on 4 September 1992 at San Francisco, San Francisco Co, CAG, at age 44. 

James Robert Fairchild

M, #32888, b. 23 September 1959, d. 9 September 2013
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Birth*23 September 1959 James Robert Fairchild was born on 23 September 1959 at Leonardtown, St Mary's Co, MD
Death*9 September 2013 He died on 9 September 2013 at Houston, Harris Co, TX, at age 53. 

Alexander Faires

M, #33957, b. 1740, d. 1834
FatherAlexander James Faires b. 1698, d. 18 Aug 1785
MotherJannet (Jennet) James b. 1698
Relationship5th great-granduncle of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
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Birth*1740 Alexander Faires was born in 1740 at Antrim, County Antrim, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
 He was the son of Alexander James Faires and Jannet (Jennet) James
Marriage*5 September 1765 Alexander Faires married Jannett James on 5 September 1765 at New Castle Co, DE, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*1834 Alexander Faires died in 1834 at Fort Mill, York Co, SC


Jannett James b. 1745, d. 6 Feb 1827

Alexander James Faires

M, #33853, b. 1698, d. 18 August 1785
FatherWilliam Farris b. 1672, d. 1760
MotherJane Steele b. 1675
Relationship6th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Verified byDNA testing
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1698 Alexander James Faires was born in 1698 at Antrim, County Antrim, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
 He was the son of William Farris and Jane Steele
Marriage* Alexander James Faires married Jannet (Jennet) James
Will*12 September 1783 Alexander James Faires left a will on 12 September 1783 at New Castle Co, DEG
Death*18 August 1785 He died on 18 August 1785 at New Castle, New Castle Co, DE
Probate*19 August 1785 His estate was probated on 19 August 1785 at New Castle Co, DEG
BurialAugust 1785 He was buried in August 1785 at Pencader Cemetery, Glasgow, New Castle Co, DE


Jannet (Jennet) James b. 1698
Marriage* He married Jannet (Jennet) James

Archibald Faires

M, #35065, b. 1 January 1772
FatherJames Faires b. 1726, d. 5 Jan 1802
MotherJean Agnes Adair b. 1729, d. 5 Nov 1807
Relationship1st cousin 6 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1 January 1772 Archibald Faires was born on 1 January 1772 at York Co, SC, British Colonial America
 He was the son of James Faires and Jean Agnes Adair