Carroll Harris

M, #37580, b. 6 April 1937, d. 26 February 2018
Last Edited9 May 2018
Birth*6 April 1937 Carroll Harris was born on 6 April 1937 at Pauls Valley, Garvin Co, OK
Marriage* He married Velma Coleen Brogdon, daughter of Robert Homer Brogdon and Jewel Violet Buckner
Death*26 February 2018 Carroll Harris died on 26 February 2018 at Denton Co, TX, at age 80. 


Velma Coleen Brogdon b. 23 Aug 1939, d. 11 Jul 2011

Clarissa Harris

F, #2686
Last Edited25 Oct 1997
Marriage* Clarissa Harris married William Henry Cope
Married Name Her married name was Cope. 


William Henry Cope

Corilla Jane Harris

F, #35861, b. April 1881, d. 21 February 1918
FatherRobert Caldwell (Bob) Harris b. 8 Apr 1842, d. 21 Jun 1919
MotherAlice E Bell b. 23 Jul 1849, d. 19 Nov 1914
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited10 Sep 2017
Birth*April 1881 Corilla Jane Harris was born in April 1881 at Heflin, Cleburne Co, AL
 She was the daughter of Robert Caldwell (Bob) Harris and Alice E Bell
Married Name28 December 1902  As of 28 December 1902,her married name was Johnson. 
Marriage*28 December 1902 Corilla Jane Harris married Andrew Jackson Johnson on 28 December 1902. 
Death*21 February 1918 Corilla Jane Harris died on 21 February 1918 at Hopewell Co, AL, at age 36. 


Andrew Jackson Johnson b. 22 Aug 1869, d. 31 Dec 1929

Elias Harris

M, #13013
Last Edited26 Jul 1999
Marriage* Elias Harris married Sarah Jennings, daughter of James Jennings and Sarah Corwin


Sarah Jennings b. 31 Aug 1783

Elizabeth Harris

F, #34633, b. 1 April 1838, d. 30 March 1893
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*1 April 1838 Elizabeth Harris was born on 1 April 1838 at Gloucestershire, England, United KingdomG
Married Name12 March 1857  As of 12 March 1857,her married name was Van Orden. 
Marriage*12 March 1857 She married Everett Clark Van Orden, son of William Van Orden and Julia Ann Haight, on 12 March 1857 at Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co, UT
Death*30 March 1893 Elizabeth Harris died on 30 March 1893 at Lewiston, Cache Co, UT, at age 54. 


Everett Clark Van Orden b. 2 Jan 1834, d. 18 Nov 1911

Hannah Harris

F, #12995, b. 15 May 1787, d. 3 May 1864
Last Edited17 Nov 2016
Birth*15 May 1787 Hannah Harris was born on 15 May 1787 at NY
Marriage*4 March 1807 She married Elias Jennings Jr, son of Elias Jennings and Dorothy Purple, on 4 March 1807 at NY
Married Name4 March 1807  As of 4 March 1807,her married name was Jennings. 
Death*3 May 1864 Hannah Harris died on 3 May 1864 at age 76. 


Elias Jennings Jr b. 27 Nov 1779, d. 14 Jun 1849

Maude Emma Harris

F, #37315, b. 26 August 1895, d. 10 July 1973
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*26 August 1895 Maude Emma Harris was born on 26 August 1895 at Montreal, Camden Co, MO
Married Name2 December 1912  As of 2 December 1912,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*2 December 1912 She married Ernest Everett Foster, son of Francis Marion Foster and Margaret A Carpenter, on 2 December 1912 at Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN
Death*10 July 1973 Maude Emma Harris died on 10 July 1973 at Mattoon, Coles Co, ILG, at age 77. 


Ernest Everett Foster b. 9 Feb 1889, d. 2 Dec 1912

Meads Anderson Harris Jr

M, #31826, b. 12 June 1923, d. 21 February 2006
Last Edited3 Feb 2017
Birth*12 June 1923 Meads Anderson Harris Jr was born on 12 June 1923 at Little Rock, Pulaski Co, AR
Marriage*11 September 1947 He married Stella Louise Russell, daughter of Delbert Lee Russell and Clida Mae Edwards, on 11 September 1947 at Saline Co, AR
Death*21 February 2006 Meads Anderson Harris Jr died on 21 February 2006 at Sherwood, Pulaski Co, AR, at age 82. 


Stella Louise Russell b. 7 Sep 1924, d. 12 Oct 2011

Robert Caldwell (Bob) Harris

M, #35860, b. 8 April 1842, d. 21 June 1919
Last Edited10 Sep 2017
Birth*8 April 1842 Robert Caldwell (Bob) Harris was born on 8 April 1842 at GAG
Marriage* He married Alice E Bell, daughter of James Hampton Bell and Sulloney Jane Brooks
Death*21 June 1919 Robert Caldwell (Bob) Harris died on 21 June 1919 at Cleburne Co, AL, at age 77. 


Alice E Bell b. 23 Jul 1849, d. 19 Nov 1914

Robert Claude Harris

M, #35097, b. 21 May 1902, d. 11 March 1979
Last Edited31 Aug 2017
Birth*21 May 1902 Robert Claude Harris was born on 21 May 1902 at Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK
Marriage*24 September 1922 He married Ethel Viola Eddings, daughter of Robert Green Wiley Eddings and Martha Annie Eddings, on 24 September 1922 at Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK
Death*11 March 1979 Robert Claude Harris died on 11 March 1979 at Muskogee, Muskogee Co, OK, at age 76. 


Ethel Viola Eddings b. 11 May 1907, d. 17 Apr 1993

Betty Jo Harrison

F, #35340, b. 30 August 1930, d. 2 June 1990
Last Edited4 Sep 2017
Birth*30 August 1930 Betty Jo Harrison was born on 30 August 1930 at Oil City, Caddo Co, LA
Married Name1 September 1948  As of 1 September 1948,her married name was Baker. 
Marriage*1 September 1948 She married James Aubrey Baker, son of Alvin Clark Baker and Annie May Smith, on 1 September 1948 at Gladewater, Gregg Co, TX
Death*2 June 1990 Betty Jo Harrison died on 2 June 1990 at Enid, Garfield Co, OK, at age 59. 


James Aubrey Baker b. 11 Sep 1926, d. 18 Jun 2017

F T Harrison

M, #21270
Last Edited11 Oct 2005
Marriage*9 November 1875 F T Harrison married Mary Hester Cornelius, daughter of Daniel Cornelius and Elizabeth Campbell, on 9 November 1875 at Jersey Co, ILG, Book A, pg 105. 


Mary Hester Cornelius b. 1851, d. 1924

Martha Harrison

F, #35471, b. July 1825, d. 1912
Last Edited5 Sep 2017
Birth*July 1825 Martha Harrison was born in July 1825 at Claiborne Co, TN
Married Name24 August 1843  As of 24 August 1843,her married name was Hail. 
Marriage*24 August 1843 She married Thomas Hail, son of Thomas Hail and Jane Moody, on 24 August 1843 at Ray Co, MO
Death*1912 Martha Harrison died in 1912 at Pulaski Co, KY


Thomas Hail b. 11 Oct 1823, d. 20 Apr 1905

Sarah J Harrison

F, #32122, b. 15 July 1875, d. 31 March 1932
Last Edited11 Feb 2017
Birth*15 July 1875 Sarah J Harrison was born on 15 July 1875 at Marshall Co, IL
Married Name Her married name was McKinney. 
Marriage* She married William U McKinney, son of James McKinney Sr and Alice J Hopwood
Death*31 March 1932 Sarah J Harrison died on 31 March 1932 at White Co, IN, at age 56. 


William U McKinney b. 18 Apr 1870, d. 26 Apr 1929

Walter Harrison

M, #21271, b. circa April 1880
FatherF T Harrison
MotherMary Hester Cornelius b. 1851, d. 1924
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited11 Oct 2005
Birth*circa April 1880 Walter Harrison was born circa April 1880 at Jersey Co, ILG
 He was the son of F T Harrison and Mary Hester Cornelius
Census*12 June 1880 Walter Harrison appeared on the census of 12 June 1880 at Elsah Twp, Jersey Co, IL

Melvin Aaron Harsh

M, #32287, b. 7 October 1936, d. 9 September 2008
Last Edited12 Feb 2017
Birth*7 October 1936 Melvin Aaron Harsh was born on 7 October 1936 at COG
Death*9 September 2008 He died on 9 September 2008 at El Paso Co, TX, at age 71. 

(?) Hart

M, #25450
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited24 Dec 2016
Marriage*circa 20 January 1975 (?) Hart married Myrtle Rebecca Jennings, daughter of William Cope Jennings and Myrtle E Chastine, circa 20 January 1975. 


Myrtle Rebecca Jennings b. 8 Aug 1910, d. 10 Nov 1993

Elizabeth Hart

F, #968, d. between 1826 and 1830
Last Edited6 Oct 2005
Birth* Elizabeth Hart was born at MD
Marriage*24 November 1817 She married Zachariah Cornelius, son of John Cornelius and Elizabeth Smith, on 24 November 1817 at Kent Co, MDG
Married Name24 November 1817  As of 24 November 1817,her married name was Cornelius. 
Death*between 1826 and 1830 Elizabeth Hart died between 1826 and 1830 in Western Illinois. 


Zachariah Cornelius b. 11 May 1795, d. 24 Aug 1854

Gertrude Viola Hart

F, #30689, b. 1867, d. 1956
Cronk, Scott Warren (Moffett/Hemmings)
Last Edited28 Nov 2016
Birth*1867 Gertrude Viola Hart was born in 1867 at Brookfield, Waukesha Co, WI
Married NameAugust 1888  As of August 1888,her married name was Edinger. 
Marriage*August 1888 She married Jesse King Edinger, son of William Washington Edinger and Rebecca Ware Foster, in August 1888 at Plymouth Co, IAG
Death*1956 Gertrude Viola Hart died in 1956. 


Jesse King Edinger b. 14 Jun 1864, d. 1928

Jack Anson Hart

M, #34429, b. 28 January 1924, d. 5 October 2003
Last Edited16 Jun 2017
Birth*28 January 1924 Jack Anson Hart was born on 28 January 1924 at Fairfield, Jefferson Co, IA
Death*5 October 2003 He died on 5 October 2003 at Arcadia, Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 79. 

Cordelia Eunice Hartley

F, #30988, b. 23 December 1863, d. 18 January 1944
Cordelia E (Hartley) Jarvis
Last Edited22 May 2017
Birth*23 December 1863 Cordelia Eunice Hartley was born on 23 December 1863 at Cottonwood Grove Precinct, Bond Co, ILG
Marriage*16 July 1882 She married Edward Thomas Jarvis, son of William Thomas Jarvis and Mary Jane Bell, on 16 July 1882 at Bond Co, ILG
Married Name16 July 1882  As of 16 July 1882,her married name was Jarvis. 
Census*22 April 1910 Cordelia Eunice Hartley appeared on the census of 22 April 1910 at Shoal Creek Twp, Bond Co, ILG
Death*18 January 1944 She died on 18 January 1944 at Reno, Bond Co, ILG, at age 80. 
Burial*January 1944 She was buried in January 1944 at Bethel Cemetery, Reno, Bond Co, ILG.


Edward Thomas Jarvis b. 17 Nov 1852, d. 22 Jun 1909

Robert Thomas Hartley

M, #35650, b. 25 July 1922, d. 28 April 2011
Last Edited6 Sep 2017
Birth*25 July 1922 Robert Thomas Hartley was born on 25 July 1922 at Avery Co, NC
Marriage* He married Lottie Elizabeth Greear, daughter of Orban Pridemore Greear and Ollie Beatrice Mann
Death*28 April 2011 Robert Thomas Hartley died on 28 April 2011 at Linville, Avery Co, NC, at age 88. 


Lottie Elizabeth Greear b. 15 Jan 1929, d. 10 Dec 1970

Esther Hartman

F, #12149, b. 1878
Last Edited25 Apr 1999
Birth*1878 Esther Hartman was born in 1878 at Cavetown, Washington Co, MD
Marriage*29 December 1917 She married George W Baldwin, son of William Baldwin and Cordula Moffett, on 29 December 1917 at Cavetown, Washington Co, MD
Married Name29 December 1917  As of 29 December 1917,her married name was Baldwin. 


George W Baldwin b. 1878

Sarah Adaline Hartwell

F, #29696, b. 20 February 1847, d. 1 January 1897
Last Edited17 May 2017
Birth*20 February 1847 Sarah Adaline Hartwell was born on 20 February 1847 at Gibson Co, IN
Married Name11 February 1864  As of 11 February 1864,her married name was Ward. 
Marriage*11 February 1864 She married Thomas James Ward, son of Joseph Ward and Elizabeth Shepherd, on 11 February 1864 at Gibson Co, IN
Death*1 January 1897 Sarah Adaline Hartwell died on 1 January 1897 at age 49. 


Thomas James Ward b. 8 Jun 1840, d. 17 Feb 1917

Margaret Johanna Hartwig

F, #8, b. 16 November 1904, d. 17 March 1970
Margaret Hartwig
Taken 1969
RelationshipMother of Verna Jean Bremer
Last Edited16 Mar 2016
Birth*16 November 1904 Margaret Johanna Hartwig was born on 16 November 1904 at Danforth, Iroquois Co, ILG
Baptism20 January 1905 She was baptized on 20 January 1905 at St Johns Lutheran Church, Danforth, Iroquois Co, ILG
Photocirca 1908 She appeared in a photo circa 1908.
Census*2 May 1910 She appeared on the census of 2 May 1910 at Ocheyedan Twp, Osceola Co, IAG
Education* She completed the 8th Grade. 
Confirmation*24 March 1918 She was confirmed on 24 March 1918 at St Peters (now American) Lutheran Church, Melvin, Osceola Co, IAG
CensusJanuary 1920 She appeared on the census of January 1920 at Ocheyedan Twp, Osceola Co, IAG
Residence15 November 1929 She lived at Wood Lake, Yellow Medicine Co, MNG, on 15 November 1929. 
Census8 April 1930 She appeared on the census of 8 April 1930 at Wood Lake Twp, Yellow Medicine Co, MNG, Wood Lake Twsp; Yellow Medicine Co, MN; ED-87-28, 08 Apr 1930, p273 2A. 
Photo*circa 1935 She appeared in a photo circa 1935.
Living*1935 She was living in 1935 at Yellow Medicine Co, MN
Marriage*23 December 1938 She married Albert Christopher Bremer on 23 December 1938 at St Peters (now American) Lutheran Church, Melvin, Osceola Co, IAG, by Rev L Locker. Albert's address at time of marriage was Ocheyedan and hers was Melvin, IA. Marriage was witnessed by Fred and Lenora Drenkow.
Married Name23 December 1938  As of 23 December 1938,her married name was Bremer. 
Census*8 April 1940 Margaret Johanna Hartwig and Albert Christopher Bremer appeared on the census of 8 April 1940 at Fairview Twp, Osceola Co, IA
Residence*28 December 1943 Margaret Johanna Hartwig lived at Fairview Twp, Osceola Co, IA, on 28 December 1943. 
SSN*1963 Her Social Security Number was 480-60-7561; issued 1963 at IAG
Residence23 June 1963 She and Albert Christopher Bremer lived at 912 Main St, Ocheyedan, Osceola Co, IAG, on 23 June 1963. 
Photo*May 1967 Margaret Johanna Hartwig and Albert Christopher Bremer appeared in a photo in May 1967 at Worthington, Nobles Co, MNG.
Photo29 June 1969 Margaret Johanna Hartwig appeared in a photo on 29 June 1969 at Ocheyedan, Osceola Co, IAG.
Occupation* She was a homemaker. 
Death*17 March 1970 She died on 17 March 1970 at Worthington Regional Hospital, Worthington, Nobles Co, MNG, at age 65 of a heart attack (CertID# 1970-MN-006669.) 
Burial*20 March 1970 She was buried on 20 March 1970 at Zion Lutheran Cemetery, Horton Twp, Osceola Co, IAG
Obituary29 March 1970 Mrs. Albert C. Bremer, age 65, died suddenly at the Worthington hospital Tuesday, March 17. Funeral services were held Friday, March 20, at two o'clock at the Zion Lutheran Church, Ocheyedan, with Rev. V. H. Dorn officiating. Burial was in the church cemetery. Pallbearers were Leland Sixta, Fred Stolte, Francis Pickering, John Dirks, Willard Rusche and Armin Miller.
     Margaret Johanna Hartwig was born on November 16, 1904, at Danforth, Ill., the daughter of Frederik and Elsie Gronewald Hartwig. As a child she came to the Melvin area, where on March 24, 1918, she was confirmed in the American Lutheran Church of Melvin. She was united in marriage to Albert C. Bremer December 23, 1938, in the American Lutheran Church in Melvin. To this union three children were born. Mrs. Bremer was preceded in death by her parents, one daughter, one sister, and one brother. She leaves to mourn her husband, one son, Wayne, of Ocheyedan; one daughter, Verna (Mrs. Ted Cash) of Taylors, S. Car; one grandson, Gregory; three brothers, John of Wood Lake, Minn., Henry of Sioux Falls, S. Dak., Ben of Ocheyedan; and one sister, Anna, (Mrs. John Radunz) of Ocheyedan. At the time of her death, Mr. and Mrs. Bremer lived in Ocheyedan. 


Albert Christopher Bremer b. 29 Oct 1897, d. 1 Nov 1984
Marriage*23 December 1938 She married Albert Christopher Bremer on 23 December 1938 at St Peters (now American) Lutheran Church, Melvin, Osceola Co, IAG, by Rev L Locker. Albert's address at time of marriage was Ocheyedan and hers was Melvin, IA. Marriage was witnessed by Fred and Lenora Drenkow.