John Earl Hamilton

M, #32848, b. 14 August 1898, d. 7 February 1976
Last Edited13 Apr 2017
Birth*14 August 1898 John Earl Hamilton was born on 14 August 1898 at Bachelor, Callaway Co, MO
Marriage* He married Beulah Marie Lawrence, daughter of Norman Brentwood Lawrence and Nancy Evaline Niblack
Death*7 February 1976 John Earl Hamilton died on 7 February 1976 at Fulton, Callaway Co, MO, at age 77. 


Beulah Marie Lawrence b. 21 Dec 1900, d. 11 Mar 1988

Mary Elizabeth Hamilton

F, #33191, b. 15 February 1832, d. 7 May 1893
FatherHenry Hezekiah Hamilton b. 30 Mar 1808, d. 7 Jan 1864
MotherCatherine Ann (Kitty) Bruner b. 16 Aug 1812, d. 27 Jan 1900
Relationship5th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 May 2017
Birth*15 February 1832 Mary Elizabeth Hamilton was born on 15 February 1832 at Winchester, Clark Co, KY
 She was the daughter of Henry Hezekiah Hamilton and Catherine Ann (Kitty) Bruner
Married Name10 April 1852  As of 10 April 1852,her married name was Shouse. 
Marriage*10 April 1852 Mary Elizabeth Hamilton married James Holland Shouse on 10 April 1852 at Frankfort, Franklin Co, KY
Death*7 May 1893 Mary Elizabeth Hamilton died on 7 May 1893 at Dallas, Dallas Co, TX, at age 61. 


James Holland Shouse b. 7 Apr 1830, d. 15 May 1905

Mattie Hamilton

F, #14863, b. 1907, d. 11 July 1971
Last Edited6 Jul 2007
Birth*1907 Mattie Hamilton was born in 1907 at TX
Marriage*1929 She married Jesse James Wallace, son of William Ester (Will) Wallace and Annie Leotta Moffett, in 1929. 
Married Name1929  As of 1929,her married name was Wallace. 
Census3 April 1930 Mattie Hamilton and Jesse James Wallace appeared on the census of 3 April 1930 at Precinct 2, Burnet Co, TX
Death*11 July 1971 Mattie Hamilton died on 11 July 1971 at Burnet Co, TX


Jesse James Wallace b. 12 Jun 1898, d. 2 Jul 1972

Nancy Hamilton

F, #13258
Last Edited11 Mar 2000
Marriage* Nancy Hamilton married James Mayberry
Married Name Her married name was Mayberry. 


James Mayberry

William Darrell Hamilton

M, #36481, b. 4 July 1912, d. June 1982
MotherMary Jane Jarvis b. 11 Feb 1883, d. 1 May 1979
Relationship2nd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited26 Dec 2017
Birth*4 July 1912 William Darrell Hamilton was born on 4 July 1912 at Litchfield, Montgomery Co, IL
 He was the son of Mary Jane Jarvis
Marriage* William Darrell Hamilton married Florine Sara Maples
Death*June 1982 William Darrell Hamilton died in June 1982 at Granite City, Madison Co, IL, at age 69. 


Florine Sara Maples b. 10 Dec 1917, d. 23 Jun 2007

William Franklin Hamilton

M, #37513, b. 9 May 1883, d. 21 December 1967
Last Edited7 May 2018
Birth*9 May 1883 William Franklin Hamilton was born on 9 May 1883 at Carroll Co, MS
Marriage*21 February 1905 He married Nancy Boyd, daughter of Robert Love Boyd and Mattie Eliza Elkin, on 21 February 1905 at Montgomery Co, MS
Death*21 December 1967 William Franklin Hamilton died on 21 December 1967 at Itta Bena, Leflore Co, MS, at age 84. 


Nancy Boyd b. 15 Nov 1886, d. 2 Mar 1963

Barbara Jean Hamm

F, #31768, b. 17 October 1929, d. 8 August 2011
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited3 Feb 2017
Birth*17 October 1929 Barbara Jean Hamm was born on 17 October 1929 at Watsonville, Santa Cruz Co, CA
Married Name Her married name was Patty. 
Marriage* She married Ray Joe Patty, son of Elmer Francis Patty Sr and Gertrude Avora Paradee
Death*8 August 2011 Barbara Jean Hamm died on 8 August 2011 at Mariposa Co, CAG, at age 81. 


Ray Joe Patty b. 24 Feb 1931, d. 30 Nov 2006

Anna Hammmond

F, #31040, b. 1797, d. 9 February 1873
Last Edited3 Dec 2016
Birth*1797 Anna Hammmond was born in 1797 at NY
Married Name12 December 1816  As of 12 December 1816,her married name was Horton. 
Marriage*12 December 1816 She married Jehiel W Horton, son of Elihu Horton and Johanna Coleman, on 12 December 1816 at NY
Death*9 February 1873 Anna Hammmond died on 9 February 1873 at Hampton, Franklin Co, IAG


Jehiel W Horton b. 1793, d. 9 Feb 1873

Cora Lee Hammock

F, #25564, b. 15 August 1888, d. 27 January 1951
Last Edited27 Oct 2016
Birth*15 August 1888 Cora Lee Hammock was born on 15 August 1888 at Prairie Hill, TX
Married Name14 October 1906  As of 14 October 1906,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*14 October 1906 She married James Franklin Cornelius, son of John D Cornelius and Mary Parthenia Massey, on 14 October 1906 at Coke Co, TX
Death*27 January 1951 Cora Lee Hammock died on 27 January 1951 at San Angelo, Tom Green Co, TX, at age 62. 


James Franklin Cornelius b. 18 Aug 1882, d. 14 Dec 1948

Deborah Hammond

F, #33015
FatherNathan Hammond
MotherRachel Blackburn b. 1 Sep 1743
Relationship3rd cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited5 May 2017
 Deborah Hammond was the daughter of Nathan Hammond and Rachel Blackburn

Mary Hammond

F, #11975, b. 27 April 1746
Last Edited24 Apr 1999
Marriage*27 April 1746 Mary Hammond married Tobias Stansbury on 27 April 1746 at Baltimore, (independent city), MD
Birth*27 April 1746 Mary Hammond was born on 27 April 1746 at Baltimore, (independent city), MD
Married Name27 April 1746  As of 27 April 1746,her married name was Stansbury. 


Tobias Stansbury b. 11 Feb 1726, d. 10 Dec 1799

Nancy Hammond

F, #36768, b. 26 March 1789, d. 1 November 1845
Last Edited7 Feb 2018
Birth*26 March 1789 Nancy Hammond was born on 26 March 1789 at PAG
Married Namecirca 1805  As of circa 1805,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*circa 1805 She married Joseph Blackburn, son of John Blackburn and Mary Margaret McGrew, circa 1805. 
Death*1 November 1845 Nancy Hammond died on 1 November 1845 at Riley Twp, Putnam Co, OH, at age 56. 


Joseph Blackburn b. 10 Oct 1787, d. 10 Jul 1845

Nathan Hammond

M, #32980
Last Edited18 Nov 2017
Marriage*13 April 1771 Nathan Hammond married Rachel Blackburn, daughter of John Blackburn Jr and Rebecca Harlan, on 13 April 1771 at PAG
Memo*11 May 1771  From Warrington Monthly Meeting records: Menallen meeting informs this meeting that Nathan Hammond and Rachel McGrew had both accomplished their marriage with the aid of a priest though precautioned". They were both disowned 11 May 1771. 


Rachel Blackburn b. 1 Sep 1743

Sarah Hammond

F, #33016, b. 1773, d. 1862
FatherNathan Hammond
MotherRachel Blackburn b. 1 Sep 1743
Relationship3rd cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited5 May 2017
Birth*1773 Sarah Hammond was born in 1773. 
 She was the daughter of Nathan Hammond and Rachel Blackburn
Married Namecirca 1792  As of circa 1792,her married name was Wolf. 
Marriage*circa 1792 Sarah Hammond married John Wolf circa 1792 at Bedford Co, PAG
Death*1862 Sarah Hammond died in 1862 at Bedford Co, PAG


John Wolf b. 1768, d. 1844

Saledia Abigail Hampton

F, #34882, b. 26 September 1842, d. 5 January 1916
FatherWilliam H Hampton b. 1817, d. 14 Nov 1877
MotherNancy Ann Jones b. c 1814, d. a 1880
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited21 Jun 2017
Birth*26 September 1842 Saledia Abigail Hampton was born on 26 September 1842 at Owen Co, KYG
 She was the daughter of William H Hampton and Nancy Ann Jones
Married Name30 October 1861  As of 30 October 1861,her married name was Coleman. 
Marriage*30 October 1861 Saledia Abigail Hampton married John Alford Coleman on 30 October 1861 at Port Royal, Henry Co, KY
Death*5 January 1916 Saledia Abigail Hampton died on 5 January 1916 at Carroll Co, KY, at age 73. 


John Alford Coleman b. 22 May 1839, d. 23 Feb 1911

William Hampton

M, #34879, b. circa 1776, d. 1831
Last Edited21 Jun 2017
Birth*circa 1776 William Hampton was born circa 1776 at Hamptonville, Wilkes Co, NC
Marriage*27 March 1812 He married Nancy Bryan, daughter of Andrew Bryan Jr and Philadelphia Garnett Jones, on 27 March 1812 at Wilkes Co, NC
Death*1831 William Hampton died in 1831 at Wilkes Co, NC


Nancy Bryan b. 21 Oct 1793, d. 1882

William H Hampton

M, #34880, b. 1817, d. 14 November 1877
FatherWilliam Hampton b. c 1776, d. 1831
MotherNancy Bryan b. 21 Oct 1793, d. 1882
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited21 Jun 2017
Birth*1817 William H Hampton was born in 1817 at NC
 He was the son of William Hampton and Nancy Bryan
Marriage*8 January 1835 William H Hampton married Nancy Ann Jones on 8 January 1835 at Henry Co, KY
Death*14 November 1877 William H Hampton died on 14 November 1877 at Ballard Co, KY


Nancy Ann Jones b. c 1814, d. a 1880

Beryl Ann Handford

F, #34285, b. 30 March 1931, d. 11 July 2000
Last Edited11 Jun 2017
Birth*30 March 1931 Beryl Ann Handford was born on 30 March 1931 at Missoula, Missoula Co, MT
Married Name Her married name was Overton. 
Death*11 July 2000 She died on 11 July 2000 at Portland, Multnomah Co, ORG, at age 69. 

Griselda Handley

F, #37307, b. circa 1777, d. 1857
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*circa 1777 Griselda Handley was born circa 1777 at Greenbrier Co, WV
Married Name25 March 1797  As of 25 March 1797,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*25 March 1797 She married James Foster Sr, son of Isaac Foster and Sarah Hughes, on 25 March 1797 at Greenbrier Co, WV
Death*1857 Griselda Handley died in 1857 at Deputy, Jefferson Co, IN


James Foster Sr b. 28 Mar 1770

Sarah Tillman Handley

F, #38094, b. circa 1790
Last Edited12 Jul 2018
Birth*circa 1790 Sarah Tillman Handley was born circa 1790 at VA
Married Name1808  As of 1808,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*1808 She married Allen Foster, son of Josiah Foster and Virginia Elizabeth Johnson, in 1808 at VA


Allen Foster b. 1788, d. 1846

Harold C Handy

M, #38055, b. 4 April 1930, d. 16 November 1998
FatherHenry Bryant Handy b. 4 May 1899, d. Oct 1982
MotherAgnes Julia Tobey b. 30 Sep 1894, d. Jun 1986
Relationship5th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited2 Jul 2018
Birth*4 April 1930 Harold C Handy was born on 4 April 1930 at Duncan, Greenlee Co, AZ
 He was the son of Henry Bryant Handy and Agnes Julia Tobey
Marriage* Harold C Handy married Glenda Lee Todd
Death*16 November 1998 Harold C Handy died on 16 November 1998 at Balch Springs, Dallas Co, TX, at age 68. 


Glenda Lee Todd b. 22 May 1934, d. 9 May 1974

Henry Bryant Handy

M, #38054, b. 4 May 1899, d. October 1982
Last Edited2 Jul 2018
Birth*4 May 1899 Henry Bryant Handy was born on 4 May 1899 at TX
Marriage* He married Agnes Julia Tobey, daughter of William Avery Tobey and Alice E Keese
Death*October 1982 Henry Bryant Handy died in October 1982 at Coolidge, Pinal Co, AZ, at age 83. 


Agnes Julia Tobey b. 30 Sep 1894, d. Jun 1986

Louisa Handy

F, #10502
Last Edited6 Dec 1998
Marriage* Louisa Handy married William G Thompson
Married Name Her married name was Thompson. 


William G Thompson b. 22 Jul 1816, d. 13 May 1900

Vernon E Hanes

M, #29685, b. 1 July 1908, d. 22 June 2002
Last Edited6 Nov 2016
Birth*1 July 1908 Vernon E Hanes was born on 1 July 1908 at Clay Co, ILG
Marriage* He married Virginia Muriel Raley, daughter of William Thomas Raley Jr and Clara Agnes Bennett
Death*22 June 2002 Vernon E Hanes died on 22 June 2002 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG, at age 93. 


Virginia Muriel Raley b. 22 Apr 1915, d. 2009

Agnes Haney

F, #36912, b. 13 November 1846
Last Edited13 Feb 2018
Birth*13 November 1846 Agnes Haney was born on 13 November 1846. 
Married Name20 March 1859  As of 20 March 1859,her married name was McKinney. 
Marriage*20 March 1859 She married Joseph McKinney, son of Thomas E McKinney and Edith W Cottrill, on 20 March 1859 at Livingston Co, IL


Joseph McKinney b. 16 Jan 1836, d. 26 May 1904