Maud de Greystoke

F, #36613
Last Edited15 Jan 2018
Married Namecirca 1395  As of circa 1395,her married name was Welles. 
Marriage*circa 1395 Maud de Greystoke married Eudo de Welles, son of John de Welles, 5th Baron Welles and Eleanor de Mowbray, Baroness of Welles, circa 1395. 


Eudo de Welles d. b 26 Jul 1417

Anne Gridley

F, #19543
Relationship8th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Cornelius Family
Last Edited26 Jul 2013
Married Namecirca 1646  As of circa 1646,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*circa 1646 Anne Gridley married Captain Aaron Cornelius, son of Adriaan Cornelius Jr and Grietje Arien, circa 1646 [Date is best guess]. 


Captain Aaron Cornelius b. 9 May 1610, d. 28 Feb 1695

Elizabeth Griffin

F, #34288, b. 5 July 1776, d. 30 September 1834
ChartsShepherd Family
Last Edited11 Jun 2017
Birth*5 July 1776 Elizabeth Griffin was born on 5 July 1776 at Camden, Kershaw Co, SC
Married Name2 June 1791  As of 2 June 1791,her married name was Van Cleave. 
Marriage*2 June 1791 She married Aaron Van Cleave, son of John Van Cleave and Mary Shepherd, on 2 June 1791 at Jefferson Co, KY
Death*30 September 1834 Elizabeth Griffin died on 30 September 1834 at Browns Valley, Montgomery Co, IN, at age 58. 


Aaron Van Cleave b. 5 Mar 1769, d. 24 Feb 1846

Lois Mildred Griffin

F, #31460, b. 22 March 1920, d. 29 August 1999
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited2 Jan 2017
Birth*22 March 1920 Lois Mildred Griffin was born on 22 March 1920 at Bennet, Chickasaw Co, IA
Married Name2 January 1942  As of 2 January 1942,her married name was Milburn. 
Marriage*2 January 1942 She married Arthur Everett Milburn, son of John Leander Milburn and Mary Louisa Porter, on 2 January 1942 at Lostant, LaSalle Co, IL
Death*29 August 1999 Lois Mildred Griffin died on 29 August 1999 at Stillman Valley, Ogle Co, IL, at age 79. 


Arthur Everett Milburn b. 14 Feb 1912, d. 18 Dec 1997

Margaret Peggy Griffin

F, #31740, b. 25 April 1761, d. 1837
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth*25 April 1761 Margaret Peggy Griffin was born on 25 April 1761 at Laurens Co, SC, British Colonial America
Married Name1780  As of 1780,her married name was Golding. 
Marriage*1780 She married Reuben Golding, son of William Golding and Elizabeth Foster, in 1780 at Ninety Six, Greenwood Co, SC
Death*1837 Margaret Peggy Griffin died in 1837 at Laurens Co, SC


Reuben Golding b. 1741, d. 4 Mar 1835

Martha A Griffin

F, #12187, b. 1805, d. 1880
Last Edited18 Aug 2010
Birth*1805 Martha A Griffin was born in 1805 at Kent Co, MDG
Marriage*2 May 1829 She married Enoch Moffett, son of Enoch Moffett and Hannah Cosden, on 2 May 1829 at Kent Co, MDG
Married Name2 May 1829  As of 2 May 1829,her married name was Moffett. 
Census*30 September 1850 Martha A Griffin and Enoch Moffett appeared on the census of 30 September 1850 at Kent Co, MD
Burial* Martha A Griffin was buried at Chesterville Cemetery, Chesterville, Kent Co, MD
Death*1880 She died in 1880. 


Enoch Moffett b. 1803, d. 22 Dec 1854

Mary Griffin

F, #12017
Last Edited24 Apr 1999
Marriage* Mary Griffin married Johnson Falkner
Married Name Her married name was Falkner. 


Johnson Falkner

Elizabeth Griffith

F, #32981
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Married Name11 October 1768  As of 11 October 1768,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*11 October 1768 Elizabeth Griffith married Thomas Blackburn, son of John Blackburn Jr and Rebecca Harlan, on 11 October 1768 at PA, British Colonial AmericaG


Thomas Blackburn b. 19 Aug 1744

Mary Griffith

F, #32982
Last Edited25 Jun 2019
Married Name18 November 1767  As of 18 November 1767,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*18 November 1767 Mary Griffith married Anthony Blackburn, son of John Blackburn Jr and Rebecca Harlan, on 18 November 1767 at PA, British Colonial AmericaG


Anthony Blackburn b. 17 Aug 1749, d. 17 Jun 1829

Rebecca Griffith

F, #35685
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth* Rebecca Griffith was born at MD, British Colonial America
Married Name1717  As of 1717,her married name was Mobley. 
Marriage*1717 She married Edward Mobley in 1717 at MD, British Colonial America


Edward Mobley b. 1695, d. 1765

Sarah Griffith

F, #27967, b. circa 1784
Last Edited6 Nov 2008
Birth*circa 1784 Sarah Griffith was born circa 1784. 
Married Name16 February 1804  As of 16 February 1804,her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage*16 February 1804 She married Robert Moffett, son of George Moffett and Mary Anne Little, on 16 February 1804 at Baltimore, (independent city), MD


Robert Moffett b. 1782

Shirley Griffith

F, #25365
Last Edited19 Nov 2015
Marriage* Shirley Griffith married Robert Parker Moffitt Jr, son of Robert Parker Moffitt Sr and Madeline Mooney
Married Name Her married name was Moffitt. 
Burial* Shirley Griffith was buried at Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington Co, VAG


Robert Parker Moffitt Jr b. 23 Jan 1924, d. 22 Aug 1970

Margaret Grigsby

F, #35020
ChartsFoster Family
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Married Name22 December 1746  As of 22 December 1746,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*22 December 1746 Margaret Grigsby married George Foster, son of William Thomas Foster and Hannah Elizabeth Scarborough, on 22 December 1746 at British Colonial America


George Foster b. 14 Aug 1723, d. 3 Jan 1778

Mary Faith Grigsby

F, #38069, b. 5 September 1845, d. 21 September 1910
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited4 Jul 2018
Birth*5 September 1845 Mary Faith Grigsby was born on 5 September 1845 at Palestine, Anderson Co, TX
Married Name2 August 1859  As of 2 August 1859,her married name was Edens. 
Marriage*2 August 1859 She married Napoleon Augustus Edens, son of Banister S Edens and Mary Walker, on 2 August 1859 at Anderson Co, TX
Death*21 September 1910 Mary Faith Grigsby died on 21 September 1910 at San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX, at age 65. 


Napoleon Augustus Edens b. 22 May 1839, d. 10 Oct 1914

(?) Grimes

M, #20428
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited8 Oct 2005
Marriage* (?) Grimes married Jane Cornelius, daughter of Joshua Cornelius and Mary Elizabeth Bailey


Jane Cornelius b. 1793

John William Grimes

M, #30904, b. 22 January 1849, d. 3 November 1928
Last Edited29 Nov 2016
Birth*22 January 1849 John William Grimes was born on 22 January 1849 at Belmont Co, OH
Marriage*16 November 1876 He married Margaret Jane Moffett, daughter of Francisco R Moffett and Hannah Mitchel, on 16 November 1876 at OH
Death*3 November 1928 John William Grimes died on 3 November 1928 at Wellsville, Columbiana Co, OH, at age 79. 


Margaret Jane Moffett b. 28 Jan 1857, d. 21 Mar 1908

Karl Judson Grimes

M, #30905, b. 1 January 1903, d. 23 February 1981
FatherJohn William Grimes b. 22 Jan 1849, d. 3 Nov 1928
MotherMargaret Jane Moffett b. 28 Jan 1857, d. 21 Mar 1908
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited29 Nov 2016
Birth*1 January 1903 Karl Judson Grimes was born on 1 January 1903 at Saline, Jefferson Co, OH
 He was the son of John William Grimes and Margaret Jane Moffett
Marriage* Karl Judson Grimes married Ruth Evelyn Dennison
Death*23 February 1981 Karl Judson Grimes died on 23 February 1981 at Biloxi, Harrison Co, MS, at age 78. 


Ruth Evelyn Dennison b. 28 Feb 1916, d. 2 Jun 1968

Margaret Grimes

F, #36704, b. 1760
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited9 Jun 2019
Birth*1760 Margaret Grimes was born in 1760 at Cumberland Co, PA, British Colonial America
Married Name1779  As of 1779,her married name was Wood. 
Marriage*1779 She married John Wood Jr, son of John Wood Sr and Hannah Lilley, in 1779 at PAG


John Wood Jr b. 1759, d. 8 Jul 1808

Cicero P Grinestaff

M, #31077, b. 8 March 1884, d. 1 November 1956
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited29 Aug 2017
Birth*8 March 1884 Cicero P Grinestaff was born on 8 March 1884 at IAG
Marriage*24 December 1905 He married Nora S Simmons, daughter of John Thompson Simmons and Rachel Austin, on 24 December 1905 at Wayne Co, IL
Death*1 November 1956 Cicero P Grinestaff died on 1 November 1956 at Wayne Co, IL, at age 72. 


Nora S Simmons b. 3 Jan 1882, d. 31 Mar 1966

Leon Grinestaff

M, #31078, b. 12 June 1919, d. 6 December 1994
FatherCicero P Grinestaff b. 8 Mar 1884, d. 1 Nov 1956
MotherNora S Simmons b. 3 Jan 1882, d. 31 Mar 1966
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited4 Dec 2016
Birth*12 June 1919 Leon Grinestaff was born on 12 June 1919 at Cisne, Wayne Co, IL
 He was the son of Cicero P Grinestaff and Nora S Simmons
Marriage* Leon Grinestaff married June Mary Ainsworth
Death*6 December 1994 Leon Grinestaff died on 6 December 1994 at Inverness, Citrus Co, FL, at age 75. 


June Mary Ainsworth b. 30 May 1926, d. 17 Apr 2015

Eva L Grissinger

F, #25475, b. 4 May 1921, d. 13 March 2013
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited9 Aug 2016
Birth*4 May 1921 Eva L Grissinger was born on 4 May 1921 at Huntingdon Co, PA
Married Name Her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage* She married Fred M Cornelius, son of Orlando Ross Cornelius Sr and Janie S Snedden
Death*13 March 2013 Eva L Grissinger died on 13 March 2013 at Huntingdon Co, PA, at age 91. 


Fred M Cornelius b. 18 Jan 1921, d. 23 Jun 1987

Joseph Elmer Grissom

M, #40473, b. 11 June 1901, d. 26 October 1987
ChartsManning Family
Last Edited15 Mar 2019
Birth*11 June 1901 Joseph Elmer Grissom was born on 11 June 1901 at Cumberland Co, IL
Marriage*9 December 1922 He married Edith Josephine Carter, daughter of Joseph Benjamin Carter and Lura Edith Gadberry, on 9 December 1922 at Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN
Death*26 October 1987 Joseph Elmer Grissom died on 26 October 1987 at Mattoon, Coles Co, ILG, at age 86. 


Edith Josephine Carter b. 14 May 1904, d. 12 Jan 1992

Thomas Hagerman Groendyke

M, #30739, b. 18 January 1808, d. 1875
Last Edited28 Nov 2016
Birth*18 January 1808 Thomas Hagerman Groendyke was born on 18 January 1808 at NJ
Marriage* He married Nancy Moffett, daughter of Samuel Moffett and Mary Donaldson
Death*1875 Thomas Hagerman Groendyke died in 1875 at Dublin, Wayne Co, IN


Nancy Moffett b. 1 Jul 1811, d. 7 May 1894

Bernadine Groff

F, #40549, b. 5 April 1912, d. 7 July 1996
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 Mar 2019
Birth*5 April 1912 Bernadine Groff was born on 5 April 1912. 
Married Name Her married name was Nance. 
Marriage* She married Clarence Nance, son of Thomas Benjamin (Bud) Nance and Armittie Ann Eddings
Death*7 July 1996 Bernadine Groff died on 7 July 1996 at Vici, Dewey Co, OK, at age 84. 


Clarence Nance b. 3 Apr 1909, d. 17 Feb 1992

David Allan Gronberg

M, #426, b. 29 May 1942, d. 1 May 2011
Last Edited20 Jan 2019
Birth*29 May 1942 David Allan Gronberg was born on 29 May 1942 at Los Angeles Co, CA
Death*1 May 2011 He died on 1 May 2011 at Caldwell, Canyon Co, ID, at age 68.