Maggie E Hefflin

F, #23274, b. 12 January 1873, d. 30 January 1966
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited11 Feb 2018
Birth*12 January 1873 Maggie E Hefflin was born on 12 January 1873 at Marion Co, ILG
Married Name4 September 1887  As of 4 September 1887,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*4 September 1887 She married James Andrew Blackburn, son of Dr John Wesley Blackburn Sr and Sarah Martha Sallie Miller, on 4 September 1887 at Marion Co, ILG
Census26 June 1900 Maggie E Hefflin and James Andrew Blackburn appeared on the census of 26 June 1900 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK
Census*4 May 1910 Maggie E Hefflin and James Andrew Blackburn appeared on the census of 4 May 1910 at Gardena, Los Angeles Co, CAG
Death*30 January 1966 Maggie E Hefflin died on 30 January 1966 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 93. 


James Andrew Blackburn b. 5 Jan 1868, d. 10 May 1940

Clara Leota Heflin

F, #37132, b. 24 January 1916, d. 27 December 2005
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 Mar 2018
Birth*24 January 1916 Clara Leota Heflin was born on 24 January 1916 at Marion Co, IL
Married Name Her married name was Burton. 
Marriage* She married Charles Albert Burton, son of John David Burton and Frances Almira Wilkins
Death*27 December 2005 Clara Leota Heflin died on 27 December 2005 at age 89. 


Charles Albert Burton b. 21 May 1916, d. 18 May 2008

Dorothy G Heighway

F, #38156, b. 1903, d. 1956
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited23 Jul 2018
Birth*1903 Dorothy G Heighway was born in 1903 at Gustavus, Trumbull Co, OH
Married Name Her married name was Jennings. 
Marriage* She married Wilfred P Jennings, son of John A Jennings and Kate T Tyler
Death*1956 Dorothy G Heighway died in 1956 at Cuyahoga Co, OH


Wilfred P Jennings b. 28 Nov 1897, d. Jul 1975

Marvin John Heikes

M, #39627, b. 23 August 1907, d. 29 September 1981
MilitaryWorld War II
ChartsManning Family
Bell Family
Jennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited25 Jun 2019
Birth*23 August 1907 Marvin John Heikes was born on 23 August 1907 at Wayne Co, NE
Marriage*11 May 1936 He married Jessie (Beulah) Wilder, daughter of Charles (Creed) Wilder and Frances Jane Manning, on 11 May 1936 at Elk Point, Union Co, SD, She was listed as 19; he as 28.
Military*between 10 February 1941 and 27 December 1944 Marvin John Heikes was in the US Army during World War II. 
Death*29 September 1981 He died on 29 September 1981 at Yermo, San Bernardino Co, CA, at age 74. 


Jessie (Beulah) Wilder b. 24 Jan 1922, d. 20 May 2006

Fannie Kansas Heistand

F, #30804, b. 13 January 1892, d. 4 January 1974
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Paradee, Robert Lee (Jennings/Jennings)
Last Edited3 Feb 2017
Birth*13 January 1892 Fannie Kansas Heistand was born on 13 January 1892 at Cherokee Co, KS
Married Name4 October 1908  As of 4 October 1908,her married name was Paradee. 
Marriage*4 October 1908 She married Herbert Hugh Paradee, son of Horace Harry Joseph Paradee and Alice Edna Jennings, on 4 October 1908 at Cherokee Co, KS
Death*4 January 1974 Fannie Kansas Heistand died on 4 January 1974 at Columbus, Cherokee Co, KS, at age 81. 


Herbert Hugh Paradee b. 23 Feb 1888, d. 19 Feb 1988

Violet Dorothy Lorene Helderman

F, #32385, b. 25 March 1920, d. 20 July 2013
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*25 March 1920 Violet Dorothy Lorene Helderman was born on 25 March 1920 at Cape Girardeau, Cape Girardeau Co, MO
Married Name10 June 1942  As of 10 June 1942,her married name was Keene. 
Marriage*10 June 1942 She married Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr, son of Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr and Lauretta Jane Morden, on 10 June 1942 at Deming, Luna Co, NM
Death*20 July 2013 Violet Dorothy Lorene Helderman died on 20 July 2013 at Vancouver, Clark Co, WA, at age 93. 


Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr b. 21 Sep 1919, d. 24 Apr 2006

Philiamena P Helfrich

F, #37168, b. 3 August 1915
Last Edited24 Mar 2018
Birth*3 August 1915 Philiamena P Helfrich was born on 3 August 1915 at Fort Dodge, Webster Co, IAG
Marriage* She married Adren Merle VinZant
Married Name Her married name was VinZant. 
Census*4 April 1940 Philiamena P Helfrich and Adren Merle VinZant appeared on the census of 4 April 1940 at Omaha, Douglas Co, NE


Adren Merle VinZant b. 3 Apr 1908, d. 15 Jul 1984

John F Helm

M, #19302
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 May 2010
Marriage*1891 John F Helm married Charlotte Belle Middleton, daughter of Daniel Joel Middleton and Nancy Elizabeth Moore, in 1891. 


Charlotte Belle Middleton b. 1875

Evelyn Jean Helmon

F, #19539, b. 15 June 1918, d. 14 December 1975
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited20 Aug 2010
Birth*15 June 1918 Evelyn Jean Helmon was born on 15 June 1918 at Blairsville, Indiana Co, PA
Married Name15 August 1936  As of 15 August 1936,her married name was Diven. 
Marriage*15 August 1936 She married Fred Oliver Diven, son of Ira Clyde Diven and Josephine Maybelle Wilkens, on 15 August 1936. 
Death*14 December 1975 Evelyn Jean Helmon died on 14 December 1975 at Meadville, Crawford Co, PA, at age 57. 


Fred Oliver Diven b. 15 Jun 1918, d. 2 Jun 1993

Susannah (Hannah) Helms

F, #31727, b. 1781, d. 3 June 1866
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited25 Jun 2019
Birth*1781 Susannah (Hannah) Helms was born in 1781 at Anson Co, NC
Married Name Her married name was Golden. 
Marriage* She married Stephen Golden, son of Richard Golden and Mary Francis (Franky) Lowe, at British Colonial America
Death*3 June 1866 Susannah (Hannah) Helms died on 3 June 1866 at Golden Creek, Knox Co, KY


Stephen Golden b. 5 May 1767, d. 17 May 1855

Beulah Victoria Hembree

F, #25622, b. 16 June 1913, d. 13 June 1996
FatherLewis Ed Hembree b. 13 Aug 1884, d. 23 Nov 1929
MotherHettie May Middleton b. 20 May 1895, d. 24 Aug 1980
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited2 Nov 2016
Birth*16 June 1913 Beulah Victoria Hembree was born on 16 June 1913 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK
 She was the daughter of Lewis Ed Hembree and Hettie May Middleton
Married Name3 December 1928  As of 3 December 1928,her married name was Gonderman. 
Marriage*3 December 1928 Beulah Victoria Hembree married Carl Leroy Gonderman on 3 December 1928 at Dewar, Okmulgee Co, OK
Death*13 June 1996 Beulah Victoria Hembree died on 13 June 1996 at Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 82. 


Carl Leroy Gonderman b. 23 Nov 1908, d. 23 Nov 1963

Lewis Ed Hembree

M, #25621, b. 13 August 1884, d. 23 November 1929
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited27 Oct 2016
Birth*13 August 1884 Lewis Ed Hembree was born on 13 August 1884 at Martin Co, IN
Marriage*29 January 1911 He married Hettie May Middleton, daughter of John Richard Middleton and Martha Elizabeth Harmon, on 29 January 1911 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK
Death*23 November 1929 Lewis Ed Hembree died on 23 November 1929 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK, at age 45. 


Hettie May Middleton b. 20 May 1895, d. 24 Aug 1980

Mary Opal Hemken

F, #37654, b. 26 March 1911, d. 20 September 2009
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited30 May 2018
Birth*26 March 1911 Mary Opal Hemken was born on 26 March 1911 at Sorento, Bond Co, ILG
Married Name Her married name was Fenton. 
Marriage* She married Rev William G Fenton, son of John Henry Fenton and Melinda Cordelia Jarvis
Death*20 September 2009 Mary Opal Hemken died on 20 September 2009 at Sorento, Bond Co, ILG, at age 98. 


Rev William G Fenton b. 6 Feb 1908, d. 15 Feb 1978

Elizabeth Hemmings

F, #11947, b. circa 1650, d. after 1690
FatherJames Hemmings
MotherJane Elizabeth (--?--) b. b 1850
Relationship8th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Verified byDNA testing
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Cronk, Scott Warren (Moffett/Hemmings)
Last Edited12 Jul 2019
Birth*circa 1650 Elizabeth Hemmings was born circa 1650 at Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
 She was the daughter of James Hemmings and Jane Elizabeth (--?--)
Marriage*1668 Elizabeth Hemmings married William Moffett, son of Francis Moffat and Susanna Huyberth, in 1668 at Calvert Co, MD, British Colonial America
Married Name1668  As of 1668,her married name was Moffett. 
Death*after 1690 Elizabeth Hemmings died after 1690 at Calvert Co, MD, British Colonial America


William Moffett b. 23 Jun 1649, d. May 1681

James Hemmings

M, #24993
Relationship9th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited4 May 2012
Birth* James Hemmings was born at England, United KingdomG
Marriage* He married Jane Elizabeth (--?--)


Jane Elizabeth (--?--) b. b 1850

Alabama Henderson

F, #33286, b. 14 July 1851, d. 28 September 1925
FatherWilliam M Henderson b. 26 Jul 1790, d. 1860
MotherSusannah Freeman b. 1811
Relationship7th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsMayflower Descendants
Last Edited10 May 2017
Birth*14 July 1851 Alabama Henderson was born on 14 July 1851 at Crossville, DeKalb Co, ALG
 She was the daughter of William M Henderson and Susannah Freeman
Married Name20 December 1866  As of 20 December 1866,her married name was Duckett. 
Marriage*20 December 1866 Alabama Henderson married Luke Luther Duckett on 20 December 1866 at Marshall Co, AL
Death*28 September 1925 Alabama Henderson died on 28 September 1925 at Crossville, DeKalb Co, ALG, at age 74. 


Luke Luther Duckett b. 15 Dec 1844, d. 5 Apr 1920

Barney Samuel Henderson

M, #33035, b. 11 August 1892, d. 18 November 1980
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited31 Jan 2018
Birth*11 August 1892 Barney Samuel Henderson was born on 11 August 1892 at Olive Branch, Alexander Co, ILG
Marriage*circa 1924 He married Hannah Elizabeth Hill, daughter of John Henry Hill and Rosetta Corrie, circa 1924. 
Death*18 November 1980 Barney Samuel Henderson died on 18 November 1980 at Thebes, Alexander Co, ILG, at age 88. 


Hannah Elizabeth Hill b. 18 Mar 1906, d. 8 Mar 1961

Ella Annis Henderson

F, #14880
Last Edited7 Jan 2001
Marriage* Ella Annis Henderson married William Wright (Bill) Baugh, son of William Leo Baugh MD and Frances Virginia (Frankie) Moffett
Married Name Her married name was Baugh. 


William Wright (Bill) Baugh b. 4 Mar 1915, d. 24 Sep 1984

Geraldine Norvelle Henderson

F, #19138, b. 2 February 1909, d. 20 November 1957
ChartsJennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited12 May 2017
Birth*2 February 1909 Geraldine Norvelle Henderson was born on 2 February 1909 at St Joseph, Champaign Co, ILG.
Married Name14 June 1930  As of 14 June 1930,her married name was Jennings. 
Marriage*14 June 1930 She married Terry Peyton Jennings, son of Carey Wesley Jennings and Maggie Francis Baird, on 14 June 1930 at St Joseph, Champaign Co, ILG
Death*20 November 1957 Geraldine Norvelle Henderson died on 20 November 1957 at Springfield, Sangamon Co, IL, at age 48. 
Burial* She was buried at Mason City, Mason Co, IL


Terry Peyton Jennings b. 17 May 1904, d. 18 Sep 1961

Marian Adeline Henderson

F, #40648, b. 20 May 1917, d. 15 April 2008
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited21 Mar 2019
Birth*20 May 1917 Marian Adeline Henderson was born on 20 May 1917 at Sedalia, Pettis Co, MO
Married Name25 April 1940  As of 25 April 1940,her married name was Bell. 
Marriage*25 April 1940 She married Leslie LeRoy Bell, son of George Lafayette Bell Jr and Lena V Frazier, on 25 April 1940 at St Louis, (independent city), MO
Death*15 April 2008 Marian Adeline Henderson died on 15 April 2008 at Apopka, Orange Co, FL, at age 90. 


Leslie LeRoy Bell b. 8 Jul 1918, d. 14 May 1999

William M Henderson

M, #33285, b. 26 July 1790, d. 1860
ChartsMayflower Descendants
Last Edited10 May 2017
Birth*26 July 1790 William M Henderson was born on 26 July 1790 at Laurens Co, SC
Marriage*1851 He married Susannah Freeman, daughter of Rev Moses Freeman and Mary Fannie Ball, in 1851 at NC
Death*1860 William M Henderson died in 1860 at Montgomery Co, ALG


Susannah Freeman b. 1811

Viola Jeanne Hendrick

F, #35513, b. 2 September 1921, d. 14 July 2002
Last Edited5 Sep 2017
Birth*2 September 1921 Viola Jeanne Hendrick was born on 2 September 1921 at Portsmouth Co, VAG
Married Name30 September 1941  As of 30 September 1941,her married name was Hall. 
Marriage*30 September 1941 She married George Marion Hall, son of Lafayette Jefferson Hall and Mildred Sophia Major, on 30 September 1941 at Dillon, Dillon Co, SC
Death*14 July 2002 Viola Jeanne Hendrick died on 14 July 2002 at Chesterfield, Chesterfield Co, VAG, at age 80. 


George Marion Hall b. 25 Jan 1923, d. 1 Jan 2009

(?) Hendricks

M, #32986
Last Edited5 May 2017
Marriage*14 May 1781 (?) Hendricks married Rebecca Blackburn, daughter of John Blackburn Jr and Rebecca Harlan, on 14 May 1781. 


Rebecca Blackburn b. 12 Dec 1760

Captain Cornelius Lambertse Hendricks

M, #34244, b. 1572, d. circa 1634
FatherAdmiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks b. 1550, d. 17 Mar 1625
MotherSemdrita Y. Nadal b. 1550, d. a 22 Sep 1582
Relationship9th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inNetherlands
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited3 Oct 2018
Birth*1572 Captain Cornelius Lambertse Hendricks was born in 1572 at Utrecht, Netherlands
 He was the son of Admiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks and Semdrita Y. Nadal
Marriage*1591 Captain Cornelius Lambertse Hendricks married Sonnetje Rutger in 1591 at Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands
Death*circa 1634 Captain Cornelius Lambertse Hendricks died circa 1634 at Siddenburen, Groningen, NetherlandsG


Sonnetje Rutger b. 1576

Admiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks

M, #34246, b. 1550, d. 17 March 1625
FatherBarent Rutgerson Hendrickson b. c 1520, d. 1570
MotherNeeltje Evertse b. 1528, d. 1570
Relationship10th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inGermany
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited3 Oct 2018
Birth*1550 Admiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks was born in 1550 at Nordrken, Westfalen, Germany
 He was the son of Barent Rutgerson Hendrickson and Neeltje Evertse
Marriage*1570 Admiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks married Semdrita Y. Nadal, daughter of Manuel Y Nadal and Senora Nadal, in 1570 at Utrecht, Netherlands
Death*17 March 1625 Admiral Lambert Barrentje Hendricks died on 17 March 1625 at Utrecht, Netherlands


Semdrita Y. Nadal b. 1550, d. a 22 Sep 1582