Fred W Kaaz

M, #12004, b. 13 December 1894, d. October 1967
Last Edited30 Sep 2000
Birth*13 December 1894 Fred W Kaaz was born on 13 December 1894 at Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co, KS
Marriage*7 July 1944 He married Gail Whitaker, daughter of Harry Orson Whitaker and Iva Nella Hyde, on 7 July 1944 at KS
SSN*before 1951 His Social Security Number was 511-03-7508; issued before 1951 at KS
Death*October 1967 Fred W Kaaz died in October 1967 at Lansing, Leavenworth Co, KS, at age 72. 


Gail Whitaker b. 7 Jul 1899, d. 17 Feb 1971

Fred Whitaker Kaaz Jr

M, #13596, b. 21 June 1924, d. 20 May 2008
FatherFred W Kaaz b. 13 Dec 1894, d. Oct 1967
MotherGail Whitaker b. 7 Jul 1899, d. 17 Feb 1971
Relationship7th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited20 May 2011
Birth*21 June 1924 Fred Whitaker Kaaz Jr was born on 21 June 1924 at Atchison, Atchison Co, KS
 He was the son of Fred W Kaaz and Gail Whitaker
SSN*before 1951 His Social Security Number was 509-12-8047; issued before 1951 at KS
Death*20 May 2008 Fred Whitaker Kaaz Jr died on 20 May 2008 at Pahrump, Nye Co, NV, at age 83. 
Obituary*2009 [from the website]
About Fred Kaaz

Fred was born in 1944 to Gail and Fred Kaaz in Atchison, Kansas. He attended Leavenworth High School where he met and later married the love of his life, Frances Lehne.

During World War II, Fred flew a Curtiss Seahawk for the United State Navy. Upon conclusion of the war, Fred attended Kansas State College Manhattan where he received a Bachelors and Masters in Science.

Fred went on to work as an engineer for International Business Machines and Lockheed Martin in Northern California.

While working in Cupertino, Fred negotiated a purchase of land in the foothills of Cupertino. He then planned and built two expansive homes on that property with his own hands.

When he retired, Fred and Frances moved to Incline Village, Nevada. They then moved to Reno, Nevada, where they spent a few years until deciding to settle in Pahrump, Nevada.

Fred loved his family and God. Most of all, he cherished Frances who was his life.

Fred is survived by Frances and sorely missed by her and the entire family. 

Cornelia Juanita Kaegi

F, #31755, b. 20 December 1919, d. 22 May 2003
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited3 Feb 2017
Birth*20 December 1919 Cornelia Juanita Kaegi was born on 20 December 1919 at Cave in Rock, Hardin Co, IL
Married Name14 February 1942  As of 14 February 1942,her married name was Paradee. 
Marriage*14 February 1942 She married Robert Lee Paradee, son of Herbert Hugh Paradee and Fannie Kansas Heistand, on 14 February 1942 at Cape Girardeau Co, MO
Death*22 May 2003 Cornelia Juanita Kaegi died on 22 May 2003 at Salem, Marion Co, IL, at age 83. 


Robert Lee Paradee b. 11 Jan 1920, d. 29 Oct 2013

Anna Kaiser

F, #31094, b. 26 May 1875, d. 11 November 1963
Last Edited5 Dec 2016
Birth*26 May 1875 Anna Kaiser was born on 26 May 1875 at Lindenhurst, Suffolk Co, NY
Married Name1890  As of 1890,her married name was Dean. 
Marriage*1890 She married Birtsyl (Bert) Dean, son of Thomas Dean and Elisa (Annie) Valentine, in 1890. 
Death*11 November 1963 Anna Kaiser died on 11 November 1963 at Babylon, Suffolk Co, NY, at age 88. 


Birtsyl (Bert) Dean b. 29 Nov 1873, d. 17 May 1942

Joseph Jacob Kaiser Jr

M, #27945, b. 31 January 1931, d. 17 October 1995
Last Edited2 Nov 2008
Birth*31 January 1931 Joseph Jacob Kaiser Jr was born on 31 January 1931. 
Death*17 October 1995 He died on 17 October 1995 at age 64. 

Joseph W Kallage Jr

M, #23832, b. 3 November 1950, d. 7 January 2006
Born inGermany
Immigration StatusImmigrated
Last Edited24 Mar 2011
Birth*3 November 1950 Joseph W Kallage Jr was born on 3 November 1950 at Hidleberg, Germany
Immigration*8 August 1951 He immigrated on 8 August 1951 to Fort Monmouth, Monmouth Co, NJ
SSN*1956 His Social Security Number was 214-56-8037; issued 1956 at MD
Death*7 January 2006 He died on 7 January 2006 at Canon City, Fremont Co, CO, at age 55. 
Obituary*13 January 2006 [from Canon City Daily Record, 13 Jan 2006]
Joseph William Kallage Jr. 55, of Florence, died Jan. 7, 2006, in Canon City.

He was born Nov. 3, 1950, in Hidleberg, Germany, to Joseph W. Kallage Sr., and Maria (Van Hove) Kallage.

He was employed as a GIS Analyst for the city of Canon City; graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCCS/Colorado Springs, in 2002. He managed the Canon City Safeway for 15 years before attending college in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. He was currently working toward his Masters in geography at UCCS/Colorado Springs.

He married Mary Avia "Peggy" Kallage on June 2, 1971 in Widefield.

Mr. Kallage is survived by his wife; son, Joe W. Kallage III; brother, Bruce (Coral) Kallage of Kuwait; sister, Michelle Kallage, Colorado Springs; father-in-law, William B. Pretzer, Florence; brother-in-law, Danny (Mari) Pretzer, Pueblo West; sisters-in-law, Charlotte (Buddy) Glaser, Colorado Springs and Joyce Pretzer, Canon City; nieces, Kim Kallage, Kelly Kallage, Kim Glaser, Jacque Jensen and Jamie Pretzer; nephews, Chris Glaser and Kyle Proud; great nephews, Jadon and Micah Glaser; great niece, Ashley Jensen.

Cremation, Wilson Crematory with a Celebration of Life at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 14, 2006, at the Evangelical Free Church, 3000 E. Main St. Canon City, CO 81212, with Pastor Dick Gott officiating.

In lieu of flowers, please bring a covered dish to share after the Celebration of Life service.

Memorial contributions may be made to the Humane Society Shelter House, 110 S. Rhoades Ave. Canon City, CO 81212. 

Effie Karkettill

F, #34063, b. circa 1541
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited4 Jun 2017
Birth*circa 1541 Effie Karkettill was born circa 1541 at Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom
Married Name Her married name was Hutsone. 
Marriage* She married William Hutsone


William Hutsone b. c 1537

Ruth Murle Karle

F, #35730, b. 31 August 1916, d. 11 November 2011
Last Edited7 Sep 2017
Birth*31 August 1916 Ruth Murle Karle was born on 31 August 1916 at La Jolla, San Diego Co, CAG
Married Name Her married name was Snyder. 
Marriage* She married Cecil Theodore Snyder, son of Theodore Jack Snyder and Carrie Lilly Bell
Death*11 November 2011 Ruth Murle Karle died on 11 November 2011 at Medford, Jackson Co, OR, at age 95. 


Cecil Theodore Snyder b. 17 Sep 1913, d. 14 Oct 2000

Ruby Jeanetta Karr

F, #29448, b. 13 December 1903, d. 25 December 1973
Last Edited3 Nov 2016
Birth*13 December 1903 Ruby Jeanetta Karr was born on 13 December 1903 at ILG
Married Name Her married name was Wickersham. 
Marriage* She married George W Wickersham, son of Benjamin Franklin Wickersham and Katherine Susie Haley
Death*25 December 1973 Ruby Jeanetta Karr died on 25 December 1973 at Patoka Village, Marion Co, IL, at age 70. 


George W Wickersham b. 15 Dec 1897, d. 27 May 1973

Maria Louise Kastler

F, #30130, b. 16 July 1863, d. 16 March 1952
Immigration StatusImmigrated
Last Edited21 Nov 2016
Birth*16 July 1863 Maria Louise Kastler was born on 16 July 1863 at Elsass, FranceG
Married Name5 September 1900  As of 5 September 1900,her married name was Montgomery. 
Marriage*5 September 1900 She married John Ralph Montgomery, son of Michael D Montgomery and Orphia B McKinney, on 5 September 1900 at Coles Co, ILG
Death*16 March 1952 Maria Louise Kastler died on 16 March 1952 at Wall Lake Twp, Wright Co, IA, at age 88. 


John Ralph Montgomery b. May 1879

Gertrude Roosa Keator

F, #34461, b. 3 November 1802, d. 26 April 1887
Last Edited16 Jun 2017
Birth*3 November 1802 Gertrude Roosa Keator was born on 3 November 1802 at Marbletown, Ulster Co, NY
Married Name20 May 1824  As of 20 May 1824,her married name was DuBois. 
Marriage*20 May 1824 She married Isaac G DuBois, son of Gerrit DuBois and Sarah Roosa, on 20 May 1824 at New Paltz, Ulster Co, NY
Death*26 April 1887 Gertrude Roosa Keator died on 26 April 1887 at Rosendale, Ulster Co, NY, at age 84. 


Isaac G DuBois b. 19 Sep 1801, d. 17 Jan 1890

Wendell Keck

M, #6505, b. 10 May 1916, d. 29 April 1994
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited18 Mar 1999
Birth*10 May 1916 Wendell Keck was born on 10 May 1916 at Clay Co, ILG
Marriage* He married Helen Josephine Devore, daughter of Walter (Roy) Devore and Eva May Jennings
SSN*between 1953 and 1954 His Social Security Number was 344-30-0433; issued between 1953 and 1954 at ILG
Death*29 April 1994 Wendell Keck died on 29 April 1994 at Bible Grove, Clay Co, ILG, at age 77. 


Helen Josephine Devore b. 5 Feb 1922, d. 13 Mar 2003

David Keele

M, #14787
Last Edited15 May 2010
Marriage* David Keele married Mary (?) 


Mary (?)

Parthena Sweet Keele

F, #14786, b. 20 December 1834, d. 18 December 1897
FatherDavid Keele
MotherMary (?)
Last Edited7 May 2017
Birth*20 December 1834 Parthena Sweet Keele was born on 20 December 1834 at TN
 She was the daughter of David Keele and Mary (?) 
Marriage*17 December 1846 Parthena Sweet Keele married George Washington Middleton, son of William Harris Middleton and Nancy Elizabeth Eddings, on 17 December 1846 at Marion Co, ILG
Married Name17 December 1848  As of 17 December 1848,her married name was Middleton. 
Death*18 December 1897 Parthena Sweet Keele died on 18 December 1897 at Salem, Marion Co, IL, at age 62. 


George Washington Middleton b. 2 Feb 1826, d. 3 Nov 1875

Unity Malvina Keele

F, #19284, b. 3 November 1838, d. 20 March 1916
Last Edited15 May 2010
Birth*3 November 1838 Unity Malvina Keele was born on 3 November 1838 at TN
Married Name23 December 1854  As of 23 December 1854,her married name was Middleton. 
Marriage*23 December 1854 She married William R Middleton, son of William Harris Middleton and Nancy Elizabeth Eddings, on 23 December 1854 at Marion Co, ILG
Death*20 March 1916 Unity Malvina Keele died on 20 March 1916 at age 77. 


William R Middleton b. 1835, d. 30 Sep 1855

Hannah Keen

F, #34934, b. 18 February 1768, d. 25 September 1846
ChartsMayflower Descendants
Last Edited23 Jun 2017
Birth*18 February 1768 Hannah Keen was born on 18 February 1768 at Dartmouth, Bristol Co, MAG
Married Name23 April 1781  As of 23 April 1781,her married name was Sears. 
Marriage*23 April 1781 She married Nathaniel Sears, son of Nathaniel Sears and Elizabeth Winslow, on 23 April 1781 at Rochester, Plymouth Co, MA
Death*25 September 1846 Hannah Keen died on 25 September 1846 at Rochester, Plymouth Co, MA, at age 78. 


Nathaniel Sears b. 28 Jul 1771, d. 30 Mar 1816

Henry John Keene

M, #32379, b. 1795, d. 1857
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*1795 Henry John Keene was born in 1795 at Scott Co, KY
Marriage*1830 He married Martha Lewis Snell, daughter of Loudin Snell and Judith Dicken, in 1830 at Scott Co, KY
Death*1857 Henry John Keene died in 1857 at Bonham, Fannin Co, TX


Martha Lewis Snell b. 1810, d. 1880

James Robert Keene

M, #32380, b. 1854, d. circa 1895
FatherHenry John Keene b. 1795, d. 1857
MotherMartha Lewis Snell b. 1810, d. 1880
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*1854 James Robert Keene was born in 1854 at Ivanhoe, Fannin Co, TX
 He was the son of Henry John Keene and Martha Lewis Snell
Marriage*circa 1874 James Robert Keene married Sarah Alice Yates circa 1874. 
Death*circa 1895 James Robert Keene died circa 1895 at Lockney, Floyd Co, TX


Sarah Alice Yates b. Aug 1856, d. 26 Jun 1922

Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr

M, #32384, b. 21 September 1919, d. 24 April 2006
FatherMalcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr b. 10 May 1893, d. 20 Sep 1938
MotherLauretta Jane Morden b. 28 Sep 1898, d. 22 Jul 1979
Relationship7th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*21 September 1919 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr was born on 21 September 1919 at Douglas, Cochise Co, AZ
 He was the son of Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr and Lauretta Jane Morden
Marriage*10 June 1942 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr married Violet Dorothy Lorene Helderman on 10 June 1942 at Deming, Luna Co, NM
Death*24 April 2006 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Jr died on 24 April 2006 at Spokane, Spokane Co, WA, at age 86. 


Violet Dorothy Lorene Helderman b. 25 Mar 1920, d. 20 Jul 2013

Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr

M, #32382, b. 10 May 1893, d. 20 September 1938
FatherJames Robert Keene b. 1854, d. c 1895
MotherSarah Alice Yates b. Aug 1856, d. 26 Jun 1922
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*10 May 1893 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr was born on 10 May 1893 at Lockney, Floyd Co, TX
 He was the son of James Robert Keene and Sarah Alice Yates
Marriage*7 July 1917 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr married Lauretta Jane Morden on 7 July 1917 at Denver, Denver Co, COG
Death*20 September 1938 Malcolm Henry Clay Keene Sr died on 20 September 1938 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZG, at age 45. 


Lauretta Jane Morden b. 28 Sep 1898, d. 22 Jul 1979

Alice E Keese

F, #38051, b. February 1866, d. 29 September 1952
FatherJames E Keese b. 1843, d. 18 Nov 1915
MotherAngelina Tabitha Lewis b. 3 Jan 1843, d. 29 Jan 1918
Relationship4th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited2 Jul 2018
Birth*February 1866 Alice E Keese was born in February 1866 at TX
 She was the daughter of James E Keese and Angelina Tabitha Lewis
Married Name10 January 1890  As of 10 January 1890,her married name was Tobey. 
Marriage*10 January 1890 Alice E Keese married William Avery Tobey on 10 January 1890. 
Death*29 September 1952 Alice E Keese died on 29 September 1952 at Leon Co, TX, at age 86. 


William Avery Tobey b. 1870, d. 4 Dec 1949

James E Keese

M, #38050, b. 1843, d. 18 November 1915
Last Edited2 Jul 2018
Birth*1843 James E Keese was born in 1843 at Marengo Co, AL
Marriage*30 January 1862 He married Angelina Tabitha Lewis, daughter of Levi Lewis and Abigail Bay, on 30 January 1862 at San Saba, San Saba Co, TX
Death*18 November 1915 James E Keese died on 18 November 1915 at Medina, Bandera Co, TX


Angelina Tabitha Lewis b. 3 Jan 1843, d. 29 Jan 1918

Mida Elmira Keeton

F, #31026, b. 7 October 1875, d. 10 January 1929
Last Edited3 Dec 2016
Birth*7 October 1875 Mida Elmira Keeton was born on 7 October 1875 at Pope Co, AR
Married Name5 October 1893  As of 5 October 1893,her married name was Bowden. 
Marriage*5 October 1893 She married John Laval Bowden, son of Allen Blantin Bowden and Nancy Jane O'Barr, on 5 October 1893 at Valley, Pope Co, AR
Death*10 January 1929 Mida Elmira Keeton died on 10 January 1929 at Greenwood, Baxter Co, AR, at age 53. 


John Laval Bowden b. 6 Dec 1873, d. 2 Mar 1930

Lady Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray

F, #32594, b. 14 July 1530, d. 16 July 1588
Born inUnited Kingdom
Royality and NobilityRoyality and Nobility
Last Edited17 Feb 2017
Birth*14 July 1530 Lady Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray was born on 14 July 1530 at Dunnottar Castle, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomG
Married Name Her married name was Campbell. 
Marriage* She married Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll, son of Archibald Campbell, 4th Earl of Argyll and Lady Margaret Graham
Death*16 July 1588 Lady Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray died on 16 July 1588 at Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomG, at age 58. 


Colin Campbell, 6th Earl of Argyll b. c 1541, d. 10 Sep 1584

Joan Keith

F, #37621, b. 21 May 1931, d. 27 March 2006
Last Edited17 May 2018
Birth*21 May 1931 Joan Keith was born on 21 May 1931 at Fayetteville, Washington Co, ARG
Married Name22 November 1947  As of 22 November 1947,her married name was Shoemaker. 
Marriage*22 November 1947 She married Jeffrey Owen Shoemaker, son of William Alvin (Mike) Shoemaker and Ollie May Phillips, on 22 November 1947. 
Death*27 March 2006 Joan Keith died on 27 March 2006 at Bartlesville, Washington Co, OK, at age 74. 


Jeffrey Owen Shoemaker b. 6 Jan 1924, d. 5 May 1999