Ollie Mae Lowe

F, #10534, b. 21 December 1878, d. 28 July 1974
Last Edited24 Oct 2005
Birth*21 December 1878 Ollie Mae Lowe was born on 21 December 1878 at Merrimac, Taylor Co, KY
Marriage*21 December 1899 She married James Asa Cornelius, son of Daniel D Cornelius and Frances Ann Thompson, on 21 December 1899 at Menard Co, IL, Vol B, Page 137, License# 7146. 
Married Name21 December 1899  As of 21 December 1899,her married name was Cornelius. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 356-16-3486; issued before 1951 at ILG
Death*28 July 1974 Ollie Mae Lowe died on 28 July 1974 at Carlinville, Macoupin Co, IL, at age 95. 


James Asa Cornelius b. 8 Sep 1875, d. 13 Jul 1963

Ann Loyd

F, #39442
Last Edited16 Dec 2018
Married Name Her married name was Foster. 
Marriage* Ann Loyd married Robert Foster Jr, son of Robert Foster Sr and Elizabeth Garnett


Robert Foster Jr b. 1683, d. 1720

Lucy Luc

F, #32660, b. 1744, d. 1 October 1815
Last Edited5 Mar 2017
Birth*1744 Lucy Luc was born in 1744 at VAG
Married Name Her married name was Foster. 
Marriage* She married James Foster, son of George Foster and Susannah Pollard
Death*1 October 1815 Lucy Luc died on 1 October 1815 at Elbert Co, GA


James Foster b. 1742, d. 1813

Grisselle (Gracie) Luckey

F, #35842, b. 17 March 1776, d. 22 February 1832
FatherWilliam Luckey b. 1753, d. 30 Oct 1798
MotherJane Bell b. 1760 or 1765, d. 1817 or 1818
Relationship2nd cousin 6 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited10 Sep 2017
Birth*17 March 1776 Grisselle (Gracie) Luckey was born on 17 March 1776 at MD
 She was the daughter of William Luckey and Jane Bell
Married Name18 August 1800  As of 18 August 1800,her married name was Bell. 
Marriage*18 August 1800 Grisselle (Gracie) Luckey married John Tunstall Bell, son of John Patterson Bell and Ann Temple Tunstall, on 18 August 1800 at Harford Co, MD
Death*22 February 1832 Grisselle (Gracie) Luckey died on 22 February 1832 at Pike Co, MO, at age 55. 


John Tunstall Bell b. 1776, d. 8 Jul 1818

William Luckey

M, #35844, b. 1753, d. 30 October 1798
Last Edited10 Sep 2017
Birth*1753 William Luckey was born in 1753 at Harford Co, MD
Marriage*1774 He married Jane Bell, daughter of John Bell and Mary Montgomery Patterson, in 1774 at Chester Co, PA
Death*30 October 1798 William Luckey died on 30 October 1798 at Harford Co, MD


Jane Bell b. 1760 or 1765, d. 1817 or 1818

Elizabeth Lucy

F, #32232, b. 1805, d. 22 January 1863
Last Edited12 Feb 2017
Birth*1805 Elizabeth Lucy was born in 1805. 
Married Name24 January 1826  As of 24 January 1826,her married name was Wilkes. 
Marriage*24 January 1826 She married Benjamin Freeman Wilkes, son of William Wilkes and Elizabeth Foster, on 24 January 1826 at Mecklenburg Co, VAG
Death*22 January 1863 Elizabeth Lucy died on 22 January 1863 at Holmes Co, MS


Benjamin Freeman Wilkes b. 1807, d. 7 Jul 1868

Ida (Lucky) A Lueking

F, #36049, b. 18 April 1895, d. 16 August 1944
Last Edited30 Sep 2017
Birth*18 April 1895 Ida (Lucky) A Lueking was born on 18 April 1895 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Married Name1911  As of 1911,her married name was Jarvis. 
Marriage*1911 She married Edward Harold Jarvis, son of Edward Thomas Jarvis and Cordelia Eunice Hartley, in 1911. 
Census13 January 1920 Ida (Lucky) A Lueking and Edward Harold Jarvis appeared on the census of 13 January 1920 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Census*18 April 1930 Ida (Lucky) A Lueking and Edward Harold Jarvis appeared on the census of 18 April 1930 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Census*25 April 1940 Ida (Lucky) A Lueking appeared on the census of 25 April 1940 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Death*16 August 1944 She died on 16 August 1944 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL, at age 49. 


Edward Harold Jarvis b. 29 Mar 1891, d. 8 Mar 1939
Marriage*1911 She married Edward Harold Jarvis, son of Edward Thomas Jarvis and Cordelia Eunice Hartley, in 1911. 

Elizabeth Luffran

F, #29886, b. circa 1745
Relationship5th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited20 Dec 2018
Birth*circa 1745 Elizabeth Luffran was born circa 1745 at Dauphin Co, PA
Married Name7 January 1772  As of 7 January 1772,her married name was Smiley. 
Marriage*7 January 1772 She married James Smiley, son of John Smiley and Margaret Buchanan, on 7 January 1772 at Paxtang, Dauphin Co, PA


James Smiley b. 1743, d. 20 May 1803

Beryle Irene Luhr

F, #25850, b. 1 September 1918, d. 21 November 1998
FatherJohn Henry Luhr b. 29 Jul 1882, d. 7 Jan 1952
MotherGrayce Meryl Good b. 10 Jul 1886, d. Apr 1970
Relationship5th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited31 Oct 2016
Birth*1 September 1918 Beryle Irene Luhr was born on 1 September 1918 at Ashland, Saunders Co, NE
 She was the daughter of John Henry Luhr and Grayce Meryl Good
Married Name17 July 1937  As of 17 July 1937,her married name was Oldemeyer. 
Marriage*17 July 1937 Beryle Irene Luhr married Orville Lee (Bud) Oldemeyer on 17 July 1937 at Fort Morgan, Morgan Co, COG
Death*21 November 1998 Beryle Irene Luhr died on 21 November 1998 at Longmont, Boulder Co, COG, at age 80. 


Orville Lee (Bud) Oldemeyer b. 7 Dec 1915, d. 10 Jan 1977

John August (Gus) Luhr

M, #25847, b. 1 July 1858, d. 4 June 1942
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited31 Oct 2016
Birth*1 July 1858 John August (Gus) Luhr was born on 1 July 1858 at Clayton Co, IA
Marriage*1 September 1881 He married Sarah Genora Green, daughter of John Green and Mary Elizabeth Jennings, on 1 September 1881 at Kinmundy Twp, Marion Co, IL
Death*4 June 1942 John August (Gus) Luhr died on 4 June 1942 at Redlands, San Bernardino Co, CA, at age 83. 


Sarah Genora Green b. 29 Aug 1863, d. 1 Mar 1944

John Henry Luhr

M, #25848, b. 29 July 1882, d. 7 January 1952
FatherJohn August (Gus) Luhr b. 1 Jul 1858, d. 4 Jun 1942
MotherSarah Genora Green b. 29 Aug 1863, d. 1 Mar 1944
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited31 Oct 2016
Birth*29 July 1882 John Henry Luhr was born on 29 July 1882 at Page Co, IA
 He was the son of John August (Gus) Luhr and Sarah Genora Green
Marriage*28 February 1905 John Henry Luhr married Grayce Meryl Good on 28 February 1905 at IAG
Death*7 January 1952 John Henry Luhr died on 7 January 1952 at Stanislaus Co, CAG, at age 69. 


Grayce Meryl Good b. 10 Jul 1886, d. Apr 1970

Nancy (Martha?) Luke

F, #2699
Last Edited12 Mar 1999
Marriage*18 December 1848 Nancy (Martha?) Luke married George W Bentley on 18 December 1848 at Madison Co, ILG
Married Name18 December 1848  As of 18 December 1848,her married name was Bentley. 
Burial* Nancy (Martha?) Luke was buried at Sunnyside Cemetery, Sorento, Bond Co, ILG; Age: 82 years, 2 months, 17 days. 


George W Bentley

Lady Catherine de Lumley

F, #38335, b. 1398, d. 6 June 1461
Relationship16th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited14 Sep 2018
Birth*1398 Lady Catherine de Lumley was born in 1398 at Arundel, Sussex, England, United Kingdom
Marriage*1409 She married William Hussey in 1409 at Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom
Married Name1409  As of 1409,her married name was Hussey. 
Death*6 June 1461 Lady Catherine de Lumley died on 6 June 1461 at Chevington, County Durham, England, United Kingdom


William Hussey b. c 1391, d. 1423

Thomasine Lumpkin

F, #36956, b. 1626, d. 16 June 1709
Last Edited20 Feb 2018
Birth*1626 Thomasine Lumpkin was born in 1626 at Yarmouth, Barnstable Co, MAG
Marriage* She married Samuel Mayo
Married Name Her married name was Mayo. 
Death*16 June 1709 Thomasine Lumpkin died on 16 June 1709 at Brewster, Barnstable Co, MAG


Samuel Mayo b. 1625, d. Apr 1664

Lois Inga Marie Lundgaard

F, #23817, b. 10 September 1920
Last Edited23 Mar 2011
Birth*10 September 1920 Lois Inga Marie Lundgaard was born on 10 September 1920. 
Married Name28 August 1948  As of 28 August 1948,her married name was Dunn. 
Marriage*28 August 1948 She married John Harold Dunn II, son of John Harold Dunn and Hazel Cornelius, on 28 August 1948 at Jackson Co, MO


John Harold Dunn II b. 24 Sep 1920

Wayne Lunsford

M, #35495, b. 31 July 1933, d. 9 November 2013
Last Edited5 Sep 2017
Birth*31 July 1933 Wayne Lunsford was born on 31 July 1933 at Jackson Co, KY
Marriage*28 May 1954 He married Malinda Jean Gray, daughter of William (Bill) Morgan Gray and Holly Jenkins, on 28 May 1954 at Liberty, Wells Co, IN
Death*9 November 2013 Wayne Lunsford died on 9 November 2013 at IN at age 80. 


Malinda Jean Gray b. 19 May 1938, d. 14 Oct 2002

Jane Lutman

F, #33507, b. 1 September 1615, d. 1 May 1674
FatherWilliam Lutman b. 1572, d. Dec 1650
MotherJane Hastinge b. 1575, d. Sep 1656
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited24 May 2017
Birth*1 September 1615 Jane Lutman was born on 1 September 1615 at Ockley, Surrey, England, United KingdomG
 She was the daughter of William Lutman and Jane Hastinge
Marriage*24 August 1636 Jane Lutman married William Dudley, son of William Dudley and Eleanor Hooker, on 24 August 1636 at Ockley, Surrey, England, United KingdomG
Married Name24 August 1636  As of 24 August 1636,her married name was Dudley. 
Death*1 May 1674 Jane Lutman died on 1 May 1674 at Guilford, New Haven Co, CT, at age 58. 


William Dudley b. 11 Sep 1608, d. 5 Mar 1684

William Lutman

M, #33508, b. 1572, d. December 1650
Relationship11th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited24 May 2017
Birth*1572 William Lutman was born in 1572 at Ockley, Surrey, England, United KingdomG
Marriage*23 April 1606 He married Jane Hastinge on 23 April 1606 at Slinfold, Sussex, England, United KingdomG
Death*December 1650 William Lutman died in December 1650 at Ockley, Surrey, England, United KingdomG


Jane Hastinge b. 1575, d. Sep 1656

Anita Voncille Lyde

F, #37498, b. 25 May 1917, d. 6 October 2005
Last Edited7 May 2018
Birth*25 May 1917 Anita Voncille Lyde was born on 25 May 1917 at Marietta Co, OK
Married Name6 March 1936  As of 6 March 1936,her married name was Alexander. 
Marriage*6 March 1936 She married Dean Edward Alexander, son of Robert Theodore (Boss) Alexander and Mae C Palmer, on 6 March 1936 at Claude, Armstrong Co, TX
Death*6 October 2005 Anita Voncille Lyde died on 6 October 2005 at Amarillo, Potter Co, TX, at age 88. 


Dean Edward Alexander b. 5 Jun 1910, d. 2 Dec 1990

Eleanor Josephine (Josie) Lyles

F, #36602, b. 22 June 1857, d. 19 March 1935
Last Edited11 Jan 2018
Birth*22 June 1857 Eleanor Josephine (Josie) Lyles was born on 22 June 1857 at Plano, Collin Co, TX
Married Name21 June 1875  As of 21 June 1875,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*21 June 1875 She married William Richard Blackburn, son of Robert Rankin Blackburn and Sarah Josephine Fain, on 21 June 1875 at Plano, Collin Co, TX
Death*19 March 1935 Eleanor Josephine (Josie) Lyles died on 19 March 1935 at Stephens Co, TX, at age 77. 


William Richard Blackburn b. 18 May 1842, d. 30 Mar 1893

James C Lyman

M, #9687, b. 15 January 1939, d. 19 November 2015
Last Edited7 May 2018
Birth*15 January 1939 James C Lyman was born on 15 January 1939 at Darby, Ravalli Co, MT
Occupation*between 1973 and 1992 He had a variety of careers between 1973 and 1992 in Alaska. These included: working at a logging mill, commercial fishing in Yakatat; owned a service station; worked for a air taxi service; was an aircraft machanic; was an aircraft flight instructor; drove a gravel truck. 
Death*19 November 2015 He died on 19 November 2015 at Saybrook Twp, Ashtabula Co, OH, at age 76 [From Star Beacon, 22 Nov 2015]

SAYBROOK TOWNSHIP — James C. Lyman, age 76, of Saybrook Township, went home to be with the Lord on Thursday, Nov. 19, 2015, at home with family by his side. He was born Jan. 15, 1939, in Darby, Mont., to Leroy and Caroline V. (Schoefield) Lyman. James married Nancy E. Milliken on Jan. 15, 1994, in Bethel, Alaska. He was a pilot and mechanic for several Air Lines and also a Missionary pilot. He was a member of New Life Assembly, was one of the founders of Christian Pilots Association of Alaska and mentored younger pilots. He loved serving the Lord and people and was an inspiration to many. He grew up on a farm in British Columbia, and liked hunting, fishing, outdoors, baseball and the Indians. He is survived by his wife, Nancy; children, Jeffrey (Bonnie) Lyman of Virginia; step-son, Gregory Stockdale of Las Vegas; grandchildren, Kaitlin and Joshua; sister, Marion Hayden of Idaho; two nieces; one grandniece; and cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents; brothers, Leonard and John; and sister, Betty. Calling Hour will be from 4 to 5 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 24th, at New Life Assembly of God, 1961 La Fevre Road, Geneva, with a Celebration of Life Service at 5 p.m., directly after Calling Hour, with the Rev. Harry Pishcura officiating. Contributions may be made to New Life Assembly of God, 1961 La Fevre Road, Geneva, Ohio 44041; Hospice of the Western Reserve, 1166 Lake Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio 44004 or Christian Pilots Association of Alaska, 12145 Avion St., Anchorage, Alaska 99516. Arrangements by WALKER FUNERAL HOME, 828 Sherman St., Geneva. Obituary and condolences at starbeacon.com. 

Jessica Lynne Lyman

F, #9683, b. 23 December 1988, d. 14 July 1989
Relationship1st cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Born inOther
Last Edited17 Oct 2007
Birth*23 December 1988 Jessica Lynne Lyman was born on 23 December 1988 at Okinawa, JapanG
Death*14 July 1989 She died on 14 July 1989 at Okinawa, JapanG

Charles Ray Lynch

M, #37803, b. 1 April 1935, d. 20 November 2009
Last Edited5 Jun 2018
Birth*1 April 1935 Charles Ray Lynch was born on 1 April 1935 at Sterling, Logan Co, COG
Death*20 November 2009 He died on 20 November 2009 at Loveland, Larimer Co, COG, at age 74. 

Leona Pogue Lynch

F, #18510, b. 2 March 1902, d. January 1983
Last Edited25 Oct 2005
Birth*2 March 1902 Leona Pogue Lynch was born on 2 March 1902. 
Married Name Her married name was Daugherty. 
Marriage* She married Bailey Enoch Daugherty, son of Henry Lee Daugherty and Rebecca R Coleman
SSN*1951 Her Social Security Number was 454-20-4208; issued 1951 at TX
Death*January 1983 Leona Pogue Lynch died in January 1983 at Stanwood, Snohomish Co, WA, at age 80. 


Bailey Enoch Daugherty b. 25 Feb 1900, d. 23 Mar 1979

Katherine Elizabeth Lynn

F, #3106, b. 6 June 1915
FatherWilliam Henry Lynn Jr b. 4 Dec 1894, d. Jan 1973
MotherNellie Francis Tolbert b. 1898
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited13 Dec 2010
Birth*6 June 1915 Katherine Elizabeth Lynn was born on 6 June 1915 at Louisville, Clay Co, ILG
 She was the daughter of William Henry Lynn Jr and Nellie Francis Tolbert
Marriage*10 October 1930 Katherine Elizabeth Lynn married Marion Edward Goodman, son of Marion Elison Goodman and Maude Myrtle Jennings, on 10 October 1930. 
Married Name10 October 1930  As of 10 October 1930,her married name was Goodman. 
Divorce* Katherine Elizabeth Lynn and Marion Edward Goodman were divorced. 


Marion Edward Goodman b. 16 Dec 1908, d. 23 Oct 1985