Raymond Kenny Johnston

M, #30043, b. 6 May 1891, d. 4 December 1969
FatherWilliam Alfred Johnston b. 1 Feb 1853, d. 1907
MotherMargaret Ketta Smiley b. 20 Feb 1857, d. 20 Sep 1938
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*6 May 1891 Raymond Kenny Johnston was born on 6 May 1891 at Greensburg, Decatur Co, IN
 He was the son of William Alfred Johnston and Margaret Ketta Smiley
Death*4 December 1969 Raymond Kenny Johnston died on 4 December 1969 at Indianapolis, Marion Co, ING, at age 78.

Robert Johnston

M, #40739, b. 30 August 1846, d. 27 January 1932
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*30 August 1846 Robert Johnston was born on 30 August 1846 at Moscow, Clermont Co, OH
Marriage*30 January 1873 He married Mary Francis Pattison, daughter of William George Pattison and Lucinda Ann Ross, on 30 January 1873 at Moscow, Clermont Co, OH
Death*27 January 1932 Robert Johnston died on 27 January 1932 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH, at age 85. 


Mary Francis Pattison b. 8 Aug 1850, d. 24 Oct 1945

Samuel Enoch Johnston

M, #34268, b. 25 March 1888, d. 10 February 1980
FatherHenry Uriel Johnston b. 29 Dec 1850, d. 10 Nov 1914
MotherMargaret Louisiana Elizabeth Miller b. 25 Apr 1856, d. 24 Apr 1950
Relationship6th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*25 March 1888 Samuel Enoch Johnston was born on 25 March 1888 at Athens, McMinn Co, TN
 He was the son of Henry Uriel Johnston and Margaret Louisiana Elizabeth Miller
Marriage*31 December 1905 Samuel Enoch Johnston married Allie Mae Anderson on 31 December 1905 at McMinn Co, TN
Death*10 February 1980 Samuel Enoch Johnston died on 10 February 1980 at Catoosa Co, GA, at age 91. 


Allie Mae Anderson b. 22 Jul 1888, d. 12 Jan 1938

Uriel Johnston

M, #34262, b. 1807, d. 23 March 1877
FatherLarkin Johnson b. May 1776, d. 4 Jun 1852
MotherMary (Polly) Davis b. 1769, d. 1850
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*1807 Uriel Johnston was born in 1807 at Wythe Co, VAG
 He was the son of Larkin Johnson and Mary (Polly) Davis
Marriage*15 September 1825 Uriel Johnston married Elizabeth (Betsy) Sprinkle on 15 September 1825 at Wythe Co, VAG
Death*23 March 1877 Uriel Johnston died on 23 March 1877 at McMinn Co, TN


Elizabeth (Betsy) Sprinkle b. 15 Jun 1802, d. 28 Oct 1885

William Alfred Johnston

M, #30042, b. 1 February 1853, d. 1907
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Birth*1 February 1853 William Alfred Johnston was born on 1 February 1853 at Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN
Marriage*22 February 1877 He married Margaret Ketta Smiley, daughter of William Smiley and Mary Anne Kenney, on 22 February 1877 at Greensburg, Decatur Co, IN
Death*1907 William Alfred Johnston died in 1907 at Bedford, Lawrence Co, IN


Margaret Ketta Smiley b. 20 Feb 1857, d. 20 Sep 1938

William J Johnston

M, #29912, b. 1828
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*1828 William J Johnston was born in 1828 at Felicity, Clermont Co, OH
Marriage*6 January 1853 He married Mary Amanda Manning, daughter of John Willard Manning and Nancy Ann Patterson, on 6 January 1853 at Clermont Co, OH


Mary Amanda Manning b. 1835, d. 29 Jan 1923

Jonet Johnstone

F, #25933, b. 1628, d. 1649
Born inUnited Kingdom
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Birth*1628 Jonet Johnstone was born in 1628 at Holehouse/Hoilhous, Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Married Name1648  As of 1648,her married name was Moffat. 
Marriage*1648 She married James Moffat, son of Francis Moffat and Mary Moffat, in 1648 at Holehouse/Hoilhous, Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Death*1649 Jonet Johnstone died in 1649 at Holehouse/Hoilhous, Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG


James Moffat b. 1631

Magdalena Joire

F, #34367, b. 27 October 1611, d. 30 April 1688
FatherPierre Joire b. 4 Oct 1575, d. 4 Oct 1619
MotherJacoba LeBlanc b. 1579, d. 26 Aug 1619
Relationship8th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Verified byDNA testing
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*27 October 1611 Magdalena Joire was born on 27 October 1611 at Armentières, Lille, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FranceG
 She was the daughter of Pierre Joire and Jacoba LeBlanc
Marriage*15 October 1633 Magdalena Joire married Mathiew Blanchan, son of Leonin Beauchamp Blanchan and Isabel LeRoy, on 15 October 1633 at Armentières, Lille, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FranceG
Married Name15 October 1633  As of 15 October 1633,her married name was Blanchan. 
Death*30 April 1688 Magdalena Joire died on 30 April 1688 at Ulster Co, NY, at age 76. 


Mathiew Blanchan b. 17 Feb 1600, d. 30 Apr 1688

Pierre Joire

M, #34371, b. 4 October 1575, d. 4 October 1619
Relationship9th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*4 October 1575 Pierre Joire was born on 4 October 1575 at Armentières, Lille, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FranceG
Marriage* He married Jacoba LeBlanc
Death*4 October 1619 Pierre Joire died on 4 October 1619 at Nord-Pas-de-Calais, FranceG, at age 44. 


Jacoba LeBlanc b. 1579, d. 26 Aug 1619

Andrew Cornelius Jones

M, #35520, b. 24 October 1884, d. 16 July 1921
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Birth*24 October 1884 Andrew Cornelius Jones was born on 24 October 1884 at Wayne Co, KY
Marriage*5 August 1910 He married Susie Ellen Clark, daughter of James Washington Clark and Jemima Hastletine Jones, on 5 August 1910 at Wayne Co, KY
Death*16 July 1921 Andrew Cornelius Jones died on 16 July 1921 at Whitley City, McCreary Co, KY, at age 36. 


Susie Ellen Clark b. 28 May 1882, d. 15 Nov 1923

Betty Gene Jones

F, #30422, b. 7 July 1924, d. 17 September 2014
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*7 July 1924 Betty Gene Jones was born on 7 July 1924 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Married Name31 May 1946  As of 31 May 1946,her married name was Wilkins. 
Marriage*31 May 1946 She married Richard Howard Wilkins, son of Raymond (Ray) Wilkins and Ella Frieda Becker, on 31 May 1946 at Henderson, Henderson Co, KY
Death*17 September 2014 Betty Gene Jones died on 17 September 2014 at Salem, Marion Co, IL, at age 90. 


Richard Howard Wilkins b. 24 Jan 1926, d. 5 Dec 2013

Birdie Belle Jones

F, #32407, b. 22 May 1905, d. 16 April 1977
FatherGarland R Jones b. 1876, d. 4 Oct 1959
MotherEmma Rachel Ross b. 1880, d. 4 Jul 1958
Relationship6th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*22 May 1905 Birdie Belle Jones was born on 22 May 1905 at ARG
 She was the daughter of Garland R Jones and Emma Rachel Ross
Married Name Her married name was Waller. 
Marriage* Birdie Belle Jones married Alton Henry Waller
Death*16 April 1977 Birdie Belle Jones died on 16 April 1977 at Bakersfield, Kern Co, CAG, at age 71. 


Alton Henry Waller b. 13 Oct 1906, d. 23 Feb 1986

Caroline Asalene Jones

F, #32485, b. June 1880, d. 1954
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*June 1880 Caroline Asalene Jones was born in June 1880 at MS
Married Name1896  As of 1896,her married name was Dykes. 
Marriage*1896 She married Luther Candaris Dykes, son of Benjamin Franklin Dykes Jr and Permelia Gunter, in 1896 at Jones Co, MS
Death*1954 Caroline Asalene Jones died in 1954 at Jasper Co, MS


Luther Candaris Dykes b. 4 Mar 1874, d. 30 Sep 1962

Delilah Jones

F, #38474, b. 1762
Last Edited25 Sep 2018
Birth*1762 Delilah Jones was born in 1762. 
Married Name1780  As of 1780,her married name was Meador. 
Marriage*1780 She married John Meador, son of John Meador and Jane Holloway, in 1780 at VA


John Meador b. 17 Oct 1750, d. 5 Nov 1833

Dorothy Jean Jones

F, #905, b. 18 October 1922, d. 26 September 1995
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited24 Mar 2011
Birth*18 October 1922 Dorothy Jean Jones was born on 18 October 1922. 
Marriage*20 February 1948 She married Jack Wetsel, son of William Cecil Wetsel and Winnifred Gwendeyln Cornelius, on 20 February 1948 at Greenville, Hunt Co, TX
Married Name20 February 1948  As of 20 February 1948,her married name was Wetsel. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 455-24-2634; issued before 1951 at TX
Death*26 September 1995 Dorothy Jean Jones died on 26 September 1995 at Dallas Co, TX, at age 72. 


Jack Wetsel b. 30 Sep 1921, d. 17 Aug 2008

Elias D Jones

M, #33387, b. circa 1819, d. circa 1888
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*circa 1819 Elias D Jones was born circa 1819 at NY
Marriage*23 July 1840 He married Annis Cole, daughter of Joshua Cole and Nancy Hopkins, on 23 July 1840 at St Joseph Co, IN
Death*circa 1888 Elias D Jones died circa 1888. 


Annis Cole b. 7 Feb 1821, d. 24 May 1906

Elizabeth Jones

F, #36001, b. circa 1704
Last Edited21 Sep 2017
Birth*circa 1704 Elizabeth Jones was born circa 1704 at Caroline Co, VAG
Married Name Her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage* She married Ambrose Blackburn, son of Archibald Blackburn and Margaret Wilson


Ambrose Blackburn b. 1710, d. 1780

Elizabeth Mary Jones

F, #34979, b. 1709, d. 1789
Last Edited11 Aug 2017
Birth*1709 Elizabeth Mary Jones was born in 1709 at Hopewell Twsp, Cumberland Co, PA
Married Name21 April 1738  As of 21 April 1738,her married name was Smiley. 
Marriage*21 April 1738 She married William Smiley, son of John Smiley and Barbara Finerty, on 21 April 1738 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA
Death*1789 Elizabeth Mary Jones died in 1789. 


William Smiley b. 1704, d. 1766

Emma Jane Jones

F, #33388, b. 7 July 1844, d. 14 May 1875
FatherElias D Jones b. c 1819, d. c 1888
MotherAnnis Cole b. 7 Feb 1821, d. 24 May 1906
Relationship5th cousin 5 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsMayflower Descendants
Last Edited19 May 2017
Birth*7 July 1844 Emma Jane Jones was born on 7 July 1844 at IN
 She was the daughter of Elias D Jones and Annis Cole
Married Name1854  As of 1854,her married name was Andrus. 
Marriage*1854 Emma Jane Jones married Eldad Andrus in 1854 at IN
Death*14 May 1875 Emma Jane Jones died on 14 May 1875 at Stone Co, MO, at age 30. 


Eldad Andrus b. c 1822, d. 24 Feb 1892

Ethel Nora Jones

F, #41678, b. 5 February 1920, d. 16 November 1996
FatherNesbit H Jones b. 15 Jan 1884, d. 24 May 1968
MotherJulia Ann Frost b. 2 Aug 1886, d. 10 Feb 1970
Relationship5th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited3 May 2019
Birth*5 February 1920 Ethel Nora Jones was born on 5 February 1920 at Monticello, Wayne Co, KY
 She was the daughter of Nesbit H Jones and Julia Ann Frost
Married Name Her married name was Dishman. 
Marriage* Ethel Nora Jones married Edward Doyle Dishman
Death*16 November 1996 Ethel Nora Jones died on 16 November 1996 at New Castle, Henry Co, IN, at age 76. 


Edward Doyle Dishman b. 4 Sep 1925, d. 18 May 2003

Frances Jones

F, #32530, b. 3 June 1757, d. 4 March 1803
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited15 Feb 2017
Birth*3 June 1757 Frances Jones was born on 3 June 1757 at Orange Co, VAG
Married Name24 February 1777  As of 24 February 1777,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*24 February 1777 She married Thomas Foster, son of Thomas Foster and Ann W Garnett, on 24 February 1777 at Orange Co, VAG
Death*4 March 1803 Frances Jones died on 4 March 1803 at Wilkes Co, NC, at age 45. 


Thomas Foster b. 4 Jul 1750, d. 21 Mar 1831

Frances Tanner Jones

F, #37327, b. 8 January 1796, d. 8 January 1856
Last Edited6 May 2018
Birth*8 January 1796 Frances Tanner Jones was born on 8 January 1796 at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, VA
Married Name23 April 1816  As of 23 April 1816,her married name was Hatchett. 
Marriage*23 April 1816 She married John Haynie Hatchett, son of William Hatchett and Elizabeth Haynie, on 23 April 1816 at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, VA
Death*8 January 1856 Frances Tanner Jones died on 8 January 1856 at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, VA, at age 60. 


John Haynie Hatchett b. 31 Aug 1799, d. 1 Nov 1856

Garland R Jones

M, #32406, b. 1876, d. 4 October 1959
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*1876 Garland R Jones was born in 1876 at ARG
Marriage*5 October 1895 He married Emma Rachel Ross, daughter of Alfred Willis Ross and Frances Armanda Wilson, on 5 October 1895 at Scottsville, Pope Co, AR
Death*4 October 1959 Garland R Jones died on 4 October 1959 at Kingfisher, Kingfisher Co, OK


Emma Rachel Ross b. 1880, d. 4 Jul 1958

George E Jones

M, #37842, b. February 1857, d. circa 1935
FatherHenry M Jones b. 1838
MotherMartha E Roberts b. c 1836, d. 1890
Relationship5th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited5 Jun 2018
Birth*February 1857 George E Jones was born in February 1857 at VA
 He was the son of Henry M Jones and Martha E Roberts
Marriage*28 November 1881 George E Jones married Ella Rachel Mitchell on 28 November 1881 at Manchester, Chesterfield Co, VA
Death*circa 1935 George E Jones died circa 1935 at VA


Ella Rachel Mitchell b. 21 Aug 1862, d. 13 Oct 1937

George Garnett Jones

M, #34875, b. 13 June 1743, d. 3 December 1828
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited21 Jun 2017
Birth*13 June 1743 George Garnett Jones was born on 13 June 1743 at Orange Co, VAG
Marriage*10 January 1769 He married Phoebe Foster, daughter of Thomas Foster and Ann W Garnett, on 10 January 1769 at Orange Co, VAG
Death*3 December 1828 George Garnett Jones died on 3 December 1828 at Wilkes Co, NC, at age 85. 


Phoebe Foster b. c 1754, d. 1830