Hannah Lilley

F, #29896, b. 1730, d. 10 March 1796
Relationship5th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Verified byDNA testing
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1730 Hannah Lilley was born in 1730 at VA, British Colonial America
Married Namecirca 1758  As of circa 1758,her married name was Wood. 
Marriage*circa 1758 She married John Wood Sr circa 1758 at British Colonial America
Death*10 March 1796 Hannah Lilley died on 10 March 1796 at Mifflin Co, PA


John Wood Sr b. 1730, d. 30 Jan 1799

Judah Lilly

F, #38839, b. 1760, d. 10 January 1846
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1760 Judah Lilly was born in 1760 at Fluvanna Co, VA, British Colonial America
Married Name1793  As of 1793,her married name was Meador. 
Marriage*1793 She married Josiah Francis Meador, son of Josiah Francis Meadows and Lavinia Moody, in 1793 at VA
Death*10 January 1846 Judah Lilly died on 10 January 1846 at Mercer Co, WV


Josiah Francis Meador b. 10 Feb 1758, d. 22 Dec 1845

Merry Rudd Limber

F, #34569, b. 15 November 1945, d. 8 January 2013
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*15 November 1945 Merry Rudd Limber was born on 15 November 1945 at Meadville, Crawford Co, PA
Married Name14 March 1970  As of 14 March 1970,her married name was Raymond. 
Death*8 January 2013 She died on 8 January 2013 at Corry, Erie Co, PA, at age 67. 

Mary Lincoln

F, #34801, b. 2 November 1808, d. 15 May 1888
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*2 November 1808 Mary Lincoln was born on 2 November 1808 at Brewster, Barnstable Co, MAG
Married Name1831  As of 1831,her married name was Crosby. 
Marriage*1831 She married Nathaniel Crosby IV, son of Nathaniel Crosby III and Ruby Foster, in 1831 at Wiscasset, Lincoln Co, ME
Death*15 May 1888 Mary Lincoln died on 15 May 1888 at Olympia, Thurston Co, WA, at age 79. 


Nathaniel Crosby IV b. 3 Nov 1810, d. 17 Dec 1856

Mary Rachel Linder

F, #29509, b. 1812, d. June 1854
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*1812 Mary Rachel Linder was born in 1812 at KY
Married Namebetween 1826 and 1830  As of between 1826 and 1830,her married name was Turner. 
Marriage*between 1826 and 1830 She married Nathan Jennings Turner, son of James William Turner Sr and Charity Freeman Jennings, between 1826 and 1830 at Wayne Co, IL
Death*June 1854 Mary Rachel Linder died in June 1854 at Wayne Co, IL


Nathan Jennings Turner b. 9 Feb 1809, d. 7 Feb 1863

(?) Lindsay

M, #13108
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Marriage* (?) Lindsay married Mary Elizabeth Jennings, daughter of Israel Jennings Jr and Anne McClure Davidson


Mary Elizabeth Jennings b. 1 Nov 1838, d. 1 Feb 1920

Alexander Lindsay

M, #23202, b. 1423, d. September 1463
Relationship16th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1423 Alexander Lindsay was born in 1423 at Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Marriage* He married Lady Margaret (--?--). 
Death*September 1463 Alexander Lindsay died in September 1463 at Oathlaw, Angus, Scotland, United KingdomG


Lady Margaret (--?--), b. 1431, d. 1487

Elizabeth Lindsay

F, #23200, b. 1463, d. 1519
FatherAlexander Lindsay b. 1423, d. Sep 1463
MotherLady Margaret (--?--), b. 1431, d. 1487
Relationship15th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited22 Jan 2011
Birth*1463 Elizabeth Lindsay was born in 1463 at Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
 She was the daughter of Alexander Lindsay and Lady Margaret (--?--). 
Married Name19 May 1489  As of 19 May 1489,her married name was Gordon. 
Marriage*19 May 1489 Elizabeth Lindsay married Sir John Gordon, of Lochinvar, son of William Gordon, of Stitchill, 1st of Lochinvar and Joan Gordon, of Stitchill, on 19 May 1489 at Crawford, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Death*1519 Elizabeth Lindsay died in 1519 at Cargill, Perthshire, Scotland, United KingdomG


Sir John Gordon, of Lochinvar b. 1445, d. 1517

Paris Thornton Lindsay

M, #32096, b. 10 September 1892, d. 19 April 1966
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited10 Feb 2017
Birth*10 September 1892 Paris Thornton Lindsay was born on 10 September 1892 at TN
Marriage* He married Minnie D Loving, daughter of James Loving and Louise Webb
Death*19 April 1966 Paris Thornton Lindsay died on 19 April 1966 at Lake City, Anderson Co, TN, at age 73. 


Minnie D Loving b. 1899, d. 9 Aug 1946

Alfred Lee Lindsey

M, #35072, b. 12 January 1916, d. 7 March 1989
FatherWillis Lewis Lindsey b. 10 Mar 1892, d. 1953
MotherMary Ellen Eddings b. 1 Aug 1892, d. 15 Apr 1932
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited30 Aug 2017
Birth*12 January 1916 Alfred Lee Lindsey was born on 12 January 1916 at Bee Spring, Edmonson Co, KY
 He was the son of Willis Lewis Lindsey and Mary Ellen Eddings
Marriage*22 December 1933 Alfred Lee Lindsey married Adora Swearengin on 22 December 1933 at Stone Co, AR
Death*7 March 1989 Alfred Lee Lindsey died on 7 March 1989 at Batesville, Independence Co, AR, at age 73. 


Adora Swearengin b. 8 Feb 1912, d. 30 Aug 1988

Sammie Dean Lindsey

M, #3930, b. 19 October 1923, d. 7 March 1997
Last Edited17 Nov 2009
Birth*19 October 1923 Sammie Dean Lindsey was born on 19 October 1923. 
Marriage* He married Anna Marie Looten
SSN*before 1951 His Social Security Number was 459-24-6870; issued before 1951 at TX
Death*7 March 1997 Sammie Dean Lindsey died on 7 March 1997 at Borger, Hutchinson Co, TX, at age 73. 


Anna Marie Looten

Willis Lewis Lindsey

M, #35071, b. 10 March 1892, d. 1953
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited30 Aug 2017
Birth*10 March 1892 Willis Lewis Lindsey was born on 10 March 1892 at Edmonson Co, KY
Marriage*14 April 1914 He married Mary Ellen Eddings, daughter of Edmond (Ed) Eddings and Etta Vallier Steel, on 14 April 1914 at Cleburne Co, ARG
Death*1953 Willis Lewis Lindsey died in 1953 at Newport, Jackson Co, ARG


Mary Ellen Eddings b. 1 Aug 1892, d. 15 Apr 1932

Giney Jane Lindsley

F, #38046, b. 30 July 1794, d. 26 April 1826
Last Edited2 Jul 2018
Birth*30 July 1794 Giney Jane Lindsley was born on 30 July 1794 at Washington, Washington Co, PA
Married Name15 February 1815  As of 15 February 1815,her married name was Bay. 
Marriage*15 February 1815 She married John Bay, son of Captain Thomas J Bay and Elizabeth Ann Blackburn, on 15 February 1815 at Guernsey Co, OH
Death*26 April 1826 Giney Jane Lindsley died on 26 April 1826 at Cumberland, Guernsey Co, OH, at age 31. 


John Bay b. 13 Apr 1789, d. 7 Jul 1841

William H Lingenfelter

M, #34088, b. 1807
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited5 Jun 2017
Birth*1807 William H Lingenfelter was born in 1807 at KY
Marriage*24 December 1828 He married Mehitable Jennings, daughter of Israel Jennings and Mabel Jennings, on 24 December 1828 at Marion Co, IN
Census*20 June 1860 William H Lingenfelter and Mehitable Jennings appeared on the census of 20 June 1860 at Indianapolis, Marion Co, ING
Residence*1897 William H Lingenfelter lived at Indianapolis, Marion Co, ING, in 1897. 


Mehitable Jennings b. 1810

Eleanor Dove Linger

F, #34788, b. 16 May 1920, d. 23 June 2016
Last Edited18 Jun 2017
Birth*16 May 1920 Eleanor Dove Linger was born on 16 May 1920 at Weston, Lewis Co, WV
Married Name1946  As of 1946,her married name was Hess. 
Marriage*1946 She married Millard DeVonde Hess, son of Louis Edward Hess and Myrtle Ivy Williamson, in 1946 at Wood Co, WV
Death*23 June 2016 Eleanor Dove Linger died on 23 June 2016 at Connellsville, Fayette Co, PA, at age 96. 


Millard DeVonde Hess b. 4 Aug 1915, d. 4 Jul 2016

Willie Mae (Billie) Linginfelter

F, #37220, b. 15 August 1917, d. 6 January 2010
Last Edited16 Apr 2018
Birth*15 August 1917 Willie Mae (Billie) Linginfelter was born on 15 August 1917 at Townsend, Blount Co, TN
Married Name22 December 1940  As of 22 December 1940,her married name was Cannon. 
Marriage*22 December 1940 She married Willard Raymond Cannon, son of Jesse Thomas Cannon and Bessie Amanda Tipton, on 22 December 1940 at Townsend, Blount Co, TN
Death*6 January 2010 Willie Mae (Billie) Linginfelter died on 6 January 2010 at Knoxville, Knox Co, TN, at age 92. 


Willard Raymond Cannon b. 12 Nov 1914, d. 25 Aug 1990

Charlotte Louise Linihan

F, #23327, b. 12 October 1915, d. 7 April 1997
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited7 Mar 2011
Birth*12 October 1915 Charlotte Louise Linihan was born on 12 October 1915. 
Married Name4 August 1941  As of 4 August 1941,her married name was Ping. 
Marriage*4 August 1941 She married Ervin Martin Ping, son of Elijah Martin Ping and Ruby Grace Blackburn, on 4 August 1941. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 220-18-9878; issued before 1951 at MD
Death*7 April 1997 Charlotte Louise Linihan died on 7 April 1997 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK, at age 81. 


Ervin Martin Ping b. 18 Mar 1914

Olivia Aulene Linn

F, #32464, b. 15 October 1906, d. 29 August 1999
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*15 October 1906 Olivia Aulene Linn was born on 15 October 1906 at ALG
Married Name25 June 1924  As of 25 June 1924,her married name was Holmes. 
Marriage*25 June 1924 She married Oliver Howard Holmes Sr, son of Oliver Nathaniel Holmes and Rebecca Parthenia Kirksey, on 25 June 1924 at Cordova, Walker Co, AL
Death*29 August 1999 Olivia Aulene Linn died on 29 August 1999 at Birmingham, Jefferson Co, ALG, at age 92. 


Oliver Howard Holmes Sr b. 5 Dec 1887, d. 12 Nov 1960

Thankful Linnell

F, #33148, b. 1732, d. 28 May 1810
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*1732 Thankful Linnell was born in 1732 at Eastham, Barnstable Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name12 March 1752  As of 12 March 1752,her married name was Freeman. 
Marriage*12 March 1752 She married Jonathan Freeman, son of Edmund Freeman and Sarah Sparrow, on 12 March 1752 at Eastham, Barnstable Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*28 May 1810 Thankful Linnell died on 28 May 1810 at Orleans, Barnstable Co, MAG


Jonathan Freeman b. 22 Feb 1730, d. 7 Jul 1768

William Linnell

M, #12730
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited23 Oct 2000
Marriage*12 November 1865 William Linnell married Emiline Cornelius, daughter of Josiah Cornelius and Frances Ledbetter, on 12 November 1865 at Jersey Co, ILG


Emiline Cornelius b. 1841

Marie Linscheid

F, #35888, b. 29 June 1884, d. 30 December 1963
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited11 Sep 2017
Birth*29 June 1884 Marie Linscheid was born on 29 June 1884 at Butterfield, Watonwan Co, MN
Married Name31 May 1907  As of 31 May 1907,her married name was March. 
Marriage*31 May 1907 She married Richard Clyde March, son of Martin Van Buren March and Mary Elizabeth Bell, on 31 May 1907 at St James, Watonwan Co, MN
Death*30 December 1963 Marie Linscheid died on 30 December 1963 at Slayton, Murray Co, MN, at age 79. 


Richard Clyde March b. 21 Aug 1879, d. 13 Nov 1952

Alice Lipper

F, #42958, b. 1701, d. 21 December 1793
FatherMoses Lipper b. 1667, d. 26 Mar 1726
MotherSarah Throckmorton b. 1674, d. 1728
Relationship5th cousin 9 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited28 Aug 2019
Birth*1701 Alice Lipper was born in 1701 at Monmouth Co, NJ, British Colonial America
 She was the daughter of Moses Lipper and Sarah Throckmorton
Married Name1724  As of 1724,her married name was Winter. 
Marriage*1724 Alice Lipper married Andrew Winter in 1724 at Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ, British Colonial America
Death*21 December 1793 Alice Lipper died on 21 December 1793 at Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ


Andrew Winter b. 1689, d. b 30 Apr 1760

Moses Lipper

M, #42957, b. 1667, d. 26 March 1726
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited28 Aug 2019
Birth*1667 Moses Lipper was born in 1667 at Warwick, Providence Co, RI, British Colonial America
Marriage*8 December 1697 He married Sarah Throckmorton, daughter of Rev John Throckmorton and Alice Deliverance Stout, on 8 December 1697 at Freehold Twsp, Providence Co, RI
Death*26 March 1726 Moses Lipper died on 26 March 1726 at Middletown, Monmouth Co, NJ, British Colonial America


Sarah Throckmorton b. 1674, d. 1728

Mabel Selma Ida Lippert

F, #39991, b. 6 August 1905, d. 15 February 2004
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited2 Mar 2019
Birth*6 August 1905 Mabel Selma Ida Lippert was born on 6 August 1905 at Millstadt, St Clair Co, IL
Married Namebetween 1930 and 1933  As of between 1930 and 1933,her married name was Funderburk. 
Marriage*between 1930 and 1933 She married Theodore Funderburk, son of George Wesley Funderburk and Ida May Cook, between 1930 and 1933. 
Death*15 February 2004 Mabel Selma Ida Lippert died on 15 February 2004 at Belleville, St Clair Co, IL, at age 98. 


Theodore Funderburk b. 24 Jul 1904, d. 27 Jun 1984

Laura Luella Lipsey

F, #42687, b. 31 August 1872, d. 24 January 1959
FatherWesley W Lipsey b. Sep 1850, d. b 1884
MotherSarah Ann Elizabeth Scott b. 13 Jun 1852, d. 27 Jan 1934
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited8 Aug 2019
Birth*31 August 1872 Laura Luella Lipsey was born on 31 August 1872 at Cotton Gin, Freestone Co, TX
 She was the daughter of Wesley W Lipsey and Sarah Ann Elizabeth Scott
Married Name27 January 1895  As of 27 January 1895,her married name was Brown. 
Marriage*27 January 1895 Laura Luella Lipsey married William Wesley Brown on 27 January 1895 at Limestone Co, TX
Death*24 January 1959 Laura Luella Lipsey died on 24 January 1959 at Waco, McLennan Co, TX, at age 86. 


William Wesley Brown b. 2 Jan 1875, d. 16 Dec 1950