Jane Jincy Mart

F, #35368, b. 1796, d. 1841
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Birth*1796 Jane Jincy Mart was born in 1796 at Warren Co, NC
Married Name29 September 1807  As of 29 September 1807,her married name was Meadows. 
Marriage*29 September 1807 She married William Henry Meadows, son of Joab Meador and Sarah Sally Motley, on 29 September 1807 at Pittsylvania Co, VAG
Death*1841 Jane Jincy Mart died in 1841. 


William Henry Meadows b. 1780, d. 30 Nov 1855

Elizabeth Martiau

F, #36627, b. 1627, d. before 24 January 1687
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Birth*1627 Elizabeth Martiau was born in 1627. 
Married Namecirca 1641  As of circa 1641,her married name was Reade. 
Marriage*circa 1641 She married Colonel George Reade, son of Sir Robert Reade and Mildred Windebank, circa 1641 at VAG
Death*before 24 January 1687 Elizabeth Martiau died before 24 January 1687. 


Colonel George Reade b. 25 Oct 1608

Alexander Martin

M, #41438, b. circa 1714
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*circa 1714 Alexander Martin was born circa 1714. 
Marriage*2 January 1744 He married Thankful Rich, daughter of Thomas Rich and Mercy Knowles, on 2 January 1744 at British Colonial America


Thankful Rich b. 14 Oct 1716

Allen Russell (Pete) Martin

M, #38463, b. 2 July 1932, d. 7 March 1987
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*2 July 1932 Allen Russell (Pete) Martin was born on 2 July 1932 at Appomattox Co, VA
Marriage* He married Rachel Louise Campbell, daughter of Stokes Bowen Campbell and Nannie Florene Gibson
Death*7 March 1987 Allen Russell (Pete) Martin died on 7 March 1987 at Appomattox, Appomattox Co, VA, at age 54. 


Rachel Louise Campbell b. 25 May 1930, d. 19 Apr 2006

Ann Nancy Martin

F, #37597, b. 5 March 1773, d. 1825
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*5 March 1773 Ann Nancy Martin was born on 5 March 1773 at Martinsburg, Berkeley Co, WV, British Colonial America
Married Name7 September 1791  As of 7 September 1791,her married name was Boyd. 
Marriage*7 September 1791 She married John Boyd, son of John Boyd and Sarah Gryfyth, on 7 September 1791 at Berkeley, James City Co, VAG
Death*1825 Ann Nancy Martin died in 1825 at Nicholas Co, KY


John Boyd b. 9 Jan 1760, d. 14 Jan 1828

Aseneth E Martin

F, #38678, b. 10 May 1802, d. 27 April 1877
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Birth*10 May 1802 Aseneth E Martin was born on 10 May 1802 at Amelia Co, VA
Married Name25 February 1823  As of 25 February 1823,her married name was Wingo. 
Marriage*25 February 1823 She married Williamson D Wingo, son of John Washington Wingo Sr and Margaret Martha Bradshaw, on 25 February 1823 at Amelia Co, VA
Death*27 April 1877 Aseneth E Martin died on 27 April 1877 at Amelia Co, VA, at age 74. 


Williamson D Wingo b. 25 Dec 1795, d. 7 Jan 1874

Catherine Sanderson Martin

F, #18276
ChartsCornelius Family
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Married Name Her married name was Jarrell. 
Marriage* Catherine Sanderson Martin married Richard Fiske Jarrell, son of Joshua Oscar Jarrell and Clara Wisner VanZant


Richard Fiske Jarrell

Eliza Ellen Martin

F, #36101, b. 30 March 1877, d. 29 November 1940
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Birth*30 March 1877 Eliza Ellen Martin was born on 30 March 1877 at Bulloch Co, GA
Married Name6 January 1900  As of 6 January 1900,her married name was DeLoach. 
Marriage*6 January 1900 She married David Erastus DeLoach, son of Wiley William DeLoach and Jane Ann Virginia Zetterower, on 6 January 1900 at Denmark
Death*29 November 1940 Eliza Ellen Martin died on 29 November 1940 at Columbia, Richland Co, SC, at age 63. 


David Erastus DeLoach b. 28 Mar 1878, d. 20 Jul 1932

Emily Alice Martin

F, #31690, b. 3 April 1880, d. 23 June 1971
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*3 April 1880 Emily Alice Martin was born on 3 April 1880 at Burnett Co, TX
Married Name11 December 1895  As of 11 December 1895,her married name was Miller. 
Marriage*11 December 1895 She married William Henry Miller, son of John Burrell Miller and Nancy Eddings, on 11 December 1895 at Carter Co, OK
Death*23 June 1971 Emily Alice Martin died on 23 June 1971 at Lawton, Comanche Co, OK, at age 91. 


William Henry Miller b. 30 Sep 1870, d. 14 Jun 1964

Frank K Martin

M, #10580, b. 13 January 1867, d. 1951
FatherGeorge W Martin
MotherMary Susan Holder
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*13 January 1867 Frank K Martin was born on 13 January 1867 at Winchester, Scott Co, IL
 He was the son of George W Martin and Mary Susan Holder
Marriage*22 May 1900 Frank K Martin married Malinda Levica Cornelius, daughter of Daniel D Cornelius and Frances Ann Thompson, on 22 May 1900 at Winchester, Scott Co, IL
Burial* Frank K Martin was buried at Newbern Cemetery, Newbern, Jersey Co, IL
Death*1951 He died in 1951. 


Malinda Levica Cornelius b. 27 Oct 1877, d. 1 Aug 1960

George Martin

M, #10583
FatherFrank K Martin b. 13 Jan 1867, d. 1951
MotherMalinda Levica Cornelius b. 27 Oct 1877, d. 1 Aug 1960
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
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 George Martin was the son of Frank K Martin and Malinda Levica Cornelius
Marriage* George Martin married Catherine (?) 


Catherine (?)

George W Martin

M, #12750
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Marriage* George W Martin married Mary Susan Holder


Mary Susan Holder

George W Martin

M, #36899, b. 1822
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Birth*1822 George W Martin was born in 1822. 
Marriage*25 November 1852 He married Elizabeth McKinney, daughter of William Factus McKinney and Hannah Russell, on 25 November 1852 at Brown Co, OHG


Elizabeth McKinney b. c 1829, d. 13 Sep 1914

Hannah Martin

F, #33428, b. 29 March 1718, d. 21 May 1784
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*29 March 1718 Hannah Martin was born on 29 March 1718 at Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ, British Colonial America
Married Name1740  As of 1740,her married name was Blackford. 
Marriage*1740 She married John Joseph Blackford Jr, son of John Blackford and Ruth Sutton, in 1740 at NJ, British Colonial America
Death*21 May 1784 Hannah Martin died on 21 May 1784 at Scotch Plains, Union Co, NJ, at age 66. 


John Joseph Blackford Jr b. 7 Feb 1712, d. 26 Jun 1786

John Potter Martin

M, #35575, b. 25 May 1766, d. 29 November 1851
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*25 May 1766 John Potter Martin was born on 25 May 1766 at St James Parish, Goochland Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Marriage*13 January 1795 He married Permelia (Meley) Meador, daughter of Jesse Meador and Nancy Anderson, on 13 January 1795 at Franklin Co, VAG
Death*29 November 1851 John Potter Martin died on 29 November 1851 at Howard Creek, Monroe Co, VAG, at age 85. 


Permelia (Meley) Meador b. 1778, d. 1851

Latricia Rose Martin

F, #38464, b. 8 September 1953, d. 4 October 2009
FatherAllen Russell (Pete) Martin b. 2 Jul 1932, d. 7 Mar 1987
MotherRachel Louise Campbell b. 25 May 1930, d. 19 Apr 2006
Relationship8th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*8 September 1953 Latricia Rose Martin was born on 8 September 1953. 
 She was the daughter of Allen Russell (Pete) Martin and Rachel Louise Campbell
Married Name Her married name was Dattoli. 
Marriage* Latricia Rose Martin married Anthony Dominick Dattoli
Death*4 October 2009 Latricia Rose Martin died on 4 October 2009 at Decatur, Adams Co, IN, at age 56. 


Anthony Dominick Dattoli b. 1 Aug 1944, d. 6 Dec 2006

Laura B Martin

F, #30296, b. 2 January 1892, d. 4 May 1943
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*2 January 1892 Laura B Martin was born on 2 January 1892 at Navarro Co, TX
Married Name Her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage* She married Roberts Green Eddings, son of Julius Wilson Eddings and Louisa Ann Buckner
Death*4 May 1943 Laura B Martin died on 4 May 1943 at Roswell, Chaves Co, NM, at age 51. 


Roberts Green Eddings b. 7 Oct 1885, d. 6 Feb 1954

Laura Bell Martin

F, #35089, b. circa 1887
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*circa 1887 Laura Bell Martin was born circa 1887. 
Married Name24 April 1911  As of 24 April 1911,her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage*24 April 1911 She married Robert Green Wiley Eddings, son of Andrew Jackson (Simpson) Eddings and Millie E Kirkland, on 24 April 1911. 


Robert Green Wiley Eddings b. 7 Oct 1874, d. 5 Feb 1945

Lydia Martin

F, #39449, b. 1655, d. 20 September 1731
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1655 Lydia Martin was born in 1655 at Dover, Strafford Co, NH, British Colonial America
Married Name18 October 1676  As of 18 October 1676,her married name was Smalley. 
Marriage*18 October 1676 She married John Smalley Jr, son of John Nicholas Smalley and Ann Walden, on 18 October 1676 at Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ, British Colonial America
Death*20 September 1731 Lydia Martin died on 20 September 1731 at Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ, British Colonial America


John Smalley Jr b. 8 Sep 1644, d. 13 Sep 1732

Mary Martin

F, #12241, b. 1843
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Birth*1843 Mary Martin was born in 1843 at Kent Co, MDG
Marriage* She married John Wesley Moffett, son of Jesse Moffett Jr and Mary Elizabeth Moffett
Married Name Her married name was Moffett. 


John Wesley Moffett b. 26 Mar 1839, d. 3 Sep 1887

Mary Elizabeth Martin

F, #29947, b. May 1841, d. 7 October 1901
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*May 1841 Mary Elizabeth Martin was born in May 1841 at ILG
Married Name5 March 1875  As of 5 March 1875,her married name was Manning. 
Marriage*5 March 1875 She married Edward Newton Manning, son of John Melvin Manning and Elizabeth Day, on 5 March 1875 at Bates Co, MO
Death*7 October 1901 Mary Elizabeth Martin died on 7 October 1901 at Bates Co, MO, at age 60. 


Edward Newton Manning b. Nov 1831, d. 9 Apr 1914

Mary Ellen Martin

F, #36901, b. 17 June 1839, d. 5 October 1913
Last Edited13 Feb 2018
Birth*17 June 1839 Mary Ellen Martin was born on 17 June 1839 at Feesburg, Brown Co, OH
Married Name9 March 1859  As of 9 March 1859,her married name was McKinney. 
Marriage*9 March 1859 She married George Washington McKinney, son of William Factus McKinney and Hannah Russell, on 9 March 1859 at Brown Co, OHG
Death*5 October 1913 Mary Ellen Martin died on 5 October 1913 at Gladstone, Henderson Co, IL, at age 74. 


George Washington McKinney b. 18 Apr 1835, d. 3 Nov 1906

Mary Sarah Martin

F, #33446, b. 1814, d. May 1870
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*1814 Mary Sarah Martin was born in 1814 at SC
Married Name1833  As of 1833,her married name was Eddins. 
Marriage*1833 She married John Riley Eddings Sr, son of John H Eddings and Francis Elizabeth Weaver, in 1833 at Chesterfield, Chesterfield Co, SC
Death*May 1870 Mary Sarah Martin died in May 1870 at Anson Co, NC


John Riley Eddings Sr b. 1802, d. c 1875

Oda Morna Martin

F, #33399, b. 22 December 1896, d. 25 May 1978
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited30 Aug 2018
Birth*22 December 1896 Oda Morna Martin was born on 22 December 1896 at Fayette Co, IL
Married Name Her married name was Jarvis. 
Marriage* She married Homer Horace Jarvis, son of Edward Thomas Jarvis and Cordelia Eunice Hartley
Death*25 May 1978 Oda Morna Martin died on 25 May 1978 at Jerseyville, Jersey Co, IL, at age 81. 
Burial*May 1978 She was buried in May 1978 at Sunnyside Cemetery, Sorento, Bond Co, ILG.


Homer Horace Jarvis b. 29 Jul 1897, d. 28 Feb 1957

Rachel Elizabeth Martin

F, #32700, b. 14 July 1881, d. 31 July 1917
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited5 Mar 2017
Birth*14 July 1881 Rachel Elizabeth Martin was born on 14 July 1881 at Indian Territory, OK
Married Name25 November 1897  As of 25 November 1897,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*25 November 1897 She married Luther William Blackburn, son of Dr John Wesley Blackburn Sr and Sarah Martha Sallie Miller, on 25 November 1897 at Pawhuska, Osage Co, OK
Death*31 July 1917 Rachel Elizabeth Martin died on 31 July 1917 at Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 36. 


Luther William Blackburn b. 13 Mar 1874, d. 30 Jan 1950