Rhoda Martin

F, #35587, b. 13 July 1798, d. 1893
FatherWilliam Martin b. 1760, d. 1832
MotherSusannah Meador b. 1764, d. 1850
Relationship3rd cousin 5 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*13 July 1798 Rhoda Martin was born on 13 July 1798 at Floyd Co, KY
 She was the daughter of William Martin and Susannah Meador
Married Name Her married name was Adams. 
Marriage* Rhoda Martin married Jesse Adams
Death*1893 Rhoda Martin died in 1893 at Bruno, Marion Co, AR


Jesse Adams b. 12 Feb 1796, d. 1840

Roy Martin

M, #10581, b. 19 September 1905, d. 1963
FatherFrank K Martin b. 13 Jan 1867, d. 1951
MotherMalinda Levica Cornelius b. 27 Oct 1877, d. 1 Aug 1960
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited27 May 2000
Birth*19 September 1905 Roy Martin was born on 19 September 1905 at Greene Co, ILG
 He was the son of Frank K Martin and Malinda Levica Cornelius
Burial* Roy Martin was buried at Newbern Cemetery, Newbern, Jersey Co, ILG
Death*1963 He died in 1963. 
NoSSN*May 2000 No record of his Social Security Number was found in May 2000; Not Possible. 

Sallie Martin

F, #35234, b. 1802, d. 1861
FatherWilliam Martin b. 1760, d. 1832
MotherSusannah Meador b. 1764, d. 1850
Relationship3rd cousin 5 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*1802 Sallie Martin was born in 1802 at Franklin Co, VAG
 She was the daughter of William Martin and Susannah Meador
Married Name1 July 1821  As of 1 July 1821,her married name was Gearheart. 
Marriage*1 July 1821 Sallie Martin married Joseph Gearheart on 1 July 1821 at Floyd Co, KY
Death*1861 Sallie Martin died in 1861 at Floyd Co, KY


Joseph Gearheart b. 1798, d. 1875

William Martin

M, #35233, b. 1760, d. 1832
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1760 William Martin was born in 1760 at VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Marriage*8 December 1782 He married Susannah Meador, daughter of Joel Meador Sr and Susannah Clark, on 8 December 1782 at Franklin Co, VAG
Death*1832 William Martin died in 1832 at Floyd Co, KY


Susannah Meador b. 1764, d. 1850

Zelma J Martin

F, #40413, b. 31 January 1902, d. 11 January 1976
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited13 Mar 2019
Birth*31 January 1902 Zelma J Martin was born on 31 January 1902 at TX
Married Name21 December 1919  As of 21 December 1919,her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage*21 December 1919 She married Grover Preston Eddings, son of Julius Wilson Eddings and Louisa Ann Buckner, on 21 December 1919. 
Death*11 January 1976 Zelma J Martin died on 11 January 1976 at Gatesville, Coryell Co, TX, at age 73. 


Grover Preston Eddings b. 7 Apr 1889, d. 24 Jan 1930

Marjorie Lou Martinsen

F, #40338, b. 13 August 1927, d. 30 July 2014
Last Edited12 Mar 2019
Birth*13 August 1927 Marjorie Lou Martinsen was born on 13 August 1927 at Grant, Jefferson Co, ID
Married Name6 April 1952  As of 6 April 1952,her married name was McDougle. 
Death*30 July 2014 She died on 30 July 2014 at Torrance, Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 86. 

(?) Mary Browning

F, #19436, b. 1823
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Birth*1823 (?) Mary Browning was born in 1823 at GAG
Marriage*circa 1841 She married Zachariah Kirkland circa 1841. 
Married Namecirca 1841  As of circa 1841,her married name was (?) Kirkland. 
Census*8 October 1850 (?) Mary Browning and Zachariah Kirkland appeared on the census of 8 October 1850 at District 5, Robertson Co, TN
Census9 June 1860 (?) Mary Browning and Zachariah Kirkland appeared on the census of 9 June 1860 at Ozark Co, MO


Zachariah Kirkland b. 1821

Lucy Florance Mash

F, #35487, b. circa 1845, d. 11 July 1932
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Birth*circa 1845 Lucy Florance Mash was born circa 1845 at WV
Married Name28 October 1863  As of 28 October 1863,her married name was Perry. 
Marriage*28 October 1863 She married Henry Perry, son of Robert Perry and Margaret (?), on 28 October 1863 at Mason City, Mason Co, WV
Death*11 July 1932 Lucy Florance Mash died on 11 July 1932 at Kanawha City, Kanawha Co, WV


Henry Perry b. c 1840, d. 20 Jan 1887

Elsie Maskil

F, #13895
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited18 May 2000
Marriage*between 1943 and 1949 Elsie Maskil married James Earl Lewis, son of James Ernest Lewis and Rhoda Alice Cornelius, between 1943 and 1949. 
Married Namebetween 1943 and 1949  As of between 1943 and 1949,her married name was Lewis. 


James Earl Lewis b. 14 Aug 1901, d. 26 May 1972

Mary Elizabeth Maskrey

F, #35884, b. 21 January 1824, d. 20 March 1897
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited11 Sep 2017
Birth*21 January 1824 Mary Elizabeth Maskrey was born on 21 January 1824 at Wirksworth, Derbyshire, England, United KingdomG
Married Name30 January 1845  As of 30 January 1845,her married name was Bell. 
Marriage*30 January 1845 She married Charles Reed Bell, son of John Bell and Matilda Catherine Reed, on 30 January 1845 at Clarksville, Mercer Co, PA
Death*20 March 1897 Mary Elizabeth Maskrey died on 20 March 1897 at Andrew, Jackson Co, IA, at age 73. 


Charles Reed Bell b. 16 Mar 1821, d. 19 Aug 1862

Mary Maslin

F, #12238, b. 1863
Last Edited25 Apr 1999
Birth*1863 Mary Maslin was born in 1863. 
Marriage* She married George Richard Moffett, son of George Washington Moffett and Rebecca Burris
Married Name Her married name was Moffett. 


George Richard Moffett b. 1863, d. 14 Mar 1937

Bessie J Mason

F, #25423, b. 7 April 1908, d. 25 May 1989
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited30 Nov 2015
Birth*7 April 1908 Bessie J Mason was born on 7 April 1908 at Dinsdale, Tama Co, IA
Married Name23 July 1929  As of 23 July 1929,her married name was Wilson. 
Marriage*23 July 1929 She married Crawford W Wilson, son of Elmer L Wilson and Dollie B Warmbrodt, on 23 July 1929 at Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, IAG
Death*25 May 1989 Bessie J Mason died on 25 May 1989 at Cedar Falls, Black Hawk Co, IAG, at age 81. 
Burial*May 1989 She was buried in May 1989 at Highland Cemetery, Black Hawk Co, IAG


Crawford W Wilson b. 27 Oct 1906, d. 1991

Elizabeth Mason

F, #36248, b. circa 1580
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited5 Dec 2017
Birth*circa 1580 Elizabeth Mason was born circa 1580 at Scotland, United KingdomG
Married Name6 May 1601  As of 6 May 1601,her married name was Hooper. 
Marriage*6 May 1601 She married Roger Hooper, son of John Hooper and Margaret Williams, on 6 May 1601 at St Leonard's, Shoreditch, Middlesex, England, United KingdomG


Roger Hooper b. c 1587, d. 6 Feb 1649

Henry Earl Mason

M, #38108, b. 14 January 1922, d. 8 December 1998
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited19 Jul 2018
Birth*14 January 1922 Henry Earl Mason was born on 14 January 1922 at Hawthorne, White Co, IL
Marriage*7 June 1950 He married Betty Jean Eddings, daughter of John Richard Eddings and Mary Ardena Eddings, on 7 June 1950 at Kern Co, CAG
Death*8 December 1998 Henry Earl Mason died on 8 December 1998 at Havre Co, MT, at age 76. 


Betty Jean Eddings b. 5 Dec 1931, d. 4 Apr 1999

Jemima Mason

F, #10247, b. 25 April 1767, d. 1801
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited15 Jun 2019
Birth*25 April 1767 Jemima Mason was born on 25 April 1767 at St Paul Protestant Episcopal, Baltimore, (independent city), MD, British Colonial America
Marriage*25 April 1787 She married Joseph Cornelius, son of Andrew Cornelius and Elizabeth (--?--), on 25 April 1787 at Baltimore Co, MD, Baltimore County - Marriage Reg. of Rev. Lewis Richards, Pastor of First Baptist Church.Baltimore:      Cornelius, Joseph 25 April 1787 Jemima Mason. 
Married Name Her married name was Cornelius. 
Death*1801 Jemima Mason died in 1801. 
Burial*27 July 1801 She was buried on 27 July 1801. 


Joseph Cornelius b. 30 Jun 1775, d. 1829

Rebecca Mason

F, #43233, b. 1803, d. 1847
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited17 Sep 2019
Birth*1803 Rebecca Mason was born in 1803 at Swift Creek, Nash Co, NC
Married Name1820  As of 1820,her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage*1820 She married Jonathan Eddings, son of Joseph Eddings and Elizabeth Holcomb, in 1820 at Robertson Co, TN
Death*1847 Rebecca Mason died in 1847 at Falling Spring, Oregon Co, MO


Jonathan Eddings b. 1798, d. 1874

Mary Parthenia Massey

F, #25561, b. 6 August 1850, d. 19 June 1939
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited19 Oct 2018
Birth*6 August 1850 Mary Parthenia Massey was born on 6 August 1850 at Walker Co, GA
Married Name26 December 1876  As of 26 December 1876,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*26 December 1876 She married John D Cornelius, son of Nelson Cornelius and Mary (Polly) Ann Weir, on 26 December 1876 at Montgomery Co, IL
Census*20 June 1900 Mary Parthenia Massey and John D Cornelius appeared on the census of 20 June 1900 at Robert Lee, Coke Co, TX
Death*19 June 1939 Mary Parthenia Massey died on 19 June 1939 at Precinct 4, Coke Co, TX, at age 88. 


John D Cornelius b. 29 Dec 1852, d. 16 Mar 1926

Thomas Massey

M, #38132, b. 1786
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Birth*1786 Thomas Massey was born in 1786 at SC
Marriage* He married Jane Blackburn, daughter of John Blackburn


Jane Blackburn b. 1790

Roxanna Eleanor Mastin

F, #35139, b. 10 November 1856, d. 12 January 1940
FatherWilliam Williams Mastin b. 14 Jan 1806, d. 15 Oct 1876
MotherRebecca Amanda Saint Clair b. 30 Nov 1814, d. 19 Mar 1889
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited2 Sep 2017
Birth*10 November 1856 Roxanna Eleanor Mastin was born on 10 November 1856 at NC
 She was the daughter of William Williams Mastin and Rebecca Amanda Saint Clair
Married Name1878  As of 1878,her married name was Bagby. 
Marriage*1878 Roxanna Eleanor Mastin married Zachary Taylor Bagby in 1878. 
Death*12 January 1940 Roxanna Eleanor Mastin died on 12 January 1940 at Laurens, Pocahontas Co, IA, at age 83. 


Zachary Taylor Bagby b. 22 Aug 1849, d. 20 Feb 1918

Rev Thomas Mastin

M, #35136, b. 7 October 1749, d. 14 December 1828
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth*7 October 1749 Rev Thomas Mastin was born on 7 October 1749 at Caroline Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Marriage* He married Mary Priscilla Trible, daughter of Spilsby Trible and Mary Coleman
Death*14 December 1828 Rev Thomas Mastin died on 14 December 1828 at Wilkes Co, NC, at age 79. 


Mary Priscilla Trible b. c 1754, d. 1814

William Williams Mastin

M, #35137, b. 14 January 1806, d. 15 October 1876
FatherRev Thomas Mastin b. 7 Oct 1749, d. 14 Dec 1828
MotherMary Priscilla Trible b. c 1754, d. 1814
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited2 Sep 2017
Birth*14 January 1806 William Williams Mastin was born on 14 January 1806 at Wilkes Co, NC
 He was the son of Rev Thomas Mastin and Mary Priscilla Trible
Marriage*1831 William Williams Mastin married Rebecca Amanda Saint Clair in 1831 at NC
Death*15 October 1876 William Williams Mastin died on 15 October 1876 at Wilkes Co, NC, at age 70. 


Rebecca Amanda Saint Clair b. 30 Nov 1814, d. 19 Mar 1889

Wilma Elisabeth Maszal

F, #31238, b. 1 September 1922, d. 9 February 2013
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited28 Aug 2017
Birth*1 September 1922 Wilma Elisabeth Maszal was born on 1 September 1922 at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH
Married Name Her married name was Carpenter. 
Marriage* She married Cody Lawrence Carpenter, son of Odus Byron Carpenter and Myrtle Franklyn Gann
Death*9 February 2013 Wilma Elisabeth Maszal died on 9 February 2013 at Camarillo, Ventura Co, CAG, at age 90. 


Cody Lawrence Carpenter b. 20 Jun 1919, d. 18 Dec 1997

Archibald Alexander Mathes

M, #37491, b. 14 January 1812, d. 1891
FatherJohn Mathes b. 4 Apr 1786, d. 1850
MotherRosannah Blackburn b. 4 Apr 1786, d. 1874
Relationship2nd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited7 May 2018
Birth*14 January 1812 Archibald Alexander Mathes was born on 14 January 1812 at Jefferson City, Jefferson Co, TN
 He was the son of John Mathes and Rosannah Blackburn
Marriage*5 October 1838 Archibald Alexander Mathes married Christiana Gray Cowan on 5 October 1838 at Washington Co, TN
Death*1891 Archibald Alexander Mathes died in 1891 at MO


Christiana Gray Cowan b. 21 Jul 1812, d. 15 Jan 1883

Cora Elizabeth Mathes

F, #31120, b. 10 April 1930, d. 22 May 2015
FatherHerman Harry Mathes b. 2 Nov 1896, d. 28 Mar 1970
MotherElisa Rose Florence Eddings b. 18 Feb 1905, d. 1 Mar 1984
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited5 Dec 2016
Birth*10 April 1930 Cora Elizabeth Mathes was born on 10 April 1930 at ARG
 She was the daughter of Herman Harry Mathes and Elisa Rose Florence Eddings
Married Name28 November 1946  As of 28 November 1946,her married name was Watts. 
Marriage*28 November 1946 Cora Elizabeth Mathes married Jimmy Eugene Watts on 28 November 1946 at St Francis Co, AR
Death*22 May 2015 Cora Elizabeth Mathes died on 22 May 2015 at Wynne, Cross Co, AR, at age 85. 


Jimmy Eugene Watts b. 25 Nov 1917, d. 4 May 1986

Herman Harry Mathes

M, #31119, b. 2 November 1896, d. 28 March 1970
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited5 Dec 2016
Birth*2 November 1896 Herman Harry Mathes was born on 2 November 1896 at Forest City, St Francis Co, AR
Marriage*6 June 1920 He married Elisa Rose Florence Eddings, daughter of Edmond (Ed) Eddings and Dice Jane Richardson, on 6 June 1920 at Stone Co, AR
Death*28 March 1970 Herman Harry Mathes died on 28 March 1970 at Forest City, St Francis Co, AR, at age 73. 


Elisa Rose Florence Eddings b. 18 Feb 1905, d. 1 Mar 1984