Mary Ann McDaniel

F, #41996, b. 9 July 1826, d. 13 April 1863
Last Edited11 May 2019
Birth*9 July 1826 Mary Ann McDaniel was born on 9 July 1826 at Knottsville, Daviess Co, KY
Married Name1853  As of 1853,her married name was Knott. 
Marriage*1853 She married James Ignatius Knott, son of Leonard Knott and Mary Polly Drury, in 1853. 
Death*13 April 1863 Mary Ann McDaniel died on 13 April 1863 at Daviess Co, KY, at age 36. 


James Ignatius Knott b. 2 Jul 1825, d. 1 Oct 1891

(--?--) McDonald

F, #23271
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited18 Nov 2017
Married Name16 December 1939  As of 16 December 1939,her married name was Piguet. 
Marriage*16 December 1939 (--?--) McDonald married George Allen Piguet, son of Clement Claud Piguet and Maud Blackburn, on 16 December 1939 at Claremore, Rogers Co (Indian Territory), OK


George Allen Piguet b. 2 Dec 1909, d. 1980

Adelaide Ida McDonald

F, #34598, b. April 1858
FatherIsrael McDonald b. 1830, d. 5 May 1889
MotherSara Elizabeth Whitaker b. 5 Feb 1829, d. 29 Nov 1889
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*April 1858 Adelaide Ida McDonald was born in April 1858 at NY
 She was the daughter of Israel McDonald and Sara Elizabeth Whitaker
Married Name Her married name was Clinton. 
Marriage* Adelaide Ida McDonald married Arthur J Clinton


Arthur J Clinton b. Mar 1856, d. 1920

Edith McDonald

F, #33744, b. 19 July 1909, d. 5 April 1993
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited27 May 2017
Birth*19 July 1909 Edith McDonald was born on 19 July 1909 at ILG
Married Name24 December 1928  As of 24 December 1928,her married name was Middleton. 
Marriage*24 December 1928 She married Eugene Daniel Middleton Middleton, son of Arthur Adam Middleton and Caroline Ann Kneemeyer, on 24 December 1928 at Salem, Marion Co, IL
Death*5 April 1993 Edith McDonald died on 5 April 1993 at Salem, Marion Co, IL, at age 83. 


Eugene Daniel Middleton Middleton b. 18 May 1906, d. 9 May 1980

Eva G McDonald

F, #36563, b. 27 November 1902, d. 9 July 1955
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited6 Jan 2018
Birth*27 November 1902 Eva G McDonald was born on 27 November 1902 at ILG
Married Name Her married name was Jourdan. 
Marriage* She married George Henry Jourdan, son of Albert Jasper Jourdan and Effie Mae Scott
Death*9 July 1955 Eva G McDonald died on 9 July 1955 at Marion Co, ILG, at age 52. 
Burial*July 1955 She was buried in July 1955 at Palestine Cemetery, Iuka, Marion Co, IL


George Henry Jourdan b. 31 Oct 1901, d. 28 Jun 1987

Israel McDonald

M, #34597, b. 1830, d. 5 May 1889
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Birth*1830 Israel McDonald was born in 1830 at Frankford, Sussex Co, NJ
Marriage*1856 He married Sara Elizabeth Whitaker, daughter of Lewis Edward Whitaker and Anna Wintermute, in 1856. 
Death*5 May 1889 Israel McDonald died on 5 May 1889 at Elmira, Chemung Co, NY


Sara Elizabeth Whitaker b. 5 Feb 1829, d. 29 Nov 1889

Iva McDonald

F, #14079
Last Edited6 Jun 2000
Marriage* Iva McDonald married Amos Waters
Married Name Her married name was Waters. 


Amos Waters

John A McDonald

M, #37970, b. 5 December 1829, d. 16 July 1938
Last Edited18 Jun 2018
Birth*5 December 1829 John A McDonald was born on 5 December 1829 at NY
Marriage*3 March 1864 He married Alabama Cole, daughter of John Cole and Feliciana Blackburn, on 3 March 1864 at Shelby Co, OH
(Witness) Census23 August 1870 John A McDonald appeared on the census of 23 August 1870 in the household of John Cole and Feliciana Blackburn at Lawrence Co, MS
Death*16 July 1938 John A McDonald died on 16 July 1938 at Chicago, Cook Co, ILG, at age 108. 


Alabama Cole b. 28 Apr 1839, d. 1875

Mattie Teresa McDonald

F, #37971, b. 14 May 1863, d. 10 August 1946
FatherJohn A McDonald b. 5 Dec 1829, d. 16 Jul 1938
MotherAlabama Cole b. 28 Apr 1839, d. 1875
Relationship3rd cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited8 Aug 2019
Birth*14 May 1863 Mattie Teresa McDonald was born on 14 May 1863 at MS
 She was the daughter of John A McDonald and Alabama Cole
(Witness) Census23 August 1870 Mattie Teresa McDonald appeared on the census of 23 August 1870 in the household of John Cole and Feliciana Blackburn at Lawrence Co, MS
Married Name5 March 1883  As of 5 March 1883,her married name was Rigney. 
Marriage*5 March 1883 Mattie Teresa McDonald married Dr James Aloyisus Rigney on 5 March 1883 at Lawrence Co, MS
Census*11 June 1900 Mattie Teresa McDonald appeared on the census of 11 June 1900 at Police Jury Ward 09, Pointe Coupee Parish, LA
Death*10 August 1946 She died on 10 August 1946 at Miller Co, AR, at age 83. 


Dr James Aloyisus Rigney b. 27 Apr 1860, d. 27 Nov 1897
Marriage*5 March 1883 She married Dr James Aloyisus Rigney on 5 March 1883 at Lawrence Co, MS

Nolan Bentley McDonald

M, #38319, b. 11 May 1904, d. 13 July 1960
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited6 Sep 2018
Birth*11 May 1904 Nolan Bentley McDonald was born on 11 May 1904 at Calvin, Hughes Co, OK
Marriage*9 June 1923 He married Alice Lottie Carpenter, daughter of Lewis C Carpenter and Susan Rebecca Middleton, on 9 June 1923 at Hughes Co, OK
Residence*14 February 1942 Nolan Bentley McDonald lived at Huntington Park, Los Angeles Co, CAG, on 14 February 1942. 
Death*13 July 1960 He died on 13 July 1960 at Fresno Co, CA, at age 56. 


Alice Lottie Carpenter b. 1905

Oma Josephine McDonald

F, #38320, b. 1924
FatherNolan Bentley McDonald b. 11 May 1904, d. 13 Jul 1960
MotherAlice Lottie Carpenter b. 1905
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited6 Sep 2018
Death* Oma Josephine McDonald died at Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZ
Birth*1924 She was born in 1924 at Rockdale, Milam Co, TX
 She was the daughter of Nolan Bentley McDonald and Alice Lottie Carpenter
Married Name25 December 1939  As of 25 December 1939,her married name was Reynolds. 
Marriage*25 December 1939 Oma Josephine McDonald married Clarence Wilbert Edward Reynolds on 25 December 1939 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZ


Clarence Wilbert Edward Reynolds b. 30 Nov 1911, d. 21 Nov 1990

Oscar McDonald

M, #40793, b. 13 November 1884, d. 18 February 1959
ChartsJennings Family
Last Edited25 Mar 2019
Birth*13 November 1884 Oscar McDonald was born on 13 November 1884 at Albany, Clinton Co, KY
Marriage*27 February 1916 He married Sarah Amanda Tharpe, daughter of Thomas J Tharpe and Julia Ann Burke, on 27 February 1916 at Garvin Co, OK
Death*18 February 1959 Oscar McDonald died on 18 February 1959 at Erin Springs, Garvin Co, OK, at age 74. 


Sarah Amanda Tharpe b. 12 Mar 1896, d. 4 May 1936

Roland McDonald

M, #12701, b. 12 July 1885, d. 10 January 1958
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited18 May 1999
Birth*12 July 1885 Roland McDonald was born on 12 July 1885 at Troy, Lincoln Co, MO
Marriage* He married Susan Rosen (Rose) Cornelius, daughter of James William Douglas Cornelius and Barbara E Houston
Death*10 January 1958 Roland McDonald died on 10 January 1958 at Jacksonville, Morgan Co, IL, at age 72. 


Susan Rosen (Rose) Cornelius b. 27 Dec 1900, d. 11 Sep 1967

George Watson McDougle

M, #40336, b. 13 December 1897, d. 13 December 1939
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited12 Mar 2019
Birth*13 December 1897 George Watson McDougle was born on 13 December 1897 at Athens, Menard Co, IL
Marriage*20 December 1917 He married Marguerite Opal Leathers, daughter of Elijah Onie Leathers and Minnie Blackburn, on 20 December 1917 at Vancouver, Lower Mainland, British Columbia, Canada
Death*13 December 1939 George Watson McDougle died on 13 December 1939 at Sedro-Woolley, Skagit Co, WA, at age 42. 


Marguerite Opal Leathers b. 10 Jul 1902, d. Jan 1989

Leo Martin McDowall

M, #34253, b. 8 September 1920, d. 5 May 2001
FatherLewis Albert McDowall b. 5 Jun 1883, d. 16 May 1939
MotherMargret Josie Wilkins b. 3 Feb 1884, d. 3 Dec 1971
Relationship6th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited11 Jun 2017
Birth*8 September 1920 Leo Martin McDowall was born on 8 September 1920 at NE
 He was the son of Lewis Albert McDowall and Margret Josie Wilkins
Marriage* Leo Martin McDowall married Jean Shirley Hanlon
Death*5 May 2001 Leo Martin McDowall died on 5 May 2001 at Long Beach, Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 80. 


Jean Shirley Hanlon b. 16 Feb 1922, d. 11 Dec 2005

Lewis Albert McDowall

M, #34252, b. 5 June 1883, d. 16 May 1939
Last Edited11 Jun 2017
Birth*5 June 1883 Lewis Albert McDowall was born on 5 June 1883 at Morland, Graham Co, KS
Marriage* He married Margret Josie Wilkins, daughter of John Jackson Wilkins and Elcia Marcellas Mikesell
Death*16 May 1939 Lewis Albert McDowall died on 16 May 1939 at Morland, Graham Co, KS, at age 55. 


Margret Josie Wilkins b. 3 Feb 1884, d. 3 Dec 1971

May McDowall

F, #21093, b. 1889
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited10 Jul 2007
Birth*1889 May McDowall was born in 1889 at ILG
Married Name1914  As of 1914,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*1914 She married Ross Lee Cornelius, son of Steele Alexander Cornelius and Ellen Faulkner, in 1914. 
Census*4 April 1930 May McDowall and Ross Lee Cornelius appeared on the census of 4 April 1930 at La Moille, Bureau Co, ILG


Ross Lee Cornelius b. 3 Jun 1885, d. 15 Mar 1941

Adaline Armanda McDowell

F, #37374, b. 17 July 1821, d. 1899
FatherHenry McDowell b. 27 Dec 1797, d. 8 Sep 1833
MotherDorcas Foster b. 26 Jan 1796, d. 9 Nov 1856
Relationship2nd cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited6 May 2018
Birth*17 July 1821 Adaline Armanda McDowell was born on 17 July 1821 at SC
 She was the daughter of Henry McDowell and Dorcas Foster
Married Name1840  As of 1840,her married name was Wyatt. 
Marriage*1840 Adaline Armanda McDowell married Thomas Wesley Wyatt in 1840 at SC
Death*1899 Adaline Armanda McDowell died in 1899 at Gainesville, Cooke Co, TX


Thomas Wesley Wyatt b. 19 Jul 1820, d. 1891

Anna Catherine McDowell

F, #11810, b. 5 October 1885, d. 5 February 1964
Last Edited16 Dec 2008
Birth*5 October 1885 Anna Catherine McDowell was born on 5 October 1885 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PAG
Married NameNovember 1905  As of November 1905,her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage*November 1905 She married William Henry Moffett Jr, son of William Henry Moffett and Elizabeth Grady, in November 1905. 
Death*5 February 1964 Anna Catherine McDowell died on 5 February 1964 at DEG, at age 78. 


William Henry Moffett Jr b. 20 Feb 1865, d. 1940

Henry McDowell

M, #37373, b. 27 December 1797, d. 8 September 1833
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited6 May 2018
Birth*27 December 1797 Henry McDowell was born on 27 December 1797 at Union Co, SC
Marriage*2 January 1820 He married Dorcas Foster, daughter of Henry Foster and Rachel Means, on 2 January 1820 at SC
Death*8 September 1833 Henry McDowell died on 8 September 1833 at SC at age 35. 


Dorcas Foster b. 26 Jan 1796, d. 9 Nov 1856

Jane McDowell

F, #30681, b. 25 November 1743
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsCronk, Scott Warren (Moffett/Hemmings)
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth*25 November 1743 Jane McDowell was born on 25 November 1743 at Augusta Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name11 January 1763  As of 11 January 1763,her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage*11 January 1763 She married Robert Moffett, son of John Moffett and Mary Christian, on 11 January 1763 at Augusta, Bracken Co, KY, British Colonial America


Robert Moffett b. 17 Mar 1743, d. 1 Jun 1816

Margarette McElfresh

F, #12661, b. 1902
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited25 Oct 2005
Birth*1902 Margarette McElfresh was born in 1902. 
Marriage*4 May 1920 She married Clarence Douglas Cornelius, son of James William Douglas Cornelius and Barbara E Houston, on 4 May 1920 at St Louis, (independent city), MO
Married Name4 May 1920  As of 4 May 1920,her married name was Cornelius. 
NoSSN*25 October 2005 No record of her Social Security Number was found on 25 October 2005. 


Clarence Douglas Cornelius b. 14 Nov 1891, d. 19 May 1959

Adam McElrath

M, #41177, b. 11 February 1788, d. 9 January 1829
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited5 Apr 2019
Birth*11 February 1788 Adam McElrath was born on 11 February 1788 at Antrim, County Antrim, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
Marriage*29 August 1808 He married Rebeka Wingo, daughter of Abner Wingo and Elizabeth Seay, on 29 August 1808 at Spartanburg Co, SC
Death*9 January 1829 Adam McElrath died on 9 January 1829 at Spartanburg, Spartanburg Co, SC, at age 40. 


Rebeka Wingo b. 27 Nov 1792, d. 17 Apr 1831

William Arthur (Daddy Doc) McElroy

M, #35312, b. 22 November 1906, d. 5 February 1940
Last Edited4 Sep 2017
Birth*22 November 1906 William Arthur (Daddy Doc) McElroy was born on 22 November 1906 at Fayetteville, Lincoln Co, TN
Marriage*1 August 1934 He married Vera Copeland, daughter of Thomas Richardson Copeland and Martha S Armstrong, on 1 August 1934 at TX
Death*5 February 1940 William Arthur (Daddy Doc) McElroy died on 5 February 1940 at Lubbock, Lubbock Co, TX, at age 33. 


Vera Copeland b. 21 Oct 1908, d. 22 Nov 1976

Rufus McElwaine

M, #13052
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited26 Jul 1999
Birth* Rufus McElwaine was born at Salem, Marion Co, IL
Marriage*8 April 1841 He married Eliza Anne Jennings, daughter of Israel Jennings and Mary Waters, on 8 April 1841 at Marion Co, ILG


Eliza Anne Jennings b. 30 Mar 1818