William Jackson Bell

M, #37156, b. 10 August 1844, d. 25 January 1907
FatherIsrael Coleman Bell b. 1808, d. c 1859
MotherMary Hull b. c 1813, d. c 1852
Relationship6th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*10 August 1844 William Jackson Bell was born on 10 August 1844 at Caledonia, Marion Co, OH
 He was the son of Israel Coleman Bell and Mary Hull
Marriage*27 May 1869 William Jackson Bell married Martha Ellen Shirley on 27 May 1869 at North Judson, Starke Co, IN
Death*25 January 1907 William Jackson Bell died on 25 January 1907 at Norcatur, Decatur Co, KS, at age 62. 


Martha Ellen Shirley b. 4 Dec 1848, d. 3 Jul 1943

Anita Vivian Beneke

F, #37559, b. 11 May 1929, d. 26 September 1984
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited7 May 2018
Birth*11 May 1929 Anita Vivian Beneke was born on 11 May 1929 at Brookings Co, SD
Married Name25 July 1949  As of 25 July 1949,her married name was Whipple. 
Marriage*25 July 1949 She married Leon Foster Whipple, son of Leon Whipple and Fern Foster, on 25 July 1949 at Jackson Co, MO
Death*26 September 1984 Anita Vivian Beneke died on 26 September 1984 at Woods Cross, Davis Co, UT, at age 55. 


Leon Foster Whipple b. 23 Oct 1930, d. 11 Dec 2002

Letcher Joe Benfield

M, #32555, b. 11 July 1892, d. 14 February 1936
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*11 July 1892 Letcher Joe Benfield was born on 11 July 1892 at Lovill, Watauga Co, NC
Marriage* He married Mary Lou Foster, daughter of Rev William Hugh Foster and Susan E Greer
Death*14 February 1936 Letcher Joe Benfield died on 14 February 1936 at Lenoir, Caldwell Co, NC, at age 43. 


Mary Lou Foster b. 15 Dec 1903, d. 22 Oct 1985

Mary Jane Benfield

F, #32556, b. 10 May 1932, d. 15 March 2000
FatherLetcher Joe Benfield b. 11 Jul 1892, d. 14 Feb 1936
MotherMary Lou Foster b. 15 Dec 1903, d. 22 Oct 1985
Relationship8th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited15 Feb 2017
Birth*10 May 1932 Mary Jane Benfield was born on 10 May 1932 at Blowing Rock, Watauga Co, NC
 She was the daughter of Letcher Joe Benfield and Mary Lou Foster
Married Name30 January 1941  As of 30 January 1941,her married name was Keller. 
Marriage*30 January 1941 Mary Jane Benfield married John Luther Keller Jr on 30 January 1941 at Watauga Co, NC
Death*15 March 2000 Mary Jane Benfield died on 15 March 2000 at Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach Co, VAG, at age 67. 


John Luther Keller Jr b. 15 Sep 1920, d. 11 May 1992

John Love Benjamin

M, #37304, b. 30 April 1876, d. 2 February 1932
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*30 April 1876 John Love Benjamin was born on 30 April 1876 at KY
Marriage* He married Mary L Wood, daughter of John S Wood and Rachael McCarter
Death*2 February 1932 John Love Benjamin died on 2 February 1932 at OH at age 55. 


Mary L Wood b. 9 Jul 1880, d. Sep 1950

Rachel Victoria Benjamin

F, #37305, b. 24 August 1923, d. 18 April 1990
FatherJohn Love Benjamin b. 30 Apr 1876, d. 2 Feb 1932
MotherMary L Wood b. 9 Jul 1880, d. Sep 1950
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*24 August 1923 Rachel Victoria Benjamin was born on 24 August 1923 at Cincinnati, Hamilton Co, OH
 She was the daughter of John Love Benjamin and Mary L Wood
Married Name Her married name was Herbert. 
Marriage* Rachel Victoria Benjamin married Charles William Herbert
Death*18 April 1990 Rachel Victoria Benjamin died on 18 April 1990 at New Richmond, Clermont Co, OH, at age 66. 


Charles William Herbert b. 9 Mar 1921, d. 11 Oct 1971

Warren Bennet

M, #898
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited23 Jan 2002
Marriage* Warren Bennet married Mary E Cornelius, daughter of Francis Daniel Cornelius Sr and Elizabeth Clementine Hagler


Mary E Cornelius b. 13 Feb 1893, d. 2 Mar 1970

(?) Bennett

M, #1004
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited2 Sep 1997
Marriage* (?) Bennett married Elizabeth Cornelius, daughter of Andrew Cornelius and Elizabeth (--?--)


Elizabeth Cornelius b. 17 Jan 1770, d. Jul 1804

Clara Agnes Bennett

F, #29679, b. 23 January 1890, d. 1 March 1981
ChartsShepherd Family
Foster Family
Last Edited6 Nov 2016
Birth*23 January 1890 Clara Agnes Bennett was born on 23 January 1890 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG
Married Name18 November 1908  As of 18 November 1908,her married name was Raley. 
Marriage*18 November 1908 She married William Thomas Raley Jr, son of William Thomas Raley Sr and Emma Florence Lewellen, on 18 November 1908 at Clay Co, ILG
Death*1 March 1981 Clara Agnes Bennett died on 1 March 1981 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG, at age 91. 


William Thomas Raley Jr b. 23 Sep 1885, d. 1965

Esther Bennett

F, #36770, b. 1799, d. 14 November 1831
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Birth*1799 Esther Bennett was born in 1799 at Westmoreland Co, PA
Married Name1815  As of 1815,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*1815 She married Simon Blackburn, son of John Blackburn and Mary Margaret McGrew, in 1815 at Westmoreland Co, PA
Death*14 November 1831 Esther Bennett died on 14 November 1831 at Westmoreland Co, PA


Simon Blackburn b. c 1790, d. 1848

Hattie Lee Bennett

F, #32183, b. 3 May 1880, d. 14 July 1922
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited11 Feb 2017
Birth*3 May 1880 Hattie Lee Bennett was born on 3 May 1880 at Union Co Parish, LA
Married Name1903  As of 1903,her married name was Heard. 
Marriage*1903 She married John T Heard, son of Ephriam Q Heard and Mary Rebecca Webster, in 1903 at LA
Death*14 July 1922 Hattie Lee Bennett died on 14 July 1922 at Bernice, Union Co Parish, LA, at age 42. 


John T Heard b. 23 Aug 1880, d. 5 Jan 1958

Margaret Bennett

F, #37300, b. 25 October 1807, d. 14 April 1882
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*25 October 1807 Margaret Bennett was born on 25 October 1807 at OH
Married Name6 August 1829  As of 6 August 1829,her married name was Wood. 
Marriage*6 August 1829 She married Joseph Wood, son of David Wood Sr and Louisa Smith, on 6 August 1829 at Clermont Co, OH
Death*14 April 1882 Margaret Bennett died on 14 April 1882 at Clermont Co, OH, at age 74. 


Joseph Wood b. 21 Mar 1807, d. 4 Nov 1878

Marie Elizabeth Bennett

F, #24748, b. 16 February 1918, d. 19 May 2003
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited20 Dec 2011
Birth*16 February 1918 Marie Elizabeth Bennett was born on 16 February 1918 at Chester, MT
Married Namecirca 1938  As of circa 1938,her married name was Crum. 
Marriage*circa 1938 She married Edward Merton Crum, son of Blaine Cecil Crum and Olive M Roberts, circa 1938. 
Death*19 May 2003 Marie Elizabeth Bennett died on 19 May 2003 at Corry, Erie Co, PA, at age 85. 


Edward Merton Crum b. 17 Jul 1911, d. 22 Jun 1985

Matthias Bennett

M, #40433, b. 1810, d. 20 January 1885
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*1810 Matthias Bennett was born in 1810 at TN
Marriage*8 December 1831 He married Martha Ruth Manning, daughter of Joshua Manning Sr and Martha Wood, on 8 December 1831 at Daviess Co, IN
Death*20 January 1885 Matthias Bennett died on 20 January 1885 at Daviess Co, IN


Martha Ruth Manning b. 1811, d. Jun 1841

Roy Clay Bennett

M, #43290, b. 23 August 1903, d. 1980
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited28 Sep 2019
Birth*23 August 1903 Roy Clay Bennett was born on 23 August 1903 at Atkins, Pope Co, AR
Marriage*1928 He married Lillian Pauline Brockman, daughter of Lewis Jackson Brockman and Emma Jane Wells, in 1928. 
Death*1980 Roy Clay Bennett died in 1980 at Vian, Sequoyah Co, OK


Lillian Pauline Brockman b. 13 Nov 1905, d. 11 Sep 1976

Wesley James Bennett

M, #43245, b. 10 June 1932, d. 7 June 2004
Last Edited21 Sep 2019
Birth*10 June 1932 Wesley James Bennett was born on 10 June 1932 at Fresno, Fresno Co, CAG
Military* He was in the US Army Air Force during Korean War. 
Death*7 June 2004 He died on 7 June 2004 at Salem, Marion Co, OR, at age 71. 

William Lee Bennett

M, #39866, b. 22 September 1915, d. 2 September 1989
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited23 Feb 2019
Birth*22 September 1915 William Lee Bennett was born on 22 September 1915 at Dover, Kingfisher Co, OK
Marriage*between 1938 and 1939 He married A Irene Bernell, daughter of Charles Edward Bernell and Alma Gertrude Sturgill, between 1938 and 1939. 
Death*2 September 1989 William Lee Bennett died on 2 September 1989 at Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK, at age 73. 


A Irene Bernell b. 27 Jan 1916, d. 15 Mar 1997

Bertha J Benson

F, #20515, b. 17 August 1903, d. 27 November 1970
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited22 Jan 2007
Birth*17 August 1903 Bertha J Benson was born on 17 August 1903 at CAG
Married Name21 February 1924  As of 21 February 1924,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*21 February 1924 She married Paul Dean Cornelius, son of Thomas J Cornelius and Jessica Young, on 21 February 1924. 
Census*21 April 1930 Bertha J Benson and Paul Dean Cornelius appeared on the census of 21 April 1930 at 7505 Pershing Ave, University City, St Louis Co, MO
Death*27 November 1970 Bertha J Benson died on 27 November 1970 at San Mateo Co, CAG, at age 67.
NoSSN*25 October 2005 No record of her Social Security Number was found on 25 October 2005. 


Paul Dean Cornelius b. 16 Jul 1898, d. 22 Nov 1974

Alfred Elfego Jaramillo Bent

M, #40967, b. 12 February 1837, d. 9 December 1865
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Mar 2019
Birth*12 February 1837 Alfred Elfego Jaramillo Bent was born on 12 February 1837 at Taos, Taos Co, NM
Marriage*13 August 1857 He married Maria Guadalupe Herrera Long, daughter of George Horace Long and Juana Maria de Herrera, on 13 August 1857 at Taos, Taos Co, NM
Death*9 December 1865 Alfred Elfego Jaramillo Bent died on 9 December 1865 at Trinidad, Las Animas Co, CO, at age 28. 


Maria Guadalupe Herrera Long b. 28 Oct 1843, d. 22 Jul 1908

Eva Frances Bent

F, #40970, b. 15 March 1888, d. 11 October 1966
FatherWilliam Julian Bent b. 31 May 1862, d. 16 Jul 1919
MotherBernice Wilkins b. 1866
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Mar 2019
Birth*15 March 1888 Eva Frances Bent was born on 15 March 1888 at Las Animas Co, CO
 She was the daughter of William Julian Bent and Bernice Wilkins
Married NameAugust 1907  As of August 1907,her married name was Aragon. 
Marriage*August 1907 Eva Frances Bent married Feliciano Aragon in August 1907 at NM
Death*11 October 1966 Eva Frances Bent died on 11 October 1966 at Albuquerque, Bernalillo Co, NM, at age 78. 


Feliciano Aragon b. 20 Jun 1868, d. 31 Dec 1958

William Julian Bent

M, #40968, b. 31 May 1862, d. 16 July 1919
FatherAlfred Elfego Jaramillo Bent b. 12 Feb 1837, d. 9 Dec 1865
MotherMaria Guadalupe Herrera Long b. 28 Oct 1843, d. 22 Jul 1908
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Mar 2019
Birth*31 May 1862 William Julian Bent was born on 31 May 1862 at Taos, Taos Co, NM
 He was the son of Alfred Elfego Jaramillo Bent and Maria Guadalupe Herrera Long
Marriage*24 October 1884 William Julian Bent married Bernice Wilkins on 24 October 1884 at Trinidad, Las Animas Co, CO
Death*16 July 1919 William Julian Bent died on 16 July 1919 at Sopris, Las Animas Co, CO, at age 57. 


Bernice Wilkins b. 1866

Elizabeth Scott Bentley

F, #35765, b. 15 January 1810, d. 1891
FatherJohn Townsend Bentley b. 27 May 1786, d. 1850
MotherMary Polly Maxey b. 1780, d. 1830
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited7 Sep 2017
Birth*15 January 1810 Elizabeth Scott Bentley was born on 15 January 1810 at Henry Co, GA
 She was the daughter of John Townsend Bentley and Mary Polly Maxey
Married Name2 February 1837  As of 2 February 1837,her married name was Purser. 
Marriage*2 February 1837 Elizabeth Scott Bentley married Richard William Purser on 2 February 1837 at Henry Co, GA
Death*1891 Elizabeth Scott Bentley died in 1891 at Tanglewood, Lee Co, TX


Richard William Purser b. 15 Jan 1802, d. 22 Dec 1850

George W Bentley

M, #2698
Last Edited12 Jan 1999
Marriage*18 December 1848 George W Bentley married Nancy (Martha?) Luke on 18 December 1848 at Madison Co, ILG


Nancy (Martha?) Luke

George Washington Bentley Sr

M, #432, b. 24 July 1851, d. 19 August 1927
FatherGeorge W Bentley
MotherNancy (Martha?) Luke
ChartsJennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited10 Feb 2018
Birth*24 July 1851 George Washington Bentley Sr was born on 24 July 1851 at Macoupin Co, IL
 He was the son of George W Bentley and Nancy (Martha?) Luke
Census*17 June 1880 George Washington Bentley Sr appeared on the census of 17 June 1880 at Cottonwood Grove Precinct, Bond Co, ILG, with an occupation of farmer. 
Note* George Bentley was the third husband of Mary Frances Jennings, but her 'first love'. 
Marriage*13 April 1911 He married Mary Frances Jennings, daughter of William Elliott Jennings and Frances Caroline Cornelius, on 13 April 1911 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG
Photo* George Washington Bentley Sr and Mary Frances Jennings appeared in a photo.
Census*1920 George Washington Bentley Sr and Mary Frances Jennings appeared on the census of 1920 at McCord (Shoal Creek) Twsp, Bond Co, ILG
Death*19 August 1927 George Washington Bentley Sr died on 19 August 1927 at Sorento, Bond Co, ILG, at age 76. 
Obituary* From Bond Co Gen Soc Sunnyside Book
Bentley, Geo Washington; b. 24 Jul 1851, north of Staunton d. 19 Aug 1927 Sorento, IL
m. Mary Ellen Coyle, who died many years ago. Twelve children were born to this union, five sons and one daughter survive. They are Wm of Ilmo, Mo, John of Cape Girardeau Mo, Charles of Waterloo, IA, Gordon of Grundy Center, IA, George W at home and Mr. Mary Smith of Sorento.
m. 1911 Mrs Frances Blackburn of Flora, formerly of Sorento, who survives. He is also survived by brothers, Lafayette of Worden, William & Thomas of Sorento and Sister's Mrs Sarah Martin, Mrs Clara Turner and Mrs Rose Griffith of Sorento and Mrs Amanda Everman of Devall's Bluff, Ark. 
Burial* He was buried at Sunnyside Cemetery, Sorento, Bond Co, ILG


Mary Frances Jennings b. 23 Feb 1856, d. 11 Mar 1938
Marriage*13 April 1911 He married Mary Frances Jennings, daughter of William Elliott Jennings and Frances Caroline Cornelius, on 13 April 1911 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG

John Townsend Bentley

M, #35764, b. 27 May 1786, d. 1850
Last Edited7 Sep 2017
Birth*27 May 1786 John Townsend Bentley was born on 27 May 1786 at Wilkes Co, GA
Marriage*22 October 1807 He married Mary Polly Maxey, daughter of Jeremiah Maxey and Mourning Hale, on 22 October 1807 at Oglethorpe, Macon Co, GAG
Death*1850 John Townsend Bentley died in 1850 at White House, Henry Co, GA


Mary Polly Maxey b. 1780, d. 1830