William Norries

M, #36233, b. 1364, d. 1388
Relationship18th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1364 William Norries was born in 1364 at Norries, Devon, England, United KingdomG
Marriage*circa 1375 He married Eleanore de Collaton circa 1375. 
Death*1388 William Norries died in 1388 at Norries, Devon, England, United KingdomG


Eleanore de Collaton b. c 1368, d. a 1390

Blanche Beulah Norris

F, #24733, b. 13 April 1883, d. 22 June 1958
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*13 April 1883 Blanche Beulah Norris was born on 13 April 1883 at Huntingdon Co, PA
Married Name Her married name was Crum. 
Marriage*1906 She married Lawrence Newton Crum, son of Cornelius Bell Crum and Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner, in 1906. 
Census*4 April 1930 Blanche Beulah Norris and Lawrence Newton Crum appeared on the census of 4 April 1930 at Mount Union, Huntingdon Co, PA
Death*22 June 1958 Blanche Beulah Norris died on 22 June 1958 at Huntingdon, Huntingdon Co, PA, at age 75. 


Lawrence Newton Crum b. 29 Aug 1883, d. 7 Jul 1962

Wendell Warren Norris

M, #38592, b. 23 November 1945, d. 7 April 2003
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*23 November 1945 Wendell Warren Norris was born on 23 November 1945 at Bosswel Chav Co, NM
Marriage*4 September 1963 He married Karol Lynn Adams, daughter of William Dale Adams and Phyllis Marie Harklerode, on 4 September 1963 at Los Angeles Co, CA
Divorce*July 1966 Wendell Warren Norris and Karol Lynn Adams were divorced in July 1966 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CAG
Death*7 April 2003 Wendell Warren Norris died on 7 April 2003 at age 57. 


Karol Lynn Adams b. 14 Apr 1948, d. 13 Apr 2006

Mary Lucindy Northern

F, #43239, b. 30 March 1903, d. 10 October 1979
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*30 March 1903 Mary Lucindy Northern was born on 30 March 1903 at Caplinger Mills, Cedar Co, MO
Married NameMay 1919  As of May 1919,her married name was Long. 
Marriage*May 1919 She married Paris Leonard Long, son of William Robert Long and Rebecca A Eddings, in May 1919 at Caplinger Mills, Cedar Co, MO
Death*10 October 1979 Mary Lucindy Northern died on 10 October 1979 at Madera, Madera Co, CA, at age 76. 


Paris Leonard Long b. 12 Apr 1892, d. 1 May 1964

Jeremiah Nyce Northrop

M, #36670, b. 13 January 1728, d. 1 January 1785
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*13 January 1728 Jeremiah Nyce Northrop was born on 13 January 1728 at Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA, British Colonial America
Marriage*31 May 1753 He married Mary Foster, daughter of John Charles Foster and Rachel Elizabeth Philpott, on 31 May 1753 at Lower Dublin Twsp, Philadelphia Co, PA, British Colonial America
Death*1 January 1785 Jeremiah Nyce Northrop died on 1 January 1785 at Lower Dublin Twsp, Philadelphia Co, PA, at age 56. 


Mary Foster b. 24 Jun 1733, d. 2 Mar 1812

Martha Anna Norton

F, #33801, b. 29 March 1752, d. 14 June 1827
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*29 March 1752 Martha Anna Norton was born on 29 March 1752 at Middletown, Middlesex Co, CT, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name19 January 1774  As of 19 January 1774,her married name was Arnold. 
Marriage*19 January 1774 She married Jacob Arnold, son of Gideon Arnold and Abigail Brainerd, on 19 January 1774 at Haddam, Middlesex Co, CT, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*14 June 1827 Martha Anna Norton died on 14 June 1827 at West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co, MAG, at age 75. 


Jacob Arnold b. 10 Nov 1745, d. 10 Jan 1825

Norman Joseph Norton

M, #37532, b. 18 April 1920, d. 4 July 2006
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*18 April 1920 Norman Joseph Norton was born on 18 April 1920 at Binghamton, Broome Co, NY
Marriage*18 April 1944 He married Ann Ferman McCleary, daughter of Culton Stuart McCleary and Bland Marie Campbell, on 18 April 1944 at CAG
Death*4 July 2006 Norman Joseph Norton died on 4 July 2006 at Scottsdale, Maricopa Co, AZG, at age 86. 


Ann Ferman McCleary b. 15 Sep 1924, d. 29 Nov 1996

Christine Josephine Nothen

F, #10586, b. 7 August 1899, d. 1 November 1942
Born inGermany
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*7 August 1899 Christine Josephine Nothen was born on 7 August 1899 at Mayen, Mayen-Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyG
Immigration*1922 She immigrated in 1922 to MO
Marriage*4 November 1922 She married James Earl Lewis, son of James Ernest Lewis and Rhoda Alice Cornelius, on 4 November 1922 at Jackson Co, MO.
Married Name4 November 1922  As of 4 November 1922,her married name was Lewis. 
Census*10 April 1930 Christine Josephine Nothen and James Earl Lewis appeared on the census of 10 April 1930 at Manhattan, Riley Co, KS
Death*1 November 1942 Christine Josephine Nothen died on 1 November 1942 at Junction City, Geary Co, KS, at age 43.


James Earl Lewis b. 14 Aug 1901, d. 26 May 1972

Helen Novak

F, #19132, b. 19 August 1904, d. 28 March 1996
ChartsJennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Married Name Her married name was Jennings. 
Birth*19 August 1904 Helen Novak was born on 19 August 1904. 
Marriage*from 1922 to 1930 She married Otto Cecil Jennings, son of Carey Wesley Jennings and Maggie Francis Baird, from 1922 to 1930. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 319-22-5205; issued before 1951 at ILG
Residence* Helen Novak lived at Escondido, San Diego Co, CAG; 1333 E Grand #204. 
Death*28 March 1996 She died on 28 March 1996 at Escondido, San Diego Co, CAG, at age 91. 


Otto Cecil Jennings b. 29 Apr 1901, d. 5 Mar 1968

Benjamin Wade Nowlin

M, #31356, b. 1841, d. August 1915
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Birth*1841 Benjamin Wade Nowlin was born in 1841 at Bedford, Bedford Co, TN
Marriage*25 January 1866 He married Sarah Frances Bowden, daughter of James Bowden and Elizabeth McAnally, on 25 January 1866 at Lawrence Co, TN
Death*August 1915 Benjamin Wade Nowlin died in August 1915 at Jerusalem, Conway Co, AR


Sarah Frances Bowden b. 24 Jan 1844, d. 10 Mar 1882

Lucinda Elizabeth Nowlin

F, #31357, b. 18 November 1866, d. 15 December 1959
FatherBenjamin Wade Nowlin b. 1841, d. Aug 1915
MotherSarah Frances Bowden b. 24 Jan 1844, d. 10 Mar 1882
Relationship4th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*18 November 1866 Lucinda Elizabeth Nowlin was born on 18 November 1866 at Pope Co, AR
 She was the daughter of Benjamin Wade Nowlin and Sarah Frances Bowden
Married Name18 March 1888  As of 18 March 1888,her married name was Wilson. 
Marriage*18 March 1888 Lucinda Elizabeth Nowlin married Francis Aridatha Berry Wilson on 18 March 1888 at Jerusalem, Conway Co, AR
Death*15 December 1959 Lucinda Elizabeth Nowlin died on 15 December 1959 at Jerusalem, Conway Co, AR, at age 93. 


Francis Aridatha Berry Wilson b. 24 May 1861, d. 1 Mar 1939

Elizabeth Noyes

F, #38425, b. 19 April 1625, d. 1669
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
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Birth*19 April 1625 Elizabeth Noyes was born on 19 April 1625 at Foxcotte-Weyhill, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom
Married Name1643  As of 1643,her married name was Freeman. 
Marriage*1643 She married Major John Freeman I, son of Lt Governor Edmond Coles Freeman II and Bennet Hodsoll, in 1643 at Sudbury, Middlesex Co, MA, British Colonial America
Married Name13 November 1649  As of 13 November 1649,her married name was Haynes. 
Death*1669 Elizabeth Noyes died in 1669 at Sudbury, Middlesex Co, MA, British Colonial America


Major John Freeman I b. 28 Jan 1626, d. 28 Oct 1719

Charlotte B Nuby

F, #33093, b. 5 January 1907, d. 11 January 1994
ChartsManning Family
Bell Family
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Birth*5 January 1907 Charlotte B Nuby was born on 5 January 1907 at Sorento, Bond Co, ILG
Married Name Her married name was Manning. 
Marriage* She married Lawrence J Manning, son of Joseph Manning and Martha Ann (Annie) Stever
Death*11 January 1994 Charlotte B Nuby died on 11 January 1994 at age 87. 
Burial*14 January 1994 She was buried on 14 January 1994 at Union Cemetery, Panama, Bond and Montgomery Co, ILG


Lawrence J Manning b. 1903, d. 1965

Robert Citerson Nunnally

M, #35441, b. 29 January 1829, d. 19 December 1918
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Birth*29 January 1829 Robert Citerson Nunnally was born on 29 January 1829 at Amelia Co, VAG
Marriage*27 November 1851 He married Julia Ann Meador, daughter of Jonas Meador and Mary A (Polly) Oakley, on 27 November 1851 at Cumberland, Cumberland Co, VAG
Death*19 December 1918 Robert Citerson Nunnally died on 19 December 1918 at Wise, Wise Co, VAG, at age 89. 


Julia Ann Meador b. 28 Sep 1833, d. 22 May 1874

Sarah Beauregard (Sallie) Nunnally

F, #35442, b. 13 November 1861, d. 23 December 1933
FatherRobert Citerson Nunnally b. 29 Jan 1829, d. 19 Dec 1918
MotherJulia Ann Meador b. 28 Sep 1833, d. 22 May 1874
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited5 Sep 2017
Birth*13 November 1861 Sarah Beauregard (Sallie) Nunnally was born on 13 November 1861 at Cumberland, Cumberland Co, VAG
 She was the daughter of Robert Citerson Nunnally and Julia Ann Meador
Married Name14 February 1883  As of 14 February 1883,her married name was Hall. 
Marriage*14 February 1883 Sarah Beauregard (Sallie) Nunnally married James Lafayette Hall on 14 February 1883 at Cumberland, Cumberland Co, VAG
Death*23 December 1933 Sarah Beauregard (Sallie) Nunnally died on 23 December 1933 at Amelia Co, VAG, at age 72. 


James Lafayette Hall b. 22 Jan 1845, d. 22 Jun 1930

Harriet Julye Nutt

F, #35292, b. 26 July 1858, d. 25 July 1887
FatherJesse Nutt b. 21 Jun 1805, d. 21 May 1883
MotherEiza Jane Meadows b. 1825, d. 30 Mar 1887
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*26 July 1858 Harriet Julye Nutt was born on 26 July 1858 at Bedford Co, TN
 She was the daughter of Jesse Nutt and Eiza Jane Meadows
Married Name23 May 1875  As of 23 May 1875,her married name was Poff. 
Marriage*23 May 1875 Harriet Julye Nutt married James Marshall Poff on 23 May 1875 at Bedford, Bedford Co, TN
Death*25 July 1887 Harriet Julye Nutt died on 25 July 1887 at TN at age 28. 


James Marshall Poff b. 22 Dec 1855, d. 15 Oct 1943

Jesse Nutt

M, #35291, b. 21 June 1805, d. 21 May 1883
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Birth*21 June 1805 Jesse Nutt was born on 21 June 1805 at Orange Co, NC
Marriage*1851 He married Eiza Jane Meadows, daughter of John Meadows and Jemina Melton, in 1851 at Orange Co, NC
Death*21 May 1883 Jesse Nutt died on 21 May 1883 at Bedford Co, TN, at age 77. 


Eiza Jane Meadows b. 1825, d. 30 Mar 1887

Hughie G Nylin

M, #35254, b. 30 April 1914, d. 6 April 1996
FatherThomas Gilbert Nylin b. 26 Sep 1886, d. Apr 1964
MotherMartha Ellen Thornhill b. Feb 1889, d. 1927
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited3 Sep 2017
Birth*30 April 1914 Hughie G Nylin was born on 30 April 1914 at Denver, Denver Co, COG
 He was the son of Thomas Gilbert Nylin and Martha Ellen Thornhill
Marriage* Hughie G Nylin married Rose Morganstean
Death*6 April 1996 Hughie G Nylin died on 6 April 1996 at COG, at age 81. 


Rose Morganstean b. 26 Jan 1916, d. 6 Aug 2005

Thomas Gilbert Nylin

M, #35253, b. 26 September 1886, d. April 1964
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Birth*26 September 1886 Thomas Gilbert Nylin was born on 26 September 1886 at Tabor, Fremont Co, IA
Marriage*14 April 1911 He married Martha Ellen Thornhill, daughter of George B Thornhill and Mary Ann (?), on 14 April 1911 at Denver, Denver Co, COG
Death*April 1964 Thomas Gilbert Nylin died in April 1964 at COG, at age 77. 


Martha Ellen Thornhill b. Feb 1889, d. 1927

Violet B Nylund

F, #33762, b. 21 January 1902, d. 23 June 1972
Last Edited30 May 2017
Birth*21 January 1902 Violet B Nylund was born on 21 January 1902 at Astoria, Clatsop Co, OR
Married Name Her married name was Bondshu. 
Marriage* She married Ernest J Bondshu, son of Charles Albert Bondshu and Emily Amanda Lewis
Death*23 June 1972 Violet B Nylund died on 23 June 1972 at Portland, Multnomah Co, ORG, at age 70. 


Ernest J Bondshu b. 21 Jun 1859, d. 15 Jul 1940

Nancy Jane O'Barr

F, #31024, b. 1853, d. before 1882
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Birth*1853 Nancy Jane O'Barr was born in 1853 at TN
Married Name13 February 1870  As of 13 February 1870,her married name was Bowden. 
Marriage*13 February 1870 She married Allen Blantin Bowden, son of John Sanders Bowden and Elizabeth Reynolds, on 13 February 1870 at Pope Co, AR
Death*before 1882 Nancy Jane O'Barr died before 1882 at ARG


Allen Blantin Bowden b. 14 Feb 1848, d. b 1900

Benjamin Franklin O'Brien

M, #42003, b. September 1854, d. 24 August 1923
Last Edited11 May 2019
Birth*September 1854 Benjamin Franklin O'Brien was born in September 1854 at Tipton Co, TN
Marriage*9 October 1879 He married Matilida Jane Knott, daughter of James Ignatius Knott and Mary Ann McDaniel, on 9 October 1879 at Daviess Co, KY
Death*24 August 1923 Benjamin Franklin O'Brien died on 24 August 1923 at Covington, Tipton Co, TN, at age 68. 


Matilida Jane Knott b. 3 Nov 1855

Loretta Margaret O'Brien

F, #33796, b. 1 May 1923, d. 10 February 1984
Last Edited30 May 2017
Birth*1 May 1923 Loretta Margaret O'Brien was born on 1 May 1923 at Chicago, Cook Co, ILG
Married Name16 November 1946  As of 16 November 1946,her married name was Bailey. 
Marriage*16 November 1946 She married Forrest Elmer Bailey, son of James Asahel Bailey and Hattie Adell Emery, on 16 November 1946 at Chicago, Cook Co, ILG
Death*10 February 1984 Loretta Margaret O'Brien died on 10 February 1984 at Evergreen Park, Cook Co, ILG, at age 60. 


Forrest Elmer Bailey b. 16 May 1919, d. 20 Jul 1992

Elmer L O'Bryan

M, #42004, b. circa 1881
FatherBenjamin Franklin O'Brien b. Sep 1854, d. 24 Aug 1923
MotherMatilida Jane Knott b. 3 Nov 1855
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited11 May 2019
Birth*circa 1881 Elmer L O'Bryan was born circa 1881. 
 He was the son of Benjamin Franklin O'Brien and Matilida Jane Knott

Eugene Ignatius O'Bryan

M, #42005, b. 12 April 1882, d. 23 February 1961
FatherBenjamin Franklin O'Brien b. Sep 1854, d. 24 Aug 1923
MotherMatilida Jane Knott b. 3 Nov 1855
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited11 May 2019
Birth*12 April 1882 Eugene Ignatius O'Bryan was born on 12 April 1882 at Daviess Co, KY
 He was the son of Benjamin Franklin O'Brien and Matilida Jane Knott
Marriage* Eugene Ignatius O'Bryan married Martha Jane Millay
Death*23 February 1961 Eugene Ignatius O'Bryan died on 23 February 1961 at Owensboro, Daviess Co, KY, at age 78. 


Martha Jane Millay b. 15 Feb 1880, d. 8 Mar 1917