Florence Ettie Schneider

F, #40542, b. 11 September 1899, d. 19 July 1991
FatherBen Schneider b. Dec 1849, d. b 22 Feb 1938
MotherMary Serena Lee b. 28 Sep 1858, d. 22 Feb 1938
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*11 September 1899 Florence Ettie Schneider was born on 11 September 1899 at MO
 She was the daughter of Ben Schneider and Mary Serena Lee
Married Name13 February 1919  As of 13 February 1919,her married name was Webb. 
Marriage*13 February 1919 Florence Ettie Schneider married Chester Warner Webb on 13 February 1919 at Howell Co, MO
Death*19 July 1991 Florence Ettie Schneider died on 19 July 1991 at Lees Summit, Jackson Co, MO, at age 91. 


Chester Warner Webb b. 25 Jul 1896, d. 11 May 1964

Anthony H Schneiderjohn

M, #41632, b. 1 September 1912, d. 4 August 1990
Last Edited2 May 2019
Birth*1 September 1912 Anthony H Schneiderjohn was born on 1 September 1912 at St Libory, St Clair Co, IL
Marriage* He married Lorraine Dellia Bryant, daughter of Louis Dyer Bryant and Carrie Grunz
Death*4 August 1990 Anthony H Schneiderjohn died on 4 August 1990 at St Louis, (independent city), MO, at age 77. 


Lorraine Dellia Bryant b. 4 Oct 1923, d. 27 May 1977

Barbara Ann Schnering

F, #33234, b. 14 June 1935, d. 26 September 2014
Last Edited10 May 2017
Birth*14 June 1935 Barbara Ann Schnering was born on 14 June 1935 at Madison, Dane Co, WI
Married Name16 November 1956  As of 16 November 1956,her married name was Miller. 
Marriage*16 November 1956 She married Bruce B Miller Sr, son of Robert Carson Miller and Lydia Polk, on 16 November 1956 at Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN
Death*26 September 2014 Barbara Ann Schnering died on 26 September 2014 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK, at age 79. 
Obituary* Obituary for Barbara Ann Miller
Barbara Ann “Bobbi” Miller (often called “Meems”), 79, was called to heaven September 26th, 2014, with her family by her side. Born June, 14, 1935 in Madison, Wisconsin to Charles and Catherine Schnering, who preceded her in death. To know Bobbi, is to love Bobbi. Though she did not crave attention, she captured it for the vibrant, fun-loving, sometimes silly, always Christ-like, loving person God created her to be. The light of God truly shined through her. A great story-teller and listener, she loved her family and friends unconditionally, swimming, ice skating, scary movies, Christmas, the color blue, and watching the stars. Discovering her passion late in life, after retiring from American Fidelity Assurance Company, she began teaching. She loved the children at Crossings Community Church to pieces (her words) and they kept her young – you’re never too old to go down the slide! Those who knew her personally, or through her family and friends, will continue her wonderful legacy by loving unconditionally, giving more than received, meeting others with a smile, expressing a genuine interest in others, and most importantly letting the light of Jesus shine. Bobbi is survived by husband, Bruce B. Miller; daughter, Lori Lyn Mueller and husband Trevor; son Bruce B. Miller, Jr. and wife Ashleigh; grandchildren, Britini Lee Miller, Braedon Kutter Sweeney, Colin Thomas Miller, Mia Jenevieve Miller, Bennett Moss Miller, Austin McKanna and Tanner McKanna; sister Lola Bosben; and brother James Schnering; and many nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by daughter, Ann-Margaret Miller; sisters Eleanor Schnering and Beverly Frohne; and brother Bernard Schnering. We are forever grateful for the compassionate care and exceptional she received from Mercy Hospital Oklahoma City’s Oncology and Step-down units and her wonderfully talented Mercy Hospice Nurse, Audra who kept our family involved and educated. A memorial service will be held, 10:00 am, Wednesday, October 1st at Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent in loving memory of Bobbi Miller to Mercy Foundation (4200 West Memorial Road, Oklahoma City, OK 73120), the American Cancer Society or Crossings Community Church MDO. 


Bruce B Miller Sr b. c 1920

Irma Schnoff

F, #21132
ChartsCornelius Family
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Married Name14 June 1922  As of 14 June 1922,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*14 June 1922 Irma Schnoff married Harry Wayne Cornelius, son of Wayne G Cornelius and Jennie J Bixby, on 14 June 1922 at East Dubuque, Jo Daviess Co, ILG


Harry Wayne Cornelius b. 3 Feb 1902, d. 3 Apr 1992

Clark Edward Schnurr,

M, #32793, b. 6 April 1909, d. 2 September 1966
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited7 May 2017
Birth*6 April 1909 Clark Edward Schnurr, was born on 6 April 1909 at KS
Marriage* He married Mary M Lewis,, daughter of Ira F Lewis, and Althea Hunter,, at Greeley, Weld Co, COG
Death*2 September 1966 Clark Edward Schnurr, died on 2 September 1966 at Loveland, Larimer Co, COG, at age 57. 


Mary M Lewis, b. 1913, d. 1958

Catrina Schoonmaker

F, #34522, b. 13 June 1797, d. 1 December 1866
FatherSimon Schoonmaker b. 16 Aug 1765, d. 4 Dec 1827
MotherMargrietje Louw b. 24 Mar 1775, d. 21 Mar 1845
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*13 June 1797 Catrina Schoonmaker was born on 13 June 1797 at Rochester, Ulster Co, NY
 She was the daughter of Simon Schoonmaker and Margrietje Louw
Married Name17 January 1813  As of 17 January 1813,her married name was DePuy. 
Marriage*17 January 1813 Catrina Schoonmaker married Isaiah DePuy on 17 January 1813 at Ulster Co, NY
Death*1 December 1866 Catrina Schoonmaker died on 1 December 1866 at Ulster Co, NY, at age 69. 


Isaiah DePuy b. 9 Nov 1793, d. 21 May 1874

Simon Schoonmaker

M, #34521, b. 16 August 1765, d. 4 December 1827
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited26 Jun 2019
Birth*16 August 1765 Simon Schoonmaker was born on 16 August 1765 at Kingston, Ulster Co, NY, British Colonial America
Marriage*27 August 1791 He married Margrietje Louw, daughter of Benjamin Louw and Catrina DuBois, on 27 August 1791 at Ulster Co, NY
Death*4 December 1827 Simon Schoonmaker died on 4 December 1827 at Marbletown, Ulster Co, NY, at age 62. 


Margrietje Louw b. 24 Mar 1775, d. 21 Mar 1845

Tamra Milree Schorr

F, #40010, b. 20 August 1969, d. 3 February 2001
Last Edited2 Mar 2019
Birth*20 August 1969 Tamra Milree Schorr was born on 20 August 1969 at Ridgecrest, Kern Co, CA
Married Name Her married name was Salmon. 
Death*3 February 2001 She died on 3 February 2001 at Ridgecrest, Kern Co, CA, at age 31. 

Bessie Schrier

F, #4435
ChartsManning Family
Bell Family
Jennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited8 Jul 2010
Married Name Her married name was Haynes. 
Marriage*circa 1930 Bessie Schrier married Albert Elsworth Haynes, son of Jonah Blain Haynes and Laura Palmer Manning, circa 1930. 


Albert Elsworth Haynes b. 7 Aug 1910, d. Sep 1958

Laura Marie Schroder

F, #33844, b. 31 January 1915, d. 15 April 2006
Last Edited30 May 2017
Birth*31 January 1915 Laura Marie Schroder was born on 31 January 1915 at Gordon, Sheridan Co, NE
Married Name Her married name was Patterson. 
Marriage* She married Gerald Monroe Patterson, son of Charles H Patterson and Bessie May Baker
Death*15 April 2006 Laura Marie Schroder died on 15 April 2006 at Plummer, Benewah Co, ID, at age 91. 


Gerald Monroe Patterson b. 3 Dec 1913, d. 25 May 2005

Albert G Schroeder

M, #37128, b. 7 January 1892, d. 8 November 1973
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 Mar 2018
Birth*7 January 1892 Albert G Schroeder was born on 7 January 1892 at COG
Marriage*1 August 1917 He married Zelah M Eddings, daughter of James W Eddings and Susan Ann Baxter, on 1 August 1917 at Fort Collins, Larimer Co, COG
Death*8 November 1973 Albert G Schroeder died on 8 November 1973 at COG, at age 81. 


Zelah M Eddings b. 20 Aug 1897, d. 9 Jun 1985

Alberta L Schroeder

F, #37129, b. 3 May 1918, d. 21 January 2016
FatherAlbert G Schroeder b. 7 Jan 1892, d. 8 Nov 1973
MotherZelah M Eddings b. 20 Aug 1897, d. 9 Jun 1985
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 Mar 2018
Birth*3 May 1918 Alberta L Schroeder was born on 3 May 1918 at Fort Collins, Larimer Co, COG
 She was the daughter of Albert G Schroeder and Zelah M Eddings
Married Name Her married name was Smith. 
Marriage* Alberta L Schroeder married Ralph H Smith
Death*21 January 2016 Alberta L Schroeder died on 21 January 2016 at Idaho Falls, Bonneville Co, ID, at age 97. 


Ralph H Smith b. 30 Dec 1918, d. 1991

Pauline Rosebelle Schroeder

F, #20858, b. 2 January 1906, d. 10 July 1971
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited24 Oct 2005
Birth*2 January 1906 Pauline Rosebelle Schroeder was born on 2 January 1906 at NE
Married Name14 August 1924  As of 14 August 1924,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*14 August 1924 She married Fred Lewis Cornelius, son of Lewis Cornelius and Maglalena (Lena) Fisher, on 14 August 1924 at Marysville, Marshall Co, KS
Death*10 July 1971 Pauline Rosebelle Schroeder died on 10 July 1971 at Pickrell, Gage Co, NE, at age 65. 
Burial* She was buried at Evergreen Memorial Home Cemetery, Beatrice, Gage Co, NE
NoSSN*24 October 2005 No record of her Social Security Number was found on 24 October 2005. 


Fred Lewis Cornelius b. 4 Sep 1903, d. 31 Mar 1976

Elizabeth B Schulster

F, #20741, b. 9 February 1896
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited9 Oct 2005
Birth*9 February 1896 Elizabeth B Schulster was born on 9 February 1896. 
Married Name24 October 1913  As of 24 October 1913,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*24 October 1913 She married Guy Edwin Cornelius, son of John Calvin Cornelius and Lillie Manley, on 24 October 1913 at Newfoundland, Passaic Co, NJ
Census*24 April 1930 Elizabeth B Schulster and Guy Edwin Cornelius appeared on the census of 24 April 1930 at Pompton Lakes, Passaic Co, NJ


Guy Edwin Cornelius b. 25 Mar 1894

Lydia Schultz

F, #13096
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited26 Jul 1999
Married Name Her married name was Jennings. 
Marriage*7 September 1865 Lydia Schultz married George Alexander Jennings, son of Israel Jennings Jr and Anne McClure Davidson, on 7 September 1865 at Marion Co, ILG


George Alexander Jennings b. 28 Apr 1831, d. 10 Jul 1915

Frank J Schulze

M, #43176, b. 1902, d. 1960
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited28 Sep 2019
Birth*1902 Frank J Schulze was born in 1902 at AR
Marriage*26 October 1933 He married Joanna Nelson, daughter of George W Nelson and Jane Cornelius, on 26 October 1933 at Pulaski Co, AR
Death*1960 Frank J Schulze died in 1960. 


Joanna Nelson b. 4 Sep 1917, d. 26 Jan 1994

Mary A Schuster

F, #12199, b. 1842
Last Edited25 Apr 1999
Birth*1842 Mary A Schuster was born in 1842. 
Marriage*25 February 1862 She married Enoch A Moffett, son of Enoch Moffett and Martha A Griffin, on 25 February 1862. 
Married Name25 February 1862  As of 25 February 1862,her married name was Moffett. 


Enoch A Moffett b. 1839, d. 1900

George Serviss Schuyler

M, #37891, b. 22 February 1818, d. 18 February 1888
FatherJacob J Schuyler b. 26 Aug 1788, d. 19 Apr 1845
MotherMary Serviss b. 20 Jan 1796, d. 18 Apr 1883
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited7 Jun 2018
Birth*22 February 1818 George Serviss Schuyler was born on 22 February 1818 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY
 He was the son of Jacob J Schuyler and Mary Serviss
Marriage*24 January 1838 George Serviss Schuyler married Clarissa Van Schaick on 24 January 1838 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY
Death*18 February 1888 George Serviss Schuyler died on 18 February 1888 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY, at age 69. 


Clarissa Van Schaick b. 4 Jul 1821, d. 20 Dec 1855

Jacob J Schuyler

M, #37890, b. 26 August 1788, d. 19 April 1845
Last Edited7 Jun 2018
Birth*26 August 1788 Jacob J Schuyler was born on 26 August 1788. 
Marriage*19 September 1813 He married Mary Serviss, daughter of George Serviss and Mary Overbagh, on 19 September 1813. 
Death*19 April 1845 Jacob J Schuyler died on 19 April 1845 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY, at age 56. 


Mary Serviss b. 20 Jan 1796, d. 18 Apr 1883

Sarah Schuyler

F, #37893, b. 29 November 1838, d. 8 November 1902
FatherGeorge Serviss Schuyler b. 22 Feb 1818, d. 18 Feb 1888
MotherClarissa Van Schaick b. 4 Jul 1821, d. 20 Dec 1855
Relationship6th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited7 Jun 2018
Birth*29 November 1838 Sarah Schuyler was born on 29 November 1838 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY
 She was the daughter of George Serviss Schuyler and Clarissa Van Schaick
Married Name24 January 1860  As of 24 January 1860,her married name was Dievendorf. 
Marriage*24 January 1860 Sarah Schuyler married Reuben Dievendorf on 24 January 1860 at Glen, Montgomery Co, NY
Death*8 November 1902 Sarah Schuyler died on 8 November 1902 at Montgomery Co, NY, at age 63. 


Reuben Dievendorf b. 10 Dec 1835, d. 24 Feb 1901

Sarah Etta Scoons

F, #19474, b. 1835
Last Edited19 Nov 2015
Birth*1835 Sarah Etta Scoons was born in 1835 at MD
Married Name21 December 1853  As of 21 December 1853,her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage*21 December 1853 She married John T Moffett, son of Enoch Moffett and Martha A Griffin, on 21 December 1853 at Kent Co, MD
Census*17 August 1860 Sarah Etta Scoons and John T Moffett appeared on the census of 17 August 1860 at Kent Co, MD
Census15 October 1870 Sarah Etta Scoons and John T Moffett appeared on the census of 15 October 1870 at Kent Co, MD


John T Moffett b. 4 Feb 1830, d. 24 Jun 1887

(?) Scott

M, #19384
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited15 May 2010
Marriage* (?) Scott married Malinda Serepta Eddings, daughter of Dennis Caswell Eddings and Melvina Weaver


Malinda Serepta Eddings b. 3 Jan 1885, d. 16 Dec 1980

Agnes Scott

F, #35785, b. 24 January 1796, d. 27 March 1864
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited7 Sep 2017
Birth*24 January 1796 Agnes Scott was born on 24 January 1796 at Washington Co, PA
Married Name3 February 1814  As of 3 February 1814,her married name was Bell. 
Marriage*3 February 1814 She married Thomas Bell, son of Robert Bell and Rachel Espey, on 3 February 1814 at Strabane, Washington Co, PA
Death*27 March 1864 Agnes Scott died on 27 March 1864 at Licking Twsp, Clarion Co, PA, at age 68. 


Thomas Bell b. 1790, d. 30 Oct 1865

Catherine Scott

F, #39899, b. 1574
Relationship10th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inIreland
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited27 Feb 2019
Birth*1574 Catherine Scott was born in 1574 at County Monaghan, Ulster, IrelandG
Marriage* She married John Harbison
Married Name Her married name was Harbison. 


John Harbison b. 14 May 1569, d. 1617

Sir David Scott, of Branxholm, 1st of Buccleuch

M, #23199, b. 1430, d. March 1492
Relationship16th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
Royality and NobilityRoyality and Nobility
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited28 Dec 2016
Birth*1430 Sir David Scott, of Branxholm, 1st of Buccleuch was born in 1430 at Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Marriage* He married Janet de Somerville. 
Death*March 1492 Sir David Scott, of Branxholm, 1st of Buccleuch died in March 1492 at Buccleuch, Selkirkshire, Scotland, United KingdomG


Janet de Somerville, b. 1442, d. 1492