Nora S Simmons

F, #31074, b. 3 January 1882, d. 31 March 1966
FatherJohn Thompson Simmons b. 1842
MotherRachel Austin b. 17 Oct 1846, d. 20 May 1929
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*3 January 1882 Nora S Simmons was born on 3 January 1882 at Bedford Twsp, Wayne Co, IL
 She was the daughter of John Thompson Simmons and Rachel Austin
Married Name24 December 1905  As of 24 December 1905,her married name was Grinestaff. 
Marriage*24 December 1905 Nora S Simmons married Cicero P Grinestaff on 24 December 1905 at Wayne Co, IL
Death*31 March 1966 Nora S Simmons died on 31 March 1966 at Chicago, Cook Co, ILG, at age 84. 


Cicero P Grinestaff b. 8 Mar 1884, d. 1 Nov 1956

William Franklin Simmons

M, #35657, b. 19 November 1858, d. 29 June 1934
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Birth*19 November 1858 William Franklin Simmons was born on 19 November 1858 at Jefferson Co, ILG
Marriage*22 November 1884 He married Perlyna Meador, daughter of Bluford Meador and Pauline (Perlina) Meador, on 22 November 1884 at Jefferson Co, ILG
Death*29 June 1934 William Franklin Simmons died on 29 June 1934 at Harris, Marion Co, IL, at age 75. 


Perlyna Meador b. 28 Jan 1860, d. 7 Nov 1943

Willie Simmons

M, #18401
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Marriage* Willie Simmons married Archie Ford, daughter of Charles Mathew (Charlie) Ford and Doma Apperwhite Jacobs


Archie Ford b. Apr 1895

Memory Ann Simms

F, #42909, b. 8 April 1870, d. 9 September 1903
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Birth*8 April 1870 Memory Ann Simms was born on 8 April 1870 at Madison Co, AL
Married Namecirca 1892  As of circa 1892,her married name was Stanley. 
Marriage*circa 1892 She married John Hugh Stanley, son of Sherwood J Stanley and Martha Elvira Blackburn, circa 1892 at Brenham, Washington Co, TX
Death*9 September 1903 Memory Ann Simms died on 9 September 1903 at Burton, Washington Co, TX, at age 33. 


John Hugh Stanley b. Feb 1856, d. 1 Apr 1923

Verna I Simons

F, #39822, b. 1 September 1901, d. 8 August 1986
ChartsManning Family
Bell Family
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Birth*1 September 1901 Verna I Simons was born on 1 September 1901 at Staunton, Macoupin Co, IL
Married Name18 June 1921  As of 18 June 1921,her married name was McReaken. 
Marriage*18 June 1921 She married Ralph Eber McReaken, son of John J Wilber McReaken and Mary Ann Manning, on 18 June 1921 at Edwardsville, Madison Co, IL
Death*8 August 1986 Verna I Simons died on 8 August 1986 at Edwardsville, Madison Co, IL, at age 84. 


Ralph Eber McReaken b. 11 Jul 1894, d. Jul 1958

Elberta Simpson

F, #38349, b. 10 August 1879, d. 29 May 1938
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*10 August 1879 Elberta Simpson was born on 10 August 1879 at Mountain View, Stone Co, AR
Married Name7 February 1897  As of 7 February 1897,her married name was Gowens. 
Marriage*7 February 1897 She married Newton Owen Gowens, son of Newton Jasper Gowens and Mary Mahuldah Kemp, on 7 February 1897 at Mountain View, Stone Co, AR
Death*29 May 1938 Elberta Simpson died on 29 May 1938 at Mountain View, Stone Co, AR, at age 58. 


Newton Owen Gowens b. 16 Jun 1879, d. 12 Dec 1929

Elizabeth Simpson

F, #31151, b. 1796
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*1796 Elizabeth Simpson was born in 1796 at KY
Married Name12 October 1811  As of 12 October 1811,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*12 October 1811 She married Isaac Foster, son of Henry Foster and Sarah Farris, on 12 October 1811 at Lexington, Fayette Co, KY


Isaac Foster b. 1794, d. 1860

Francis Quintilla Simpson

F, #36641, b. 26 June 1865, d. 14 September 1938
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*26 June 1865 Francis Quintilla Simpson was born on 26 June 1865 at TN
Married Name23 December 1884  As of 23 December 1884,her married name was Crawford. 
Marriage*23 December 1884 She married George Washington Crawford, son of James Milner Crawford and Mary Elizabeth Graham, on 23 December 1884 at Benton Co, MS
Death*14 September 1938 Francis Quintilla Simpson died on 14 September 1938 at Memphis, Shelby Co, TN, at age 73. 


George Washington Crawford b. May 1864, d. 12 Aug 1962

Jane Simpson

F, #30704, b. 1753, d. 1786
Born inUnited Kingdom
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Birth*1753 Jane Simpson was born in 1753 at Keady, County Armagh, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
Married Name Her married name was Moffett. 
Marriage* She married Henry Moffett, son of Henry Moffett and Mary Anderson, at County Armagh, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
Death*1786 Jane Simpson died in 1786 at Ulster, Northern IrelandG


Henry Moffett b. 20 Apr 1750, d. 1828

Jane Caroline Miller Simpson

F, #31581, b. 1814, d. 1850
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Birth*1814 Jane Caroline Miller Simpson was born in 1814 at NC
Married Name15 March 1832  As of 15 March 1832,her married name was Smiley. 
Marriage*15 March 1832 She married Joseph J Smiley, son of Patrick Smiley and Elizabeth Starr, on 15 March 1832 at IN
Death*1850 Jane Caroline Miller Simpson died in 1850 at Daviess Co, IN
Census*26 September 1850 She and Joseph J Smiley appeared on the census of 26 September 1850 at Elmore Twsp, Daviess Co, IN


Joseph J Smiley b. 8 Mar 1812, d. a 1870

Margaret Simpson

F, #42737, b. circa 1812, d. after 1880
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Birth*circa 1812 Margaret Simpson was born circa 1812 at Garrett Co, KY
Married Name Her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage* She married John Blackburn, son of James Archibald Blackburn and Elizabeth Emerson
Death*after 1880 Margaret Simpson died after 1880 at Scott Co, IL


John Blackburn b. c 1805

Martha Jane Simpson

F, #37064, b. 15 August 1839, d. 13 February 1880
ChartsBell Family
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Birth*15 August 1839 Martha Jane Simpson was born on 15 August 1839 at Elizabeth Twsp, Allegheny Co, PA
Married NameOctober 1860  As of October 1860,her married name was McCune. 
Marriage*October 1860 She married William George McCune, son of John Bell McCune and Mary Wilson, in October 1860 at PA
Death*13 February 1880 Martha Jane Simpson died on 13 February 1880 at Wheeling, Ohio Co, WV, at age 40. 


William George McCune b. 3 Mar 1835, d. 15 Oct 1916

Pamelia (Amelia) Sims

F, #39937, b. May 1806
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*May 1806 Pamelia (Amelia) Sims was born in May 1806 at Orange Co, VA
Married Name10 November 1823  As of 10 November 1823,her married name was Eddins. 
Marriage*10 November 1823 She married Tandy Eddins, son of Joel Eddins and Lydia Graves, on 10 November 1823 at Orange Co, VA


Tandy Eddins b. 1806, d. 4 Sep 1884

William Clifford Sims

M, #32331, b. 17 October 1931, d. 8 April 1989
FatherWilliam Johnnie Clifford Sims b. 5 Oct 1907, d. 20 Sep 1948
MotherMeta Margaret Gramling b. 16 Jun 1904, d. 22 Oct 1953
Relationship5th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*17 October 1931 William Clifford Sims was born on 17 October 1931 at Cherokee Co, GA
 He was the son of William Johnnie Clifford Sims and Meta Margaret Gramling
Marriage* William Clifford Sims married Hazel Kathlyn Duncan
Death*8 April 1989 William Clifford Sims died on 8 April 1989 at Atlanta, Fulton Co, GAG, at age 57. 


Hazel Kathlyn Duncan b. 8 Jul 1933, d. 9 Oct 1997

William Johnnie Clifford Sims

M, #32330, b. 5 October 1907, d. 20 September 1948
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*5 October 1907 William Johnnie Clifford Sims was born on 5 October 1907 at Woodstock, Cherokee Co, GA
Marriage* He married Meta Margaret Gramling, daughter of Jackson B Gramling and Ollie M Turner
Death*20 September 1948 William Johnnie Clifford Sims died on 20 September 1948 at Woodstock, Cherokee Co, GA, at age 40. 


Meta Margaret Gramling b. 16 Jun 1904, d. 22 Oct 1953

Dora Lucy Sinclair

F, #31508, b. 30 July 1915, d. 27 March 2010
FatherWilliam Richardson Sinclair b. 17 Sep 1884, d. 22 Apr 1965
MotherEmily Letitia Taggart b. 19 Nov 1888, d. 4 Jul 1969
Relationship9th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited15 Jan 2017
Birth*30 July 1915 Dora Lucy Sinclair was born on 30 July 1915 at Indianapolis, Marion Co, ING
 She was the daughter of William Richardson Sinclair and Emily Letitia Taggart
Married Name17 September 1938  As of 17 September 1938,her married name was Loutrel. 
Marriage*17 September 1938 Dora Lucy Sinclair married Louis Frederic Loutrel Jr on 17 September 1938 at Barnstable, Barnstable Co, MAG
Death*27 March 2010 Dora Lucy Sinclair died on 27 March 2010 at Bloomfield, Hartford Co, CT, at age 94. 


Louis Frederic Loutrel Jr b. 30 Dec 1913, d. 20 Feb 1996

Janet Sinclair, of Dunglass

F, #31412, b. circa 1232, d. 1 February 1271
Relationship23rd great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*circa 1232 Janet Sinclair, of Dunglass was born circa 1232 at Roslin Castle, Roslin, Midlothian, Scotland, United KingdomG
Marriage* She married Sir Colin Mor Campbell, Chief of Clan Campbell
Married Name Her married name was Campbell. 
Death*1 February 1271 Janet Sinclair, of Dunglass died on 1 February 1271 at Dunglass, East Lothian, Scotland, United KingdomG


Sir Colin Mor Campbell, Chief of Clan Campbell b. Jan 1230, d. Sep 1294

William Richardson Sinclair

M, #31507, b. 17 September 1884, d. 22 April 1965
Born inUnited Kingdom
Immigration StatusImmigrated
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Birth*17 September 1884 William Richardson Sinclair was born on 17 September 1884 at Belfast, County Down, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
Marriage*8 July 1914 He married Emily Letitia Taggart, daughter of Thomas M Taggart Jr and Eva Dora Bryant, on 8 July 1914 at Indianapolis, Marion Co, ING
Death*22 April 1965 William Richardson Sinclair died on 22 April 1965 at Hyannis Port, Barnstable Co, MAG, at age 80. 


Emily Letitia Taggart b. 19 Nov 1888, d. 4 Jul 1969

Mary Charlotte Singleton

F, #32225, b. 1696, d. 17 February 1789
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*1696 Mary Charlotte Singleton was born in 1696 at Gloucester Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name29 November 1722  As of 29 November 1722,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*29 November 1722 She married George Foster, son of Robert Eugene Foster Sr and Elizabeth Garnett, on 29 November 1722 at Lunenburg, Lunenburg Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*17 February 1789 Mary Charlotte Singleton died on 17 February 1789 at Keysville, Charlotte Co, VA


George Foster b. 1695, d. 1789

Sarah Sinnard

F, #42795, b. 15 March 1798, d. 30 September 1875
Last Edited19 Aug 2019
Birth*15 March 1798 Sarah Sinnard was born on 15 March 1798 at Harrison Co, KY
Married Name15 September 1818  As of 15 September 1818,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*15 September 1818 She married James Rankin Blackburn, son of James B Blackburn and Jane (Jenny) Rankin, on 15 September 1818 at Harrison Co, KY
Death*30 September 1875 Sarah Sinnard died on 30 September 1875 at Livingston Co, MO, at age 77. 


James Rankin Blackburn b. 14 Mar 1791, d. 29 Apr 1862

Thelma Ruth Sinor

F, #19062, b. 2 May 1928, d. 12 April 2013
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited2 Aug 2017
Birth*2 May 1928 Thelma Ruth Sinor was born on 2 May 1928 at Domino, Perry Co, KY
Married Name13 November 1953  As of 13 November 1953,her married name was Johnson. 
Marriage*13 November 1953 She married Kenneth Vernon Johnson, son of Clarence Raymond Johnson and Lela Mae Gordon, on 13 November 1953 at Corinth, Adams Co, MS
Death*12 April 2013 Thelma Ruth Sinor died on 12 April 2013 at Spring Hill, Hernando Co, FL, at age 84. 


Kenneth Vernon Johnson b. 4 Feb 1925, d. 6 Aug 1989

Ellen Sipes

F, #21246
FatherGeorge Sipes b. 13 Oct 1798
MotherRachael Cornelius b. 13 Oct 1798
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited10 Oct 2005
 Ellen Sipes was the daughter of George Sipes and Rachael Cornelius
Married Name Her married name was Roddy. 
Marriage* Ellen Sipes married David Roddy


David Roddy

George Sipes

M, #21241, b. 13 October 1798
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited10 Oct 2005
Marriage* George Sipes married Rachael Cornelius, daughter of Benjamin Cornelius and Rachael Ensor
Birth*13 October 1798 George Sipes was born on 13 October 1798. 


Rachael Cornelius b. 13 Oct 1798

Hunter Sipes

M, #20728
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited9 Oct 2005
Marriage* Hunter Sipes married Frances (Fannie) O Cornelius, daughter of William M Cornelius and Mary Elizabeth Taylor


Frances (Fannie) O Cornelius b. 18 Aug 1863

Rachael Sipes

F, #21244
FatherGeorge Sipes b. 13 Oct 1798
MotherRachael Cornelius b. 13 Oct 1798
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited10 Oct 2005
 Rachael Sipes was the daughter of George Sipes and Rachael Cornelius
Married Name Her married name was Williamson. 
Marriage* Rachael Sipes married McKnight Williamson


McKnight Williamson