Margaret Thompson

F, #41175, b. circa 1789, d. after 1860
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*circa 1789 Margaret Thompson was born circa 1789 at Spartanburg Co, SC
Married Name14 November 1810  As of 14 November 1810,her married name was Wingo. 
Marriage*14 November 1810 She married John Fifer Wingo, son of Abner Wingo and Elizabeth Seay, on 14 November 1810 at Spartanburg Co, SC
Death*after 1860 Margaret Thompson died after 1860 at Spartanburg Co, SC


John Fifer Wingo b. 22 Feb 1789, d. 22 Feb 1879

Margaretia Jane Thompson

F, #31772, b. 18 October 1856, d. 25 March 1945
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*18 October 1856 Margaretia Jane Thompson was born on 18 October 1856 at IN
Married Name27 October 1883  As of 27 October 1883,her married name was Wells. 
Marriage*27 October 1883 She married Arthur Sinclair Wells, son of Andrew H Wells and Melinda Deborah Jennings, on 27 October 1883. 
Death*25 March 1945 Margaretia Jane Thompson died on 25 March 1945 at Warner, Muskogee Co, OK, at age 88. 


Arthur Sinclair Wells b. 28 Jun 1834, d. 10 Mar 1905

Martha Thompson

F, #33903, b. 1654
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1654 Martha Thompson was born in 1654 at SC, British Colonial America
Married Name1675  As of 1675,her married name was Butler. 
Marriage*1675 She married John Butler, son of Thomas Butler II and Jane Baldridge, in 1675 at VA, British Colonial AmericaG


John Butler b. c 1652, d. 1703

Mary Ann Thompson

F, #29810, b. 1847, d. 31 December 1891
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*1847 Mary Ann Thompson was born in 1847 at Louisa Co, IA
Married Name29 May 1879  As of 29 May 1879,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*29 May 1879 She married James Finley Cornelius, son of James C Cornelius and Jane Campbell, on 29 May 1879 at Henry Co, ALG
Death*31 December 1891 Mary Ann Thompson died on 31 December 1891 at Morning Sun, Louisa Co, IA


James Finley Cornelius b. 15 Oct 1827, d. 24 Apr 1901

Mary Elizabeth Thompson

F, #10663, b. 6 January 1834, d. 22 November 1927
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Birth*6 January 1834 Mary Elizabeth Thompson was born on 6 January 1834 at ILG
Marriage*7 August 1851 She married Jesse Richardson Glenn on 7 August 1851. 
Married Name7 August 1851  As of 7 August 1851,her married name was Glenn. 
Death*22 November 1927 Mary Elizabeth Thompson died on 22 November 1927 at McCord (Shoal Creek) Twsp, Bond Co, ILG, at age 93 of Lung Cancer. 


Jesse Richardson Glenn b. 1831, d. 29 Oct 1873

Nancy Alvira Thompson

F, #31366, b. 19 July 1843, d. 4 March 1930
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Birth*19 July 1843 Nancy Alvira Thompson was born on 19 July 1843 at ILG
Married Name28 July 1887  As of 28 July 1887,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*28 July 1887 She married Andrew Thomas Blackburn, son of John Blackburn and Elsie Pruitt, on 28 July 1887 at Romine Twsp, Marion Co, ILG.
Death*4 March 1930 Nancy Alvira Thompson died on 4 March 1930 at Stephensen Twsp, Marion Co, IL, at age 86. 


Andrew Thomas Blackburn b. 18 Apr 1811, d. 19 Oct 1889

Sarah Thompson

F, #35944, b. 1748, d. 3 January 1814
FatherJohn Thompson b. 23 Jul 1698, d. 1779
MotherJoan Crisabel Greenlee b. 22 Aug 1716, d. 26 Nov 1799
Relationship5th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*1748 Sarah Thompson was born in 1748 at Lancaster Co, PA, British Colonial America
 She was the daughter of John Thompson and Joan Crisabel Greenlee
Married Namecirca 1761  As of circa 1761,her married name was McAlister. 
Marriage*circa 1761 Sarah Thompson married William McAlister, son of Hugh McAllister and Mary Harbison, circa 1761 at Mifflin Co, PA, British Colonial America
Death*3 January 1814 Sarah Thompson died on 3 January 1814 at Mifflin Co, PA


William McAlister b. 1745, d. 7 Jul 1819

Sarah Ellen Thompson

F, #38376, b. 26 October 1840, d. 26 February 1913
ChartsBell Family
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Birth*26 October 1840 Sarah Ellen Thompson was born on 26 October 1840 at Fosterburg, Madison Co, IL
Married Name1865  As of 1865,her married name was McCauley. 
Marriage*1865 She married William Henry McCauley, son of John McCauley and Elna Dicy Bell, in 1865 at Fosterburg, Madison Co, IL
Death*26 February 1913 Sarah Ellen Thompson died on 26 February 1913 at Fosterburg, Madison Co, IL, at age 72. 


William Henry McCauley b. 24 Oct 1835, d. 10 Jul 1904

William G Thompson

M, #10501, b. 22 July 1816, d. 13 May 1900
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Birth*22 July 1816 William G Thompson was born on 22 July 1816 at ALG
Marriage* He married Louisa Handy
Death*13 May 1900 William G Thompson died on 13 May 1900 at age 83. 


Louisa Handy

Elizabeth O Thorn

F, #34279, b. 11 November 1838, d. 1 August 1904
ChartsShepherd Family
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Birth*11 November 1838 Elizabeth O Thorn was born on 11 November 1838 at Browns Valley, Montgomery Co, IN
Married Name Her married name was King. 
Marriage* She married John Vancleave King, son of Cornelius King and Mary A Van Cleave
Death*1 August 1904 Elizabeth O Thorn died on 1 August 1904 at Adel, Dallas Co, IA, at age 65. 


John Vancleave King b. 23 Apr 1825, d. 12 Feb 1908

Mahlon Thorn

M, #31042, b. June 1829, d. 28 June 1901
ChartsJennings Family
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Birth*June 1829 Mahlon Thorn was born in June 1829 at Ithaca, Tompkins Co, NY
Marriage*6 November 1851 He married Mary Ann Horton, daughter of Jehiel W Horton and Anna Hammmond, on 6 November 1851 at Kane Co, IL
Death*28 June 1901 Mahlon Thorn died on 28 June 1901 at San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Co, CAG


Mary Ann Horton b. 10 Feb 1831, d. 4 Apr 1915

Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne

M, #31043, b. 26 January 1854, d. 16 April 1919
FatherMahlon Thorn b. Jun 1829, d. 28 Jun 1901
MotherMary Ann Horton b. 10 Feb 1831, d. 4 Apr 1915
Relationship7th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsJennings Family
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Birth*26 January 1854 Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne was born on 26 January 1854 at Calmas, Clinton Co, IA
 He was the son of Mahlon Thorn and Mary Ann Horton
Marriage*1883 Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne married Mary Jane Spinks in 1883 at TX
Death*16 April 1919 Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne died on 16 April 1919 at Fiddletown, El Dorado Co, CA, at age 65. 


Mary Jane Spinks b. 21 Mar 1864, d. 17 Jun 1951

Dan Thorne

M, #31045, b. 28 August 1897, d. 30 August 1980
FatherAdelbert W (Delbert) Thorne b. 26 Jan 1854, d. 16 Apr 1919
MotherMary Jane Spinks b. 21 Mar 1864, d. 17 Jun 1951
Relationship8th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsJennings Family
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Birth*28 August 1897 Dan Thorne was born on 28 August 1897 at Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo Co, CA
 He was the son of Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne and Mary Jane Spinks
Marriage* Dan Thorne married Gladys Marie Walker
Death*30 August 1980 Dan Thorne died on 30 August 1980 at Atascadero, San Luis Obispo Co, CA, at age 83. 


Gladys Marie Walker b. 26 Jul 1902, d. 14 Dec 1974

George B Thornhill

M, #35250, b. January 1849, d. 20 June 1917
FatherLeonard Thornhill b. c 1818, d. 1880
MotherEdna Meadows b. 1821, d. 1880
Relationship4th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*January 1849 George B Thornhill was born in January 1849 at KY
 He was the son of Leonard Thornhill and Edna Meadows
Marriage* George B Thornhill married Mary Ann (?) 
Death*20 June 1917 George B Thornhill died on 20 June 1917 at MO at age 68. 


Mary Ann (?) b. c 1861, d. c 1895

Leonard Thornhill

M, #35249, b. circa 1818, d. 1880
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Birth*circa 1818 Leonard Thornhill was born circa 1818 at Bedford Co, VAG
Marriage* He married Edna Meadows, daughter of Benjamin Meadows and Elizabeth Brown
Death*1880 Leonard Thornhill died in 1880 at Phelps Co, MO


Edna Meadows b. 1821, d. 1880

Martha Ellen Thornhill

F, #35252, b. February 1889, d. 1927
FatherGeorge B Thornhill b. Jan 1849, d. 20 Jun 1917
MotherMary Ann (?) b. c 1861, d. c 1895
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited3 Sep 2017
Birth*February 1889 Martha Ellen Thornhill was born in February 1889 at MO
 She was the daughter of George B Thornhill and Mary Ann (?) 
Married Name14 April 1911  As of 14 April 1911,her married name was Nylin. 
Marriage*14 April 1911 Martha Ellen Thornhill married Thomas Gilbert Nylin on 14 April 1911 at Denver, Denver Co, COG
Death*1927 Martha Ellen Thornhill died in 1927 at Denver, Denver Co, COG


Thomas Gilbert Nylin b. 26 Sep 1886, d. Apr 1964

Sarah B Thornhill

F, #37033, b. 7 October 1812, d. 31 August 1910
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*7 October 1812 Sarah B Thornhill was born on 7 October 1812 at Grant Co, KY
Married Name22 March 1844  As of 22 March 1844,her married name was Wells. 
Marriage*22 March 1844 She married Reason Jennings Wells, son of Nelson Oliver Wells Sr and Uriel Unise Jennings, on 22 March 1844 at Schuyler Co, IL
Death*31 August 1910 Sarah B Thornhill died on 31 August 1910 at Brownwood, Brown Co, TX, at age 97. 


Reason Jennings Wells b. 1824, d. 1878

Colonel John Thornton

M, #33887, b. 1745, d. 1822
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*1745 Colonel John Thornton was born in 1745 at Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Marriage*1760 He married Jane Augusta Washington, daughter of Lawrence Augustine Washington and Anne Aylett, in 1760 at King George, King George Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*1822 Colonel John Thornton died in 1822 at Culpeper, Culpeper Co, VAG


Jane Augusta Washington b. 1749, d. Oct 1833

Nancy Augusta Thornton

F, #33888, b. 1763, d. 1843
FatherColonel John Thornton b. 1745, d. 1822
MotherJane Augusta Washington b. 1749, d. Oct 1833
Relationship5th cousin 5 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Born inBritish Colonial America
Last Edited10 Jun 2019
Birth*1763 Nancy Augusta Thornton was born in 1763 at Mecklenburg Co, NC, British Colonial America
 She was the daughter of Colonel John Thornton and Jane Augusta Washington
Married Name28 October 1789  As of 28 October 1789,her married name was Rogers. 
Marriage*28 October 1789 Nancy Augusta Thornton married Hugh Rogers on 28 October 1789 at Washington Co, NC
Death*1843 Nancy Augusta Thornton died in 1843 at Fines Creek, Haywood Co, NC


Hugh Rogers b. 29 Oct 1760, d. 29 Oct 1848

Sarah Thornton

F, #37148, b. 1751, d. 1780
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*1751 Sarah Thornton was born in 1751 at GA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name1770  As of 1770,her married name was Hull. 
Marriage*1770 She married William Jackson Hull, son of Moses Hull and Elizabeth (--?--), in 1770 at British Colonial America
Death*1780 Sarah Thornton died in 1780 at GAG


William Jackson Hull b. 1750, d. Jan 1778

Augusta Mae (Gussie) Thorp

F, #38071, b. 8 April 1887, d. 11 October 1978
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*8 April 1887 Augusta Mae (Gussie) Thorp was born on 8 April 1887 at Sherwood, Irion Co, TX
Married Name30 July 1905  As of 30 July 1905,her married name was Edens. 
Marriage*30 July 1905 She married Hugh Banister Edens, son of Napoleon Augustus Edens and Mary Faith Grigsby, on 30 July 1905 at Sherwood, Irion Co, TX
Death*11 October 1978 Augusta Mae (Gussie) Thorp died on 11 October 1978 at Houston, Harris Co, TX, at age 91. 


Hugh Banister Edens b. 5 Mar 1872, d. 24 Oct 1946

Cleo Jean Thrasher

F, #32318, b. 5 May 1922, d. 23 December 1996
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited13 Feb 2017
Birth*5 May 1922 Cleo Jean Thrasher was born on 5 May 1922 at Tulsa, Tulsa Co, OK
Married Name24 January 1941  As of 24 January 1941,her married name was Hughes. 
Marriage*24 January 1941 She married William Earl Hughes, son of Orvil Dennis Hughes and Julia Ann Winkler, on 24 January 1941. 
Death*23 December 1996 Cleo Jean Thrasher died on 23 December 1996 at Glenpool, Tulsa Co, OK, at age 74. 


William Earl Hughes b. 17 Apr 1917, d. 18 May 1970

Elba Threlkeld

M, #35692, b. 1823, d. 1880
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Birth*1823 Elba Threlkeld was born in 1823 at GAG
Marriage*25 October 1847 He married Sarah B Mobley, daughter of Reuben Rabb Mobley and Grissella Comer Burford, on 25 October 1847 at Harris Co, GA
Death*1880 Elba Threlkeld died in 1880 at TX


Sarah B Mobley b. 7 May 1829, d. c 1880

Griscella Elizabeth Threlkeld

F, #35693, b. 6 October 1848, d. 12 July 1935
FatherElba Threlkeld b. 1823, d. 1880
MotherSarah B Mobley b. 7 May 1829, d. c 1880
Relationship5th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited6 Sep 2017
Birth*6 October 1848 Griscella Elizabeth Threlkeld was born on 6 October 1848 at Pike Co, GA
 She was the daughter of Elba Threlkeld and Sarah B Mobley
Married Name6 January 1865  As of 6 January 1865,her married name was Hollow. 
Marriage*6 January 1865 Griscella Elizabeth Threlkeld married William Randolph (Dick) Hollow on 6 January 1865 at Pike Co, GA
Death*12 July 1935 Griscella Elizabeth Threlkeld died on 12 July 1935 at Waco, McLennan Co, TX, at age 86. 


William Randolph (Dick) Hollow b. 2 Nov 1834, d. 12 Aug 1904

Mary Elizabeth Thrift

F, #31500, b. 18 November 1792, d. 17 December 1865
FatherWilliam Absalom Thrift b. 1759, d. 8 Jul 1821
MotherHannah Catherine Moffett b. 27 Feb 1772, d. 11 May 1862
Relationship5th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited15 Jan 2017
Birth*18 November 1792 Mary Elizabeth Thrift was born on 18 November 1792 at Leesburg, Loudoun Co, VAG
 She was the daughter of William Absalom Thrift and Hannah Catherine Moffett
Married Name2 March 1809  As of 2 March 1809,her married name was Bryant. 
Marriage*2 March 1809 Mary Elizabeth Thrift married Gilman Bryant on 2 March 1809 at Mount Vernon, Knox Co, OH
Death*17 December 1865 Mary Elizabeth Thrift died on 17 December 1865 at Sparta, Morrow Co, OH, at age 73. 


Gilman Bryant b. 27 Jul 1784, d. 10 Jun 1858