Martha Virginia (Virgie) Thomas

F, #38504, b. 21 January 1872, d. 15 September 1973
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*21 January 1872 Martha Virginia (Virgie) Thomas was born on 21 January 1872. 
Married Name29 January 1895  As of 29 January 1895,her married name was Williamson. 
Marriage*29 January 1895 She married Robert Washington Williamson, son of Robert Washington Williamson and Elizabeth Jane Bay, on 29 January 1895 at Grimes Co, TX
Death*15 September 1973 Martha Virginia (Virgie) Thomas died on 15 September 1973 at Singleton Co, TX, at age 101. 


Robert Washington Williamson b. 18 Apr 1867, d. 1 Jul 1914

Mary Melissa Thomas

F, #36911, b. 8 June 1868, d. 2 December 1946
FatherCharles Wesley Thomas b. 1 Oct 1841, d. 14 Feb 1884
MotherJane Hester b. 14 May 1848, d. 11 May 1875
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*8 June 1868 Mary Melissa Thomas was born on 8 June 1868 at Cedar Co, MO
 She was the daughter of Charles Wesley Thomas and Jane Hester
Married Name2 March 1885  As of 2 March 1885,her married name was McKinney. 
Marriage*2 March 1885 Mary Melissa Thomas married William Matthew McKinney, son of Joseph McKinney and Agnes Haney, on 2 March 1885 at Grafton, Fillmore Co, NE
Census*12 May 1910 Mary Melissa Thomas and William Matthew McKinney appeared on the census of 12 May 1910 at Monroe Twsp, Nodaway Co, MO
Death*2 December 1946 Mary Melissa Thomas died on 2 December 1946 at Tarkio, Atchison Co, MO, at age 78. 


William Matthew McKinney b. 19 Nov 1863, d. 10 Aug 1942

Mary Polly Thomas

F, #32269, b. 12 September 1805, d. 28 November 1881
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*12 September 1805 Mary Polly Thomas was born on 12 September 1805 at Barren Co, KY
Married Name Her married name was Bourland. 
Marriage* She married Dubart Lee Bourland, son of Ebenezer Jackson Bourland and Abigail Loving
Death*28 November 1881 Mary Polly Thomas died on 28 November 1881 at Franklin Co, AR, at age 76. 


Dubart Lee Bourland b. 30 May 1803, d. 8 Sep 1865

Philip Veranus Thomas

M, #36804, b. 18 October 1871, d. 8 December 1954
FatherPhilip Augustus Hooker Thomas b. 22 Dec 1839, d. 19 Jan 1924
MotherMartha Jane Kelly b. 19 Jul 1842, d. 30 Dec 1926
Relationship7th cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*18 October 1871 Philip Veranus Thomas was born on 18 October 1871 at Jamestown, Cloud Co, KS
 He was the son of Philip Augustus Hooker Thomas and Martha Jane Kelly
Marriage* Philip Veranus Thomas married Helen Nellie Mae Duke
Death*8 December 1954 Philip Veranus Thomas died on 8 December 1954 at age 83. 


Helen Nellie Mae Duke b. 18 Aug 1879, d. 6 Apr 1963

Phillip Thomas

M, #36806, b. 31 May 1922, d. 23 July 2006
FatherPhilip Veranus Thomas b. 18 Oct 1871, d. 8 Dec 1954
MotherHelen Nellie Mae Duke b. 18 Aug 1879, d. 6 Apr 1963
Relationship8th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*31 May 1922 Phillip Thomas was born on 31 May 1922 at Amboy, Clark Co, WA
 He was the son of Philip Veranus Thomas and Helen Nellie Mae Duke
Death*23 July 2006 Phillip Thomas died on 23 July 2006 at age 84. 

Richard LeRoy Thomas

M, #31641, b. 7 October 1910, d. February 2000
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Birth*7 October 1910 Richard LeRoy Thomas was born on 7 October 1910 at Kenosha Co, WI
Marriage* He married Marjorie Elenor Smiley, daughter of Oscar L Smiley and Zella Cruse
Death*February 2000 Richard LeRoy Thomas died in February 2000 at Santa Fe, Santa Fe Co, NM, at age 89. 


Marjorie Elenor Smiley b. 26 Nov 1912, d. 5 Dec 1985

Roy L Thomas

M, #37133, b. 1894, d. 17 August 1988
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*1894 Roy L Thomas was born in 1894 at ILG
Marriage*16 May 1914 He married Pearl Edith Burton, daughter of John David Burton and Frances Almira Wilkins, on 16 May 1914 at Marion Co, IL
Death*17 August 1988 Roy L Thomas died on 17 August 1988 at Port Arthur, Jefferson Co, TX


Pearl Edith Burton b. 29 May 1895, d. 24 Jun 1987

Stanford Charles Thomas

M, #37467, b. 20 April 1907, d. 2 November 2009
FatherCharles Elmer Thomas b. 31 Aug 1870, d. 6 Jul 1948
MotherBertha Jane Stanford b. 30 Mar 1872, d. 20 May 1971
Relationship5th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsShepherd Family
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Birth*20 April 1907 Stanford Charles Thomas was born on 20 April 1907 at ILG
 He was the son of Charles Elmer Thomas and Bertha Jane Stanford
Marriage* Stanford Charles Thomas married Ethel Bernice Cross
Death*2 November 2009 Stanford Charles Thomas died on 2 November 2009 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG, at age 102. 


Ethel Bernice Cross b. 12 Feb 1914, d. 14 Oct 2005

Edna Lourine Thomason

F, #40322, b. 22 December 1905, d. 14 January 1997
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*22 December 1905 Edna Lourine Thomason was born on 22 December 1905 at IL
Married Name28 March 1924  As of 28 March 1924,her married name was Anderson. 
Marriage*28 March 1924 She married Russell Anderson, son of Joseph T Anderson and Elizabeth (Lizzie) Ellis, on 28 March 1924. 
Death*14 January 1997 Edna Lourine Thomason died on 14 January 1997 at LaMoille, Bureau Co, ILG, at age 91. 


Russell Anderson b. 1 Mar 1903, d. 31 Dec 1982

Jane Ann Thomason

F, #42900, b. 12 October 1932, d. 29 June 2010
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*12 October 1932 Jane Ann Thomason was born on 12 October 1932 at San Antonio, Bexar Co, TX
Married Name3 February 1951  As of 3 February 1951,her married name was Fisher. 
Marriage*3 February 1951 She married Billy Wayman Fisher, son of Hosea Bellew Fisher and Maude Eva Wells, on 3 February 1951. 
Death*29 June 2010 Jane Ann Thomason died on 29 June 2010 at Copperas Cove, Coryell Co, TX, at age 77. 


Billy Wayman Fisher b. 16 Apr 1927, d. 23 Feb 1971

JoAnn Thomason

F, #41354, b. 2 January 1930, d. 12 August 1981
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*2 January 1930 JoAnn Thomason was born on 2 January 1930 at Marion Co, IL
Married Name18 January 1947  As of 18 January 1947,her married name was Frazier. 
Marriage*18 January 1947 She married LeRoy Harley Frazier, son of Clarence L Frazier and Charlotte E Brown, on 18 January 1947 at Centralia, Marion Co, IL
Death*12 August 1981 JoAnn Thomason died on 12 August 1981 at Mount Vernon, Jefferson Co, ILG, at age 51. 


LeRoy Harley Frazier b. 8 Jun 1925, d. 7 Sep 1999

Spicy Thomason

F, #38340, b. 1787, d. 1865
ChartsMayflower Descendants
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Birth*1787 Spicy Thomason was born in 1787 at VA
Married Name Her married name was Freeman. 
Marriage* She married Isaac Freeman, son of Aaron Posey Freeman and Mary Bentley
Death*1865 Spicy Thomason died in 1865. 


Isaac Freeman b. 1787, d. 1855

Valeria Arlee Thompkins

F, #36037, b. circa 1535
Relationship11th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
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Birth*circa 1535 Valeria Arlee Thompkins was born circa 1535 at England, United KingdomG
Marriage*circa 1550 She married George Adrine Means circa 1550. 
Married Namecirca 1550  As of circa 1550,her married name was Means. 


George Adrine Means b. c 1530

(?) Thompson

M, #20434
ChartsCornelius Family
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Marriage* (?) Thompson married Sarah (Sally) Cornelius, daughter of James Cornelius and Sarah Cornelius


Sarah (Sally) Cornelius b. 1833

Amy Alberta Thompson

F, #34354, b. 13 February 1872, d. 11 August 1950
ChartsFoster Family
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Birth*13 February 1872 Amy Alberta Thompson was born on 13 February 1872 at Johnson Co, IN
Married Name3 September 1891  As of 3 September 1891,her married name was Jacobs. 
Marriage*3 September 1891 She married Albert Milburn Jacobs, son of Milburn Jacobs and Susannah W Woolford, on 3 September 1891 at Johnson Co, IN
Death*11 August 1950 Amy Alberta Thompson died on 11 August 1950 at Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZG, at age 78. 


Albert Milburn Jacobs b. 11 Aug 1872, d. 2 Jan 1954

Annella (Ella) Eunice Thompson

F, #33660, b. 3 December 1906, d. 9 August 1952
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Birth*3 December 1906 Annella (Ella) Eunice Thompson was born on 3 December 1906 at Poteau, Le Flore Co, OK
Married Name1921  As of 1921,her married name was Parks. 
Marriage*1921 She married Ira Austin Parks, son of William Wright Parks Jr and Idella (Della) Payne, in 1921 at Le Flore, Le Flore Co, OK
Death*9 August 1952 Annella (Ella) Eunice Thompson died on 9 August 1952 at Beckham Co, OK, at age 45. 


Ira Austin Parks b. 12 Oct 1905, d. 26 Apr 1975

Annie Elizabeth Thompson

F, #40386, b. November 1862, d. 16 November 1925
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*November 1862 Annie Elizabeth Thompson was born in November 1862 at Stanly Co, NC
Married Name1887  As of 1887,her married name was Eddins. 
Marriage*1887 She married John Riley Eddins Jr, son of John Riley Eddings Sr and Mary Sarah Martin, in 1887. 
Death*16 November 1925 Annie Elizabeth Thompson died on 16 November 1925 at Stanly Co, NC


John Riley Eddins Jr b. 15 Apr 1840, d. 11 Mar 1926

Delilah Thompson

F, #31390, b. 1700, d. 1760
Born inIreland
Immigration StatusImmigrated
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Birth*1700 Delilah Thompson was born in 1700 at IrelandG
Married Name1727  As of 1727,her married name was Campbell. 
Marriage*1727 She married Patrick Campbell, son of John Campbell and Grissell Grace Hay, in 1727 at Lancaster, Lancaster Co, PA, British Colonial America
Death*1760 Delilah Thompson died in 1760 at Augusta Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG


Patrick Campbell b. 1696, d. 17 Mar 1768

Elizabeth Thompson

F, #37448, b. 16 December 1804, d. 19 September 1871
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Birth*16 December 1804 Elizabeth Thompson was born on 16 December 1804 at Blount Co, TN
Married Name5 April 1822  As of 5 April 1822,her married name was Ghormley. 
Marriage*5 April 1822 She married James Pleasant Ghormley, son of Abraham Ghormley and Elizabeth McAllister, on 5 April 1822 at Blount Co, TN
Death*19 September 1871 Elizabeth Thompson died on 19 September 1871 at Monroe Co, TN, at age 66. 


James Pleasant Ghormley b. 7 Dec 1798, d. 25 Jan 1867

Elmer Geneva Thompson

F, #33198, b. 3 February 1926, d. 19 October 1994
Last Edited9 May 2017
Birth*3 February 1926 Elmer Geneva Thompson was born on 3 February 1926 at Stephens Co, OK
Married Name27 June 1947  As of 27 June 1947,her married name was Shouse. 
Marriage*27 June 1947 She married Paul Delano Shouse, son of Samie Shouse and Eliza Delilah Nicholson, on 27 June 1947 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK
Death*19 October 1994 Elmer Geneva Thompson died on 19 October 1994 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Co, OK, at age 68. 


Paul Delano Shouse b. 18 Jan 1925, d. 5 Jan 2013

Frances Ann Thompson

F, #10260, b. 10 January 1850, d. 16 December 1928
FatherWilliam G Thompson b. 22 Jul 1816, d. 13 May 1900
MotherLouisa Handy
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*10 January 1850 Frances Ann Thompson was born on 10 January 1850 at LA
 She was the daughter of William G Thompson and Louisa Handy
Marriage*12 April 1868 Frances Ann Thompson married Daniel D Cornelius, son of John R Josiah Cornelius and Eliza Dunnagin, on 12 April 1868 at Elsah, Jersey Co, ILG
Married Name12 April 1868  As of 12 April 1868,her married name was Cornelius. 
Married Name21 January 1898  As of 21 January 1898,her married name was Myers. 
Death*16 December 1928 Frances Ann Thompson died on 16 December 1928 at Newbern, Jersey Co, ILG, at age 78. 
Burial*18 December 1928 She was buried on 18 December 1928 at Newbern Cemetery, Newbern, Jersey Co, ILG


Daniel D Cornelius b. 11 Mar 1834, d. 1893
Marriage*12 April 1868 She married Daniel D Cornelius, son of John R Josiah Cornelius and Eliza Dunnagin, on 12 April 1868 at Elsah, Jersey Co, ILG

Jane Aileen Thompson

F, #42680, b. 6 March 1947, d. 19 August 2006
ChartsEddings Family
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Birth*6 March 1947 Jane Aileen Thompson was born on 6 March 1947 at Paris, Edgar Co, ILG
Married Name14 November 1965  As of 14 November 1965,her married name was Dennison. 
Marriage*14 November 1965 She married Kenneth Dennison, son of William Lester Dennison and Verda Alice Burton, on 14 November 1965 at Paris, Edgar Co, IL
Death*19 August 2006 Jane Aileen Thompson died on 19 August 2006 at Terre Haute, Vigo Co, IN, at age 59. 


Kenneth Dennison b. 22 Sep 1945, d. 2 Apr 2019

John Thompson

M, #39893, b. 23 July 1698, d. 1779
Relationship6th great-grandfather of Ted Earl Cash
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited27 Feb 2019
Birth*23 July 1698 John Thompson was born on 23 July 1698 at Antrim, County Antrim, Ulster, Northern IrelandG
Marriage*29 August 1736 He married Joan Crisabel Greenlee on 29 August 1736 at Carlisle, Lancaster Co, PA
Death*1779 John Thompson died in 1779 at Fermanagh Twsp, Juniata Co, PA


Joan Crisabel Greenlee b. 22 Aug 1716, d. 26 Nov 1799

Katherine L Thompson

F, #22876, b. 15 November 1904, d. 1 August 2007
Katherine (Thompson) Southerton
Photo courtesy of Laura Schall Gouillart
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited5 Feb 2009
Birth*15 November 1904 Katherine L Thompson was born on 15 November 1904 at CTG
Married Name1924  As of 1924,her married name was Southerton. 
Marriage*1924 She married Perry Cornelius Southerton, son of Joseph Edmund Southerton and Hattie Cornelius, in 1924. 
Census*11 April 1930 Katherine L Thompson and Perry Cornelius Southerton appeared on the census of 11 April 1930 at West Haven, New Haven Co, CTG
Psgr List*28 July 1937 Katherine L Thompson and Perry Cornelius Southerton were found on a passenger list on 28 July 1937 sailing on the ship "Monarch of Bermuda" from Hamilton, Bermuda to the port of New York City, arriving 30 Jul 1937. Their home address was listed as 228 Park Tce. Ave., W. Haven Conn.
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 040-20-9252; issued before 1951 at CTG
Death*1 August 2007 Katherine L Thompson died on 1 August 2007 at Woodbridge, New Haven Co, CTG, at age 102. 


Perry Cornelius Southerton b. 16 Apr 1902, d. 19 Sep 1979
Marriage*1924 She married Perry Cornelius Southerton, son of Joseph Edmund Southerton and Hattie Cornelius, in 1924. 

Letitia Thompson

F, #39510, b. 1780, d. 1850
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Birth*1780 Letitia Thompson was born in 1780 at Bourbon Co, KY
Married Name21 December 1801  As of 21 December 1801,her married name was Smiley. 
Marriage*21 December 1801 She married David Smiley, son of James Smiley and Elizabeth Luffran, on 21 December 1801 at Bourbon Co, KY
Death*1850 Letitia Thompson died in 1850. 


David Smiley b. 1780, d. 1850