Charles William Vitito

M, #29721, b. 4 August 1895, d. 19 May 1963
ChartsShepherd Family
Last Edited6 Nov 2016
Birth*4 August 1895 Charles William Vitito was born on 4 August 1895 at Gibson Co, IN
Marriage*14 August 1916 He married Cora Adaline Ward, daughter of James Henry Ward and Isador Dora (Isie) McMurtry, on 14 August 1916 at Princeton, Gibson Co, IN
Death*19 May 1963 Charles William Vitito died on 19 May 1963 at Oakland City, Gibson Co, IN, at age 67. 


Cora Adaline Ward b. 9 Mar 1895, d. 19 Mar 1974

Lysbeth Voet

F, #34241, b. 1600, d. 1663
Relationship8th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inNetherlands
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited3 Oct 2018
Birth*1600 Lysbeth Voet was born in 1600 at Zaltbommel, Gelderland, NetherlandsG
Married Name1621  As of 1621,her married name was Hendricksen. 
Marriage*1621 She married Hendrick Hendricksen, son of Captain Cornelius Lambertse Hendricks and Sonnetje Rutger, in 1621 at Meppel, Meppel, Drenthe, NetherlandsG
Death*1663 Lysbeth Voet died in 1663 at Meppel, Meppel, Drenthe, NetherlandsG


Hendrick Hendricksen b. 1596, d. 1659

Robert William Voeth

M, #12047, b. 1886
Last Edited24 Apr 1999
Birth*1886 Robert William Voeth was born in 1886 at Pittsburg, Crawford Co, KS
Marriage* He married Ruth Charlotte Wood, daughter of Georgia Neal Wood and Anna Ruth Stuart Fisher


Ruth Charlotte Wood b. 23 Dec 1915, d. 19 Sep 1975

Ruth Allegra Modin Vogue

F, #13897, b. 30 October 1920, d. 6 October 1981
FatherElmer F Modin
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited27 May 2000
Birth*30 October 1920 Ruth Allegra Modin Vogue was born on 30 October 1920 at Olsburg, Pottawatomie Co, KS
 She was the daughter of Elmer F Modin
Note* Ruth Allegra Modin Vogue was adopted in 1922 by Gustaf and Hilma Vogue. 
Marriage* She married Arthur Earl Lewis, son of James Earl Lewis and Christine Josephine Nothen
Married Name Her married name was Lewis. 
Death*6 October 1981 Ruth Allegra Modin Vogue died on 6 October 1981 at Manhattan, Riley Co, KS, at age 60. 
NoSSN*May 2000 No record of her Social Security Number was found in May 2000; Not Possible. 


Arthur Earl Lewis b. 13 Nov 1923, d. 2 Feb 1990
Marriage* She married Arthur Earl Lewis, son of James Earl Lewis and Christine Josephine Nothen

Ernst Moritz Von Beschwitz

M, #6484, b. 17 August 1860, d. 6 January 1914
Last Edited2 Aug 1998
Birth*17 August 1860 Ernst Moritz Von Beschwitz was born on 17 August 1860. 
Death*6 January 1914 He died on 6 January 1914 at age 53. 



William Henry Voyles

M, #36056, b. circa 1845, d. before 15 June 1880
ChartsBell Family
Last Edited30 Sep 2017
Birth*circa 1845 William Henry Voyles was born circa 1845. 
Marriage*14 November 1879 He married Mary Jane Bell, daughter of George W Bell and Synthy Dunn, on 14 November 1879 at Montgomery Co, IL
Death*before 15 June 1880 William Henry Voyles died before 15 June 1880. 


Mary Jane Bell b. 4 Jul 1830, d. 2 May 1914

Margaret Vyron

F, #36264, b. circa 1552, d. June 1587
Relationship11th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited5 Dec 2017
Birth*circa 1552 Margaret Vyron was born circa 1552 at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United KingdomG
Married Name3 May 1573  As of 3 May 1573,her married name was Osburne als Cole. 
Marriage*3 May 1573 She married John Osburne als Cole, son of John Osburne and (--?--) Cole, on 3 May 1573 at St Andrew, Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United KingdomG
Death*June 1587 Margaret Vyron died in June 1587 at Droitwich, Worcestershire, England, United KingdomG


John Osburne als Cole b. 8 Oct 1552, d. Jun 1597

Norma C Wade

F, #25068, b. 1903
ChartsEddings Family
Shepherd Family
Foster Family
Last Edited20 Nov 2015
Birth*1903 Norma C Wade was born in 1903 at ILG
Married Name1920  As of 1920,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*1920 She married Pearl Albert Blackburn, son of John R Blackburn and Laura E Haynes, in 1920. 
Census*16 April 1930 Norma C Wade and Pearl Albert Blackburn appeared on the census of 16 April 1930 at Taylorsville, Christian Co, ILG


Pearl Albert Blackburn b. 16 Sep 1894, d. 15 Oct 1947

John Wadsworth

M, #31439, b. circa 1638, d. 15 May 1700
Born inBritish Colonial America
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Birth*circa 1638 John Wadsworth was born circa 1638 at Plymouth Co, MA, British Colonial America
Marriage*25 July 1667 He married Abigail Andrews, daughter of Joseph Andrews and Elizabeth Hatch, on 25 July 1667 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*15 May 1700 John Wadsworth died on 15 May 1700 at Duxbury, Plymouth Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG


Abigail Andrews b. 1647, d. 24 Nov 1723

Alda L Waggoner

F, #30387, b. 15 June 1907
ChartsJennings Family
Mayflower Descendants
Last Edited23 Nov 2016
Death* Alda L Waggoner died at Ringgold Co, IA
Birth*15 June 1907 She was born on 15 June 1907 at IAG
Married Name24 November 1926  As of 24 November 1926,her married name was Brown. 
Marriage*24 November 1926 She married Walter Lee Brown, son of Lee Sheumaker Brown and Mary Emma Jennings, on 24 November 1926. 


Walter Lee Brown b. 30 Sep 1904, d. 21 Dec 1997

Mary Waggoner

F, #31016, b. 1721, d. 1791
Relationship4th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Verified byDNA testing
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Starner, William Eugene (Blackburn/Waggoner)
Last Edited15 Aug 2019
Birth*1721 Mary Waggoner was born in 1721 at Washington, Beaufort Co, NC, British Colonial AmericaG
Marriage*1737 She married Benjamin Blackburn Sr, son of Archibald Blackburn and Margaret Wilson, in 1737 at Frederick Co, VA, British Colonial AmericaG
Married Name1737  As of 1737,her married name was Blackburn. 
Death*1791 Mary Waggoner died in 1791 at Frederick Co, VAG


Benjamin Blackburn Sr b. 1718, d. 1791

Mary (Polly) Waggoner

F, #35346, b. 1793, d. before 1869
Last Edited4 Sep 2017
Birth*1793 Mary (Polly) Waggoner was born in 1793 at VAG
Married Name1 April 1817  As of 1 April 1817,her married name was Meador. 
Marriage*1 April 1817 She married Allen Meador, son of Isham Meador and Obedience (Biddy) Bradshaw, on 1 April 1817 at Allen Co, KY
Death*before 1869 Mary (Polly) Waggoner died before 1869 at Jefferson Co, ILG


Allen Meador b. 23 Jun 1790, d. 19 Sep 1869

Leslie Wagner

M, #14083
Last Edited6 Jun 2000
Marriage* Leslie Wagner married Georgia Chalmers


Georgia Chalmers

Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner

F, #24723, b. 2 August 1864, d. 30 September 1927
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited20 Dec 2011
Birth*2 August 1864 Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner was born on 2 August 1864 at Three Springs, Huntingdon Co, PA
Married Name1882  As of 1882,her married name was Crum. 
Marriage*1882 She married Cornelius Bell Crum, son of William F Crum and Phoebe Jane Sollers, in 1882. 
Census*21 June 1900 Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner and Cornelius Bell Crum appeared on the census of 21 June 1900 at Saltillo, Huntingdon Co, PA
Census23 April 1910 Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner and Cornelius Bell Crum appeared on the census of 23 April 1910 at Mount Union, Huntingdon Co, PA
Census11 January 1920 Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner and Cornelius Bell Crum appeared on the census of 11 January 1920 at Kissimmee, Osceola Co, FL
Death*30 September 1927 Mary Jane (Jennie) Wagner died on 30 September 1927 at Mount Union, Huntingdon Co, PA, at age 63. 


Cornelius Bell Crum b. 15 Jan 1860, d. 3 Jun 1961
Marriage*1882 She married Cornelius Bell Crum, son of William F Crum and Phoebe Jane Sollers, in 1882. 

Chloe Waite

F, #43020, b. 20 June 1738, d. 28 October 1832
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsMayflower Descendants
Last Edited2 Sep 2019
Birth*20 June 1738 Chloe Waite was born on 20 June 1738 at Lyme, New London Co, CT, British Colonial America
Married Name12 February 1761  As of 12 February 1761,her married name was Bushnell. 
Marriage*12 February 1761 She married Alexander Bushnell, son of William Bushnell and Thankful Higgins, on 12 February 1761 at Lyme, New London Co, CT, British Colonial America
Death*28 October 1832 Chloe Waite died on 28 October 1832 at Hardford, Trumbull Co, OH, at age 94. 


Alexander Bushnell b. 2 Dec 1739, d. 8 Mar 1818

(?) Wakefield

M, #14710, b. 1830
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited14 May 2010
Marriage* (?) Wakefield married Padgett Eddings, daughter of John Jackson Eddings and Sarah E West
Birth*1830 (?) Wakefield was born in 1830. 


Padgett Eddings b. c 1834

Ann Walden

F, #30032, b. July 1623, d. 29 January 1692
FatherRalph Gordon Walling II b. 1595, d. 7 Sep 1633
MotherJoyce Enland Nail b. 1600, d. 1683
Relationship9th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inBritish Colonial America
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited9 Jun 2019
Birth*July 1623 Ann Walden was born in July 1623 at Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG
 She was the daughter of Ralph Gordon Walling II and Joyce Enland Nail
Married Name29 November 1638  As of 29 November 1638,her married name was Smalley. 
Marriage*29 November 1638 Ann Walden married John Nicholas Smalley, son of Edward Small and Elizabeth Shurt, on 29 November 1638 at Plymouth, Plymouth Co, MA, British Colonial AmericaG
Death*29 January 1692 Ann Walden died on 29 January 1692 at Piscataway, Middlesex Co, NJ, British Colonial America, at age 68. 


John Nicholas Smalley b. 1 Jul 1613, d. 30 Jul 1692

Arena (Rena) Waldsmith

F, #37896, b. 3 July 1868, d. 7 February 1931
Last Edited7 Jun 2018
Birth*3 July 1868 Arena (Rena) Waldsmith was born on 3 July 1868 at NE
Married Name8 September 1887  As of 8 September 1887,her married name was Dievendorf. 
Marriage*8 September 1887 She married Jacob Leslie Dievendorf, son of Reuben Dievendorf and Sarah Schuyler, on 8 September 1887 at Nebraska City, Otoe Co, NE
Death*7 February 1931 Arena (Rena) Waldsmith died on 7 February 1931 at Blue, Jackson Co, MO, at age 62. 


Jacob Leslie Dievendorf b. 25 Apr 1862, d. 4 Sep 1906

Bartia A Walker

F, #40015, b. 8 April 1897, d. 22 February 1968
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited2 Mar 2019
Birth*8 April 1897 Bartia A Walker was born on 8 April 1897 at TN
Married Name Her married name was Middleton. 
Marriage* She married Robert Cephus Middleton, son of James Adam Middleton and Hallie Lorena Mullins
Death*22 February 1968 Bartia A Walker died on 22 February 1968 at Kern Co, CA, at age 70. 


Robert Cephus Middleton b. 20 Oct 1893, d. 9 Feb 1963

Elizabeth Walker

F, #35395, b. circa 1809, d. 30 January 1852
Last Edited5 Sep 2017
Birth*circa 1809 Elizabeth Walker was born circa 1809 at Wayne Co, KY
Married Name10 August 1826  As of 10 August 1826,her married name was Worley. 
Marriage*10 August 1826 She married Isaac Worley, son of Wiley Worley and Dorcus Meadors, on 10 August 1826 at Wayne Co, KY
Death*30 January 1852 Elizabeth Walker died on 30 January 1852 at Wayne Co, KY


Isaac Worley b. 20 Oct 1804, d. 23 Apr 1869

Elizabeth Walker

F, #36013, b. 17 January 1821, d. 15 July 1903
FatherSergeant John Hiley Walker b. 15 Mar 1791, d. 23 Mar 1859
MotherElizabeth Stringer b. 14 Feb 1790, d. 6 Sep 1824
Relationship3rd cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited21 Sep 2017
Birth*17 January 1821 Elizabeth Walker was born on 17 January 1821 at Hardin Co, TN
 She was the daughter of Sergeant John Hiley Walker and Elizabeth Stringer
Married Name1843  As of 1843,her married name was Ross. 
Marriage*1843 Elizabeth Walker married George Sloan Ross in 1843. 
Death*15 July 1903 Elizabeth Walker died on 15 July 1903 at Hardin Co, TN, at age 82. 


George Sloan Ross b. 2 Sep 1816, d. 4 Nov 1886

George Walker

M, #39037, b. December 1883
FatherWilliam C Walker b. May 1847
MotherSarah Elizabeth Parks b. 30 Nov 1856, d. 1 Feb 1949
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited19 Oct 2018
Birth*December 1883 George Walker was born in December 1883 at NE
 He was the son of William C Walker and Sarah Elizabeth Parks
(Witness) Census18 June 1900 George Walker appeared on the census of 18 June 1900 in the household of Sarah Elizabeth Parks and William C Walker at Geneva, Fillmore Co, NE

George Walker

M, #40716, b. 1932, d. 1984
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited23 Mar 2019
Marriage*NOT MARRIED George Walker married Lelea Mae Eddings, daughter of Rev Josiah Andrew (Joe) Eddings and Belle Elizabeth Pease, NOT MARRIED. 
Birth*1932 George Walker was born in 1932 at Gladewater, Upshur Co, TX
Death*1984 He died in 1984. 


Lelea Mae Eddings b. 15 May 1929, d. 4 May 1996

Gladys Marie Walker

F, #31046, b. 26 July 1902, d. 14 December 1974
ChartsJennings Family
Last Edited3 Dec 2016
Birth*26 July 1902 Gladys Marie Walker was born on 26 July 1902 at Madill, Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory, OK
Married Name Her married name was Thorne. 
Marriage* She married Dan Thorne, son of Adelbert W (Delbert) Thorne and Mary Jane Spinks
Death*14 December 1974 Gladys Marie Walker died on 14 December 1974 at San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo Co, CAG, at age 72. 


Dan Thorne b. 28 Aug 1897, d. 30 Aug 1980

James Everett Walker

M, #37813, b. 23 December 1899, d. 22 May 1982
Last Edited5 Jun 2018
Birth*23 December 1899 James Everett Walker was born on 23 December 1899 at Williamsburg, Whitley Co, KY
Marriage* He married Janie Miranda White, daughter of Levi Milton White and Martha Melda Shepherd
Death*22 May 1982 James Everett Walker died on 22 May 1982 at Baltimore Co, MD, at age 82. 


Janie Miranda White b. 5 Feb 1903, d. 9 Jun 1975