Cecil Bowen

M, #41537, b. 1912, d. 23 January 1995
FatherRufus Lindsey Bowen b. 5 Sep 1887, d. 8 Mar 1958
MotherEllen Virginia (Birdie) Driggers b. 18 Sep 1890, d. 16 Oct 1979
Relationship4th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
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Birth*1912 Cecil Bowen was born in 1912 at Lakeland, Polk Co, FLG
 He was the son of Rufus Lindsey Bowen and Ellen Virginia (Birdie) Driggers
Marriage* Cecil Bowen married Willie Virginia Beck
Death*23 January 1995 Cecil Bowen died on 23 January 1995 at Lakeland, Polk Co, FL


Willie Virginia Beck b. 23 Oct 1911, d. 6 Nov 1992

Elisabeth Bowen

F, #34942, b. 8 May 1781, d. June 1853
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Birth*8 May 1781 Elisabeth Bowen was born on 8 May 1781 at York Co, PA
Married Name2 December 1801  As of 2 December 1801,her married name was Blackburn. 
Marriage*2 December 1801 She married Thomas M Blackburn, son of Anthony Blackburn and Mary Griffith, on 2 December 1801 at South Creek Twsp, Bradford Co, PAG
Death*June 1853 Elisabeth Bowen died in June 1853 at Provo, Utah Co, UT, at age 72. 


Thomas M Blackburn b. 1773, d. Jun 1828

Lucille Bowen

F, #3115, b. 3 September 1914, d. March 1996
ChartsFoster Family
Jennings Family
Cornelius Family
Mayflower Descendants
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Birth*3 September 1914 Lucille Bowen was born on 3 September 1914 at Clay Co, ILG
Marriage*8 October 1932 She married Franklin Everett Goodman Sr, son of Marion Elison Goodman and Maude Myrtle Jennings, on 8 October 1932. 
Married Name8 October 1932  As of 8 October 1932,her married name was Goodman. 
SSN*before 1951 Her Social Security Number was 342-09-8827; issued before 1951 at ILG
Death*March 1996 Lucille Bowen died in March 1996 at Flora, Clay Co, ILG, at age 81. 
Burial* She was buried at Elmwood Cemetery, Flora, Clay Co, ILG


Franklin Everett Goodman Sr b. 26 Oct 1910, d. 2 Aug 1982

Rufus Lindsey Bowen

M, #41536, b. 5 September 1887, d. 8 March 1958
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Birth*5 September 1887 Rufus Lindsey Bowen was born on 5 September 1887 at Bartow, Polk Co, FL
Marriage* He married Ellen Virginia (Birdie) Driggers, daughter of Rufus Dickinson Driggers and Mary Virginia Sessions
Death*8 March 1958 Rufus Lindsey Bowen died on 8 March 1958 at Polk Co, FL, at age 70. 


Ellen Virginia (Birdie) Driggers b. 18 Sep 1890, d. 16 Oct 1979

Elizabeth Bower

F, #19328
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Marriage* Elizabeth Bower married Abial Parks
Married Name Her married name was Parks. 


Abial Parks

Donald Stark Bowers

M, #34468, b. 6 February 1927, d. 14 September 2016
FatherRussell Sage Bowers b. 25 Jan 1889, d. 9 Jan 1970
MotherAlice Violet Schneider b. 18 Oct 1892, d. 19 Feb 1974
Relationship8th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited16 Jun 2017
Birth*6 February 1927 Donald Stark Bowers was born on 6 February 1927 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co, CAG
 He was the son of Russell Sage Bowers and Alice Violet Schneider
Marriage*28 June 1947 Donald Stark Bowers married Lois Ann Paddock on 28 June 1947 at Sebastian Co, AR
Death*14 September 2016 Donald Stark Bowers died on 14 September 2016 at Fort Smith, Sebastian Co, ARG, at age 89. 


Lois Ann Paddock b. 1 Jun 1927, d. 27 Mar 1973

Effie Johanna Bowers

F, #38611, b. 1 May 1924, d. 15 April 1984
FatherWesley Thomas Bowers b. 24 Oct 1897, d. 20 Jun 1971
MotherEllen Ormie Barkley b. 23 Aug 1897, d. 27 Jan 1988
Relationship5th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsManning Family
Last Edited5 Oct 2018
Birth*1 May 1924 Effie Johanna Bowers was born on 1 May 1924 at Chester, Major Co, OK
 She was the daughter of Wesley Thomas Bowers and Ellen Ormie Barkley
Married Name7 June 1941  As of 7 June 1941,her married name was Edwards. 
Marriage*7 June 1941 Effie Johanna Bowers married Floyd James Edwards on 7 June 1941 at Major Co, OK
Death*15 April 1984 Effie Johanna Bowers died on 15 April 1984 at Fairview, Major Co, OK, at age 59. 


Floyd James Edwards b. 12 Jun 1919, d. 22 May 1988

James Buchanan Bowers

M, #34465, b. 27 September 1856, d. 17 July 1928
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Birth*27 September 1856 James Buchanan Bowers was born on 27 September 1856 at Hagerstown, Washington Co, MD
Marriage*20 October 1886 He married Mary Gertrude DuBois, daughter of Moses Keator DuBois and Matilda Hull, on 20 October 1886 at Plymouth Co, IAG
Death*17 July 1928 James Buchanan Bowers died on 17 July 1928 at IAG, at age 71. 


Mary Gertrude DuBois b. 31 Jul 1858, d. 15 Apr 1931

Lillian Bowers

F, #20261, b. 12 July 1862
FatherPeter Bowers
MotherPhoebe M Cornelius
Relationship7th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited8 Dec 2018
Birth*12 July 1862 Lillian Bowers was born on 12 July 1862. 
 She was the daughter of Peter Bowers and Phoebe M Cornelius
Married Name26 March 1890  As of 26 March 1890,her married name was Morton. 
Marriage*26 March 1890 Lillian Bowers married John Morton on 26 March 1890 at Los Angeles Co, CA


John Morton b. c 1854

Peter Bowers

M, #20172, b. 10 February 1826, d. 2 January 1889
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited7 Oct 2005
Birth*10 February 1826 Peter Bowers was born on 10 February 1826. 
Marriage*18 August 1861 He married Phoebe Maria Cornelius, daughter of William Cornelius and Sarah Jane Tilliott, on 18 August 1861. 
Death*2 January 1889 Peter Bowers died on 2 January 1889 at age 62. 


Phoebe Maria Cornelius b. 22 Apr 1838, d. 28 Oct 1865

Peter Bowers

M, #20260
ChartsCornelius Family
Last Edited11 Aug 2006
Marriage*18 August 1861 Peter Bowers married Phoebe M Cornelius, daughter of William W Cornelius, on 18 August 1861 at Queens Co, NY


Phoebe M Cornelius

Peter Bowers

M, #20265, b. 7 November 1837, d. 24 December 1880
Born inGermany
Immigration StatusImmigrated
ChartsCornelius Family
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Birth*7 November 1837 Peter Bowers was born on 7 November 1837 at Bavaria, Germany
Marriage*21 June 1866 He married Mary Levina Cornelius, daughter of Moses Cornelius and Mary Place, on 21 June 1866. 
Death*24 December 1880 Peter Bowers died on 24 December 1880 at NY at age 43. 


Mary Levina Cornelius b. 25 Oct 1847, d. 30 Jul 1913

Russell Sage Bowers

M, #34466, b. 25 January 1889, d. 9 January 1970
FatherJames Buchanan Bowers b. 27 Sep 1856, d. 17 Jul 1928
MotherMary Gertrude DuBois b. 31 Jul 1858, d. 15 Apr 1931
Relationship7th cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited8 Dec 2018
Birth*25 January 1889 Russell Sage Bowers was born on 25 January 1889 at Preston, Jackson Co, IA
 He was the son of James Buchanan Bowers and Mary Gertrude DuBois
Marriage*4 June 1919 Russell Sage Bowers married Alice Violet Schneider on 4 June 1919 at Los Angeles Co, CA
Death*9 January 1970 Russell Sage Bowers died on 9 January 1970 at Le Mars, Plymouth Co, IAG, at age 80. 


Alice Violet Schneider b. 18 Oct 1892, d. 19 Feb 1974

Wesley Thomas Bowers

M, #38610, b. 24 October 1897, d. 20 June 1971
ChartsManning Family
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Birth*24 October 1897 Wesley Thomas Bowers was born on 24 October 1897 at Cowley Co, KS
Marriage*15 October 1919 He married Ellen Ormie Barkley, daughter of John William Barkley and Johanna Elizabeth Parsons, on 15 October 1919 at Carroll Co, AR
Death*20 June 1971 Wesley Thomas Bowers died on 20 June 1971 at Fairview, Major Co, OK, at age 73. 


Ellen Ormie Barkley b. 23 Aug 1897, d. 27 Jan 1988

A.W. Bowles

M, #31311, b. 1870
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Dec 2016
Birth*1870 A.W. Bowles was born in 1870. 
Marriage* He married Martha Jane Eddings, daughter of Andrew Jackson (Simpson) Eddings and Millie E Kirkland


Martha Jane Eddings b. 4 Apr 1872, d. 17 Jun 1953

Victoria Belle Bowles

F, #31312, b. 7 March 1895, d. 21 October 1986
FatherA.W. Bowles b. 1870
MotherMartha Jane Eddings b. 4 Apr 1872, d. 17 Jun 1953
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Dec 2016
Birth*7 March 1895 Victoria Belle Bowles was born on 7 March 1895 at Indian Territory, OK
 She was the daughter of A.W. Bowles and Martha Jane Eddings
Married Name13 August 1915  As of 13 August 1915,her married name was Woods. 
Marriage*13 August 1915 Victoria Belle Bowles married Joseph O Woods on 13 August 1915 at Jasper Co, MO
Death*21 October 1986 Victoria Belle Bowles died on 21 October 1986 at Taft, Kern Co, CA, at age 91. 


Joseph O Woods b. 12 Sep 1890, d. 12 Jan 1973

Walter Bowles

M, #31317, b. 29 July 1893
FatherA.W. Bowles b. 1870
MotherMartha Jane Eddings b. 4 Apr 1872, d. 17 Jun 1953
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
ChartsEddings Family
Last Edited26 Dec 2016
Birth*29 July 1893 Walter Bowles was born on 29 July 1893 at Indian Territory, OK
 He was the son of A.W. Bowles and Martha Jane Eddings

Maude Lillian Bowlin

F, #34448, b. 16 August 1870, d. 15 July 1945
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Birth*16 August 1870 Maude Lillian Bowlin was born on 16 August 1870 at Dehlonega, Wapello Co, IA
Married Name31 May 1893  As of 31 May 1893,her married name was Tallman. 
Marriage*31 May 1893 She married Wilbur Maxwell Tallman, son of James Henry Tallman and Landora Jane (Jennie) Richtstine, on 31 May 1893 at Harlan, Shelby Co, IA
Death*15 July 1945 Maude Lillian Bowlin died on 15 July 1945 at Des Moines, Polk Co, IA, at age 74. 


Wilbur Maxwell Tallman b. 30 Oct 1869, d. 14 May 1949

Euphamia Bowling

F, #32090, b. 11 October 1812, d. 28 February 1895
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited10 Feb 2017
Birth*11 October 1812 Euphamia Bowling was born on 11 October 1812 at Anderson Co, TN
Married Namecirca 1826  As of circa 1826,her married name was Loving. 
Marriage*circa 1826 She married Garland Stephen Loving, son of James Loving and Frances Priscilla Clements, circa 1826 at TN
Death*28 February 1895 Euphamia Bowling died on 28 February 1895 at Dalton City, Moultrie Co, IL, at age 82. 


Garland Stephen Loving b. 1802, d. 14 Jan 1875

Margaret Bowling

F, #32220, b. 28 February 1890
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited23 Jun 2017
Birth*28 February 1890 Margaret Bowling was born on 28 February 1890 at Durham Co, NC
Married Name6 November 1912  As of 6 November 1912,her married name was Anderson. 
Marriage*6 November 1912 She married John Holland Anderson, son of John Logan Anderson and Sarah Virginia Traynham, on 6 November 1912 at Person Co, NC


John Holland Anderson b. 11 Jul 1886, d. 20 Mar 1958

Martha Patsy Bowman

F, #32549, b. 1812, d. 1863
ChartsFoster Family
Last Edited15 Feb 2017
Birth*1812 Martha Patsy Bowman was born in 1812 at Wilkes Co, NC
Married Name9 February 1842  As of 9 February 1842,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*9 February 1842 She married Wilson Foster, son of Thomas B Foster and Frances Triplett, on 9 February 1842 at Wilkes Co, NC
Death*1863 Martha Patsy Bowman died in 1863 at Caldwell Co, NC


Wilson Foster b. 1815, d. 1883

Martha Ellen Bowser

F, #33695, b. 28 April 1891, d. 10 July 1979
Last Edited26 May 2017
Birth*28 April 1891 Martha Ellen Bowser was born on 28 April 1891 at Superior, Douglas Co, WI
Married Name21 March 1925  As of 21 March 1925,her married name was Beatty. 
Marriage*21 March 1925 She married Leslie Ralph Beatty, son of James Beatty and Mary Lillian Brainard, on 21 March 1925 at Duluth, St Louis Co, MN
Death*10 July 1979 Martha Ellen Bowser died on 10 July 1979 at Cook, St Louis Co, MN, at age 88. 


Leslie Ralph Beatty b. 27 Jan 1891, d. 9 Aug 1969

Susannah Bowsman

F, #37260, b. 1802, d. 1880
Last Edited24 Apr 2018
Birth*1802 Susannah Bowsman was born in 1802 at Franklin Co, VA
Married Name7 October 1816  As of 7 October 1816,her married name was Perdue. 
Marriage*7 October 1816 She married Luke Perdue, son of Meshack Perdue and Eleanor Dillon, on 7 October 1816 at Franklin Co, VA
Death*1880 Susannah Bowsman died in 1880 at Sumner Co, TN


Luke Perdue b. 1796, d. Jan 1832

Marmaduke K Box

M, #14857
Last Edited19 Mar 2002
Marriage* Marmaduke K Box married Nancy Powell
Census*1880 Marmaduke K Box appeared on the census of 1880 at Medina, Bandera Co, TX


Nancy Powell

Virginia F Box

F, #13915, b. 21 January 1827, d. 22 March 1914
FatherMarmaduke K Box
MotherNancy Powell
Last Edited17 Nov 2002
Birth*21 January 1827 Virginia F Box was born on 21 January 1827 at Fayette Co, ALG
 She was the daughter of Marmaduke K Box and Nancy Powell
Marriage*30 October 1847 Virginia F Box married Enoch Moffett, son of Joseph Moffett and Alethea Moffett, on 30 October 1847 at Victoria Co, TX
Married Name30 October 1847  As of 30 October 1847,her married name was Moffett. 
Census1860 Virginia F Box and Enoch Moffett appeared on the census of 1860 at Lavaca Co, TX
Census*1880 Virginia F Box and Enoch Moffett appeared on the census of 1880 at Bandera Co, TX
Census*1900 Virginia F Box appeared on the census of 1900 at Bandera, Bandera Co, TX
Death*22 March 1914 She died on 22 March 1914 at Leakey, Real Co, TX, at age 87. 


Enoch Moffett b. 20 Mar 1825, d. 3 Jan 1894
Marriage*30 October 1847 She married Enoch Moffett, son of Joseph Moffett and Alethea Moffett, on 30 October 1847 at Victoria Co, TX