Louisa Allie Carlton

F, #39265, b. 25 November 1855, d. 30 May 1926
Last Edited28 Nov 2018
Birth*25 November 1855 Louisa Allie Carlton was born on 25 November 1855 at Coos Co, AR
Married Name7 March 1872  As of 7 March 1872,her married name was McCarty. 
Marriage*7 March 1872 She married John Wesley McCarty, son of William Wilson McCarty and Martha Eve Eddings, on 7 March 1872 at Stone Co, AR
Death*30 May 1926 Louisa Allie Carlton died on 30 May 1926 at Elmore City, Garvin Co, OK, at age 70. 


John Wesley McCarty b. 29 Jul 1854, d. 3 Oct 1929

Margaret Carlyle

F, #23194, b. 1418, d. 1442
Relationship17th great-grandmother of Ted Earl Cash
Born inUnited Kingdom
ChartsPedigree Chart of Howard Cash
Last Edited22 Jan 2011
Birth*1418 Margaret Carlyle was born in 1418 at Torthorwald Castle, Torthorwald, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG
Married Name Her married name was Douglas. 
Marriage* She married William Douglas
Death*1442 Margaret Carlyle died in 1442 at Drumlanrig Castle, Drumlanrig, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, United KingdomG


William Douglas b. 1415, d. 1464

Grace Nova Carman

F, #35285, b. 2 November 1910, d. 3 September 1971
Last Edited18 Dec 2017
Birth*2 November 1910 Grace Nova Carman was born on 2 November 1910 at Rosiclare, Hardin Co, IL
Married Name8 August 1925  As of 8 August 1925,her married name was Warren. 
Marriage*8 August 1925 She married John Thomas (Johnny) Warren, son of John Henry Warren and Martha (Mattie) D Moore, on 8 August 1925 at Pope Co, IL
Death*3 September 1971 Grace Nova Carman died on 3 September 1971 at Rosiclare, Hardin Co, IL, at age 60. 


John Thomas (Johnny) Warren b. 22 Jan 1907, d. Dec 1972

Mary Ann Carman

F, #20130, b. 1746
Last Edited26 Dec 2018
Birth*1746 Mary Ann Carman was born in 1746 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY
Married Namebetween 1766 and 1777  As of between 1766 and 1777,her married name was Cornelius. 
Marriage*between 1766 and 1777 She married Moses Cornelius, son of Elias Cornelius II and Elizabeth (Rock) Smith, between 1766 and 1777 at Farmingdale, Nassau Co, NY


Moses Cornelius b. 21 Apr 1743, d. 17 Sep 1796

Ida Jane Carnes

F, #30444, b. 18 February 1872, d. 1924
Last Edited24 Nov 2016
Birth*18 February 1872 Ida Jane Carnes was born on 18 February 1872 at ILG
Married Name6 November 1887  As of 6 November 1887,her married name was Eddings. 
Marriage*6 November 1887 She married John Wesley Eddings, son of Levi Richard Eddings and Sarah Ellen McCarty, on 6 November 1887. 
Death*1924 Ida Jane Carnes died in 1924 at Vanoss, Pontotoc Co, OK


John Wesley Eddings b. 16 Mar 1869, d. 3 Jul 1940

John Carnes

M, #20969
Last Edited10 Oct 2005
Marriage* John Carnes married Rebecca Cornelius, daughter of Davis James Cornelius and Rachael Latta


Rebecca Cornelius

William Carnes

M, #20972
Last Edited10 Oct 2005
Marriage* William Carnes married Anna Royer Pheasant, daughter of George W Pheasant and Rebecca Cornelius


Anna Royer Pheasant

Alice Lottie Carpenter

F, #38318, b. 1905
FatherLewis C Carpenter b. 20 Feb 1862, d. 23 Dec 1929
MotherSusan Rebecca Middleton b. 18 Nov 1869, d. 15 Aug 1955
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited6 Sep 2018
Birth*1905 Alice Lottie Carpenter was born in 1905 at Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory
 She was the daughter of Lewis C Carpenter and Susan Rebecca Middleton
Married Name9 June 1923  As of 9 June 1923,her married name was McDonald. 
Marriage*9 June 1923 Alice Lottie Carpenter married Nolan Bentley McDonald on 9 June 1923 at Hughes Co, OK
Death* Alice Lottie Carpenter died at Phoenix, Maricopa Co, AZG


Nolan Bentley McDonald b. 11 May 1904, d. 13 Jul 1960

Cody Lawrence Carpenter

M, #31237, b. 20 June 1919, d. 18 December 1997
FatherOdus Byron Carpenter b. 28 Nov 1899, d. Feb 1970
MotherMyrtle Franklyn Gann b. 15 Jul 1898, d. Jan 1959
Relationship4th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited28 Aug 2017
Birth*20 June 1919 Cody Lawrence Carpenter was born on 20 June 1919 at Ada, Pontotoc Co, OK
 He was the son of Odus Byron Carpenter and Myrtle Franklyn Gann
Marriage* Cody Lawrence Carpenter married Wilma Elisabeth Maszal
Death*18 December 1997 Cody Lawrence Carpenter died on 18 December 1997 at Oxnard, Ventura Co, CAG, at age 78. 


Wilma Elisabeth Maszal b. 1 Sep 1922, d. 9 Feb 2013

Homer Landford Carpenter

M, #33213, b. 6 August 1931, d. 26 April 2002
Last Edited9 May 2017
Birth*6 August 1931 Homer Landford Carpenter was born on 6 August 1931 at Rhodhiss, Caldwell Co, NC
Marriage*4 August 1950 He married Doris Mozene Phillips, daughter of Atlee Elbert Phillips and Mary Annie Lillian Church, on 4 August 1950 at Gaffney, Cherokee Co, SC
Death*26 April 2002 Homer Landford Carpenter died on 26 April 2002 at Granite Falls, Caldwell Co, NC, at age 70. 


Doris Mozene Phillips b. 15 Oct 1933, d. 20 Oct 2004

Lewis C Carpenter

M, #31234, b. 20 February 1862, d. 23 December 1929
Last Edited6 Sep 2018
Birth*20 February 1862 Lewis C Carpenter was born on 20 February 1862 at GAG
Marriage*26 May 1889 He married Susan Rebecca Middleton, daughter of Charles Cephas Middleton and Mary Jane Breeze, on 26 May 1889 at Sebastian Co, AR
Death*23 December 1929 Lewis C Carpenter died on 23 December 1929 at Calvin, Hughes Co, OK, at age 67. 


Susan Rebecca Middleton b. 18 Nov 1869, d. 15 Aug 1955

Margaret A Carpenter

F, #37313, b. 13 December 1864, d. 18 December 1932
Last Edited29 Apr 2018
Birth*13 December 1864 Margaret A Carpenter was born on 13 December 1864 at Paris Crossing, Jennings Co, IN
Married Name1893  As of 1893,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*1893 She married Francis Marion Foster, son of Joshua Lee Foster and Jane Bedel, in 1893 at IN
Death*18 December 1932 Margaret A Carpenter died on 18 December 1932 at Seymour, Jackson Co, IN, at age 68. 


Francis Marion Foster b. 1859, d. 12 Apr 1900

Odus Byron Carpenter

M, #31235, b. 28 November 1899, d. February 1970
FatherLewis C Carpenter b. 20 Feb 1862, d. 23 Dec 1929
MotherSusan Rebecca Middleton b. 18 Nov 1869, d. 15 Aug 1955
Relationship3rd cousin 1 time removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited24 Dec 2016
Birth*28 November 1899 Odus Byron Carpenter was born on 28 November 1899 at Calvin, Hughes Co, OK
 He was the son of Lewis C Carpenter and Susan Rebecca Middleton
Marriage* Odus Byron Carpenter married Myrtle Franklyn Gann
Death*February 1970 Odus Byron Carpenter died in February 1970 at age 70. 


Myrtle Franklyn Gann b. 15 Jul 1898, d. Jan 1959

Cleland Franklin Carr

M, #39484, b. 10 January 1921, d. 7 November 1994
Last Edited18 Dec 2018
Birth*10 January 1921 Cleland Franklin Carr was born on 10 January 1921 at Christopher, Franklin Co, IL
Death*7 November 1994 He died on 7 November 1994 at Memphis, Shelby Co, TN, at age 73. 

Hannah Carr

F, #32444, b. 28 September 1765, d. 2 July 1821
Last Edited14 Feb 2017
Birth*28 September 1765 Hannah Carr was born on 28 September 1765 at Greenville Co, SC
Married Namecirca 1783  As of circa 1783,her married name was Foster. 
Marriage*circa 1783 She married George Singleton Foster, son of Lieut John Foster and Mary Eleanor Collins, circa 1783 at Greenville Co, SC
Death*2 July 1821 Hannah Carr died on 2 July 1821 at Greenville, Pitt Co, NC, at age 55. 


George Singleton Foster b. c 1761, d. 11 Feb 1839

James Dario Carr

M, #32939, b. 10 September 1964, d. 5 November 2002
Last Edited3 May 2017
Birth*10 September 1964 James Dario Carr was born on 10 September 1964 at Oakland, Alameda Co, CAG
Death*5 November 2002 He died on 5 November 2002 at Oakland, Alameda Co, CAG, at age 38. 

Margaret Andrew Carr

F, #859
Last Edited3 Feb 1998
Marriage*14 February 1920 Margaret Andrew Carr married Vern Everett Moore, son of James Arthur Moore and Mary Louise Phillips, on 14 February 1920. 
Married Name14 February 1920  As of 14 February 1920,her married name was Moore. 


Vern Everett Moore b. 12 Mar 1897

Muriel Ellen Carr

F, #34720, b. 31 March 1909, d. 6 January 2005
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*31 March 1909 Muriel Ellen Carr was born on 31 March 1909 at Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA
Married Namebefore 27 December 1937  As of before 27 December 1937,her married name was Carlson. 
Marriage*before 27 December 1937 She married Ernest Franklin Carlson, son of Benjamin Lewis Carlson and Mary Effie Garrison, before 27 December 1937. 
Death*6 January 2005 Muriel Ellen Carr died on 6 January 2005 at Van Nuys, Los Angeles Co, CAG, at age 95. 


Ernest Franklin Carlson b. 10 Oct 1900, d. 5 Aug 1945

George Hurd Carrier

M, #34601, b. 12 July 1877, d. 4 February 1954
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*12 July 1877 George Hurd Carrier was born on 12 July 1877 at Elmira, Chemung Co, NY
Marriage*8 October 1903 He married Edith K Clinton, daughter of Arthur J Clinton and Adelaide Ida McDonald, on 8 October 1903 at Elmira, Chemung Co, NY
Death*4 February 1954 George Hurd Carrier died on 4 February 1954 at Elmira, Chemung Co, NY, at age 76. 


Edith K Clinton b. Aug 1882, d. 1964

Mary Catherine Carrier

F, #34602, b. 8 June 1916, d. 6 December 2003
FatherGeorge Hurd Carrier b. 12 Jul 1877, d. 4 Feb 1954
MotherEdith K Clinton b. Aug 1882, d. 1964
Relationship8th cousin of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited17 Jun 2017
Birth*8 June 1916 Mary Catherine Carrier was born on 8 June 1916 at NY
 She was the daughter of George Hurd Carrier and Edith K Clinton
Married Name Her married name was Whalen. 
Marriage* Mary Catherine Carrier married John Whalen
Death*6 December 2003 Mary Catherine Carrier died on 6 December 2003 at Winter Haven, Polk Co, FLG, at age 87. 


John Whalen b. 1 Jul 1913, d. 22 Jan 1982

Addison Carter Carroll

M, #38818, b. 1846, d. 1927
FatherSamuel Shannon Carroll b. c 1816, d. 19 Oct 1863
MotherMary Jane Craige b. 1821, d. 1904
Relationship3rd cousin 4 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 Oct 2018
Birth*1846 Addison Carter Carroll was born in 1846 at OH
 He was the son of Samuel Shannon Carroll and Mary Jane Craige
Marriage* Addison Carter Carroll married Amanda Wheeler
Death*1927 Addison Carter Carroll died in 1927 at Allendale, Worth Co, MO


Amanda Wheeler b. 1853, d. 1940

Gerti Amanda Elizabeth Carroll

F, #38822, b. 28 August 1910, d. 2003
FatherIra Vaughn Carroll b. 5 Oct 1887, d. 1965
MotherFrances Ray b. 26 Jan 1885, d. 1956
Relationship5th cousin 2 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 Oct 2018
Birth*28 August 1910 Gerti Amanda Elizabeth Carroll was born on 28 August 1910 at Worth Co, MO
 She was the daughter of Ira Vaughn Carroll and Frances Ray
Married Name Her married name was Shockley. 
Marriage* Gerti Amanda Elizabeth Carroll married John Lee Shockley
Death*2003 Gerti Amanda Elizabeth Carroll died in 2003 at Stanberry, Gentry Co, MO


John Lee Shockley b. 22 Mar 1909, d. 9 Apr 1988

Ira Vaughn Carroll

M, #38820, b. 5 October 1887, d. 1965
FatherAddison Carter Carroll b. 1846, d. 1927
MotherAmanda Wheeler b. 1853, d. 1940
Relationship4th cousin 3 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 Oct 2018
Birth*5 October 1887 Ira Vaughn Carroll was born on 5 October 1887 at Taylor Co, IA
 He was the son of Addison Carter Carroll and Amanda Wheeler
Marriage* Ira Vaughn Carroll married Frances Ray
Death*1965 Ira Vaughn Carroll died in 1965 at Maryville, Nodaway Co, MO


Frances Ray b. 26 Jan 1885, d. 1956

Richard Thurman Carroll

M, #37610, b. 10 July 1942, d. 25 December 2006
Last Edited12 May 2018
Birth*10 July 1942 Richard Thurman Carroll was born on 10 July 1942 at Granite City, Madison Co, IL
Marriage*8 March 1968 He married Evelyn Jane Wilkins, daughter of Edgar Receil Wilkins and Meta Catherine Hormann, on 8 March 1968 at Granite City, Madison Co, IL
Death*25 December 2006 Richard Thurman Carroll died on 25 December 2006 at Summerfield, St Clair Co, IL, at age 64. 


Evelyn Jane Wilkins b. 2 Sep 1939, d. 17 Apr 2003

Samuel Shannon Carroll

M, #38816, b. circa 1816, d. 19 October 1863
FatherThomas Carroll b. 12 Apr 1785, d. 27 Mar 1831
MotherAnna Collins b. 29 Apr 1787, d. 29 Nov 1859
Relationship2nd cousin 5 times removed of Ted Earl Cash
Last Edited9 Oct 2018
Birth*circa 1816 Samuel Shannon Carroll was born circa 1816 at Jackson Co, OH
 He was the son of Thomas Carroll and Anna Collins
Marriage*27 August 1840 Samuel Shannon Carroll married Mary Jane Craige on 27 August 1840 at Perry Co, OH
Death*19 October 1863 Samuel Shannon Carroll died on 19 October 1863 at Worth Co, MO


Mary Jane Craige b. 1821, d. 1904