Symbols you will find used throughout this site:
Relative of
Relative of Ted  Cash = Ted Relative of  Verna Bremer = Verna
Relative of  Howard Cash = Ted's Father, Howard Cash Relative of  Albert Bremer = Verna's Father, Albert Bremer
Relative  of Lillian Mortensen = Ted's Mother, Lillian Mortensen Relative of  Margaret Hartwig = Verna's Mother, Margaret Hartwig
Flag representing country of birth:
Born in United States = United States Born  in Denmark = Denmark Born  in Norway = Norway  
Born  in United  Kingdom = United Kingdom Born  in Germany = Germany  
Photos and Documents:
= Primary Photo Photo will automatically be shown for person with this symbol
= Linked Photo Click on the Symbol to view photo or document.
= PDF Document Click on the Symbol to view the document - you must have Adobe Acrobat installed.