Welcome to our family's genealogy.  We have spent countless hours researching our family and where they came from.  It's not complete, but we wanted to share what we have found so far.  The 'Overview' section on the left contains a brief history of this project.  The 'Symbols' section explains the symbols that appear throughout this site. 

For purposes of sharing, we have split our family into four separate and non-connected sections.  Each section will have each of us (Ted and Verna) and our parents listed, but otherwise be unique.

If your family connects to our family ("Hi Cousin"), please consider sending us an email and let us know if you have any additions (or corrections) to our shared information.  Also, we would really appreciate any old photos you have of your family.

Ted's Family

Cash / Blackburn Family: Dad's family was from Scotland, England and Ireland.  Major surnames: Blackburn, Campbell, Cash, Cornelius, Douglas, Eddings, Faris / Phares, Foster, Jennings, Manning, Moffat / Moffett, Plantagenet, Shepherd, Stewart.

Mortensen Family: Mom's family was from Denmark and Norway.  Major surnames: Mortensen, Johansen.  Scandinavian surnames changed every generation; Mortensen, for example, simply meant 'son of Morten'; daughters of Morten would have the last name of Mortendatter (sometimes Mortensen).

Verna's Family

Bremer Family: Dad's family was from Germany, from the area around Hannover.  Major surnames: Bahe, Bahlmann, Bartels, Battermann / Batermann, Bauermeister, Becker, Behrens, Biesterfeld, Bock, Boevers, Bolte, Bremer, Drangmeister, Engelking, Everding, Freise / Freyse, Glade, Hasemann, Hartmann, Hasemann, Hattendorf, Heerhorst, Hecht, Hitzemann, Huge, Kaucke, Kerkmann, Koritz, Matthias, Meyer, Moehling, Niemeyer, Ohlendorf, Ostermann, Pape, Pfingsten, Piepenbrink, Piepho / Piephoe / Piphoe, Reichert, Richers, Rohe, Rohrsen, Schaper, Schroeder, Schwake, Schweer, Seegers, Steege / Stege, Tegtmeyer, Teigler, Wente, Weustenfeld, Wilkening

Hartwig Family: Mom's family was from Germany, from the area known as Ostfriesland.  Major surnames: Einfeld, Gronewold / Gronewald, Hartwig, Hoffman, Lottman, Maecken

The in-laws

Leonard and Gilliam Families

Leone and Petrone Families

The grand-in-laws

Watson and Andersen Families