The Project: This project was started in 1996 as I was approaching my 55th birthday and an early retirement date that I had decided to take. I had always worked long hours at my job and was concerned about what I would do with my time. A visit back to where I grew up near Sioux City Iowa sparked my interest in family history.

Thanks: The pages that follow were made possible by many people, including:

  • Cousins (although somewhat distant) researching the same families
  • Family members that were willing to speak about their family on the phone to someone they had never met.
  • Nice people who volunteered to help.
  • Professional researchers.

Included: People with a symbol of Relative of Ted  Cash or Relative of  Verna Bremer beside their name are related, either as a blood relative, spouse or parents of a spouse to one of us (see Symbols below).  Those without these symbols may be relatives but the link has not been established.

Living People: This report, to the best of my knowledge, contains no information on people who are still living. If you do find information on anyone who is still living, please let me know immediately, and their information will be removed. In some rare cases, their names (but not other information) may be included, such as in a photograph or other document.

Disclaimer: The information found in this compilation is believed to be accurate, but I'm sure it contains some errors as well. If you wish to use it for your own studies, be sure to verify the information for yourself. If you do find an error, please let me know, along with a reference to where I can get the corrected information. Thank You.

Sources: I have not included sources to all information because of privacy concerns.  Some sources are from living people and I chose not to put their names on a public website.  If you are researching a specific family and need some sources, please contact me with specific questions and I'll try to provide sources where possible.

Please Help: If you have any old photos of your relatives, and they are listed on this website, please consider donating a digital copy of them to us, so that we include them. You will be given credit for supplying the photo (unless you don't want to be listed). If it is a group photo, try to identify as many people as you can. Thanks.